Wii Cyberbike from Nintendo – Go or No-Go!?


What is Wii Cyberbike? This bike from Nintendo is a home exercise cycle than connects to your Wii console that allows you to navigate around an eco landscape in a pedal powered vehicle.

Currently I don’t see this gadget as a replacement for serious and hard core cyclists, but hey, if you just want to have fun and burn some calories while you’re at it, I guess this fitness gadget might just make your current workout program a bit more enjoyable.

Fast Forward… Imagine, virtual bikes where you and your friends go online and race each other out on different countries and different terrains. Possible!?

Downside? The Wii Cyberbike and Cyberbike Cycling Sports bundle comes with a $199.99 price tag, more expensive than a Wii Console.

So how about you, Do you think this gadget will stay and evolve or not!?


Visit -> https://www.cyberbike-thegame.com/



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