Goldilocks Fun Run 2011 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to all who participated and joined the Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Fun Run 2011. Race Results are now available for viewing!

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Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Fun Run 2011 – Online Results

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  1. ang tipid ng goldilocks… walang cake… hehe

    grabe ang init kanina…sana next time, agahan pa para hindi mainitan yung mga tumakbo ng 10k at 21k…

  2. Grabe nga ang init! This is actually just my second run, and compared to the Unilab run, parang ang gulo ng Goldilocks run kanina, lalo na sa pag-claim ng freebies. May be that I just lack the experience for more comparison.

  3. @Suplado
    wat distance did you run here? congrats again! how was the cake, hehe?
    wow they are fast in posting the Race Results- after 24 hrs! bumawi sa cake concerns…

  4. @Suplado
    wat distance did you run here? congrats again! how was the cake, hehe?
    wow they are fast in posting the Race Results- after 24 hrs! bumawi sa cake issue?

    did u get a new PR?

  5. @Ms_Mars – didn’t bring Aidan with me since I anticipated the heat, I’ll sure he’ll just complain and would like to go home agad.

    I had a blast during the entire event. Tipong fiesta ang theme because they had higantes going around the area and they had tents where the games are pachingko, roulette. Incidentally, Suplado and I (with other friends) won 10 pcs of polvoron in the pachingko hahahhaha.. o diba lady luck was on our side.

    I really applaud RunRio because it was such a very organized event and the race result came out as in instantly. If you registered with Bazu before the race started, they will post your split time on your Facebook page as you are running. O diba ang high-tech. Too bad I didn’t know about that, though a friend of mine who ran 21k was able to do that.

    I only have good praises sa RunRio…

    Ikaw musta run nyo?

    Si Suplado tindi ng PR nyan sa 10k, to think it was his first time :) Visit my FB page para makita mo :)

  6. @Donci – Shocked din ako… yung 4th placer sa 21k, na-meet namin sa Summit Media booth, imagine he’s 60+ years old na ha and his time was 1:08:21.. I can’t believe it, idol ko si Lolo ! Ayun nag photo-ops kami with him. He’s really an inspiration ;)

  7. @Bingski
    wow how nice naman! idol ko na rin si Lolo!
    we also had some senior Lolo’s and Lola’s who ran at Intramuros yday, esp the Tsinoy ones.
    always happy to see them still up for running despite the age. its for fitness and at same time running for a really good cause.

  8. First 3 results need to be deleted, if you check the timing splits , they did not pass several checkpoints, imaine covering more than 10 kms in 15 mins, it means they never passed by kalayaan flyover going to buendia, instead went straight to the finish line, medals and shirts should be returned and suspended or banned from future runrio races.

  9. @ Donci
    the 4th placer also is questionable, pls check his timing split from 6.89k to 19.34k it took him only 20 mins to do that, covering 13 kms in 20 mins,he failed to register in the 13.35 k checkpoint, Runrio should check on the first four runners.

  10. pls correct this race result,,,it has some discrepancies. kenyans won the 21k and yet they were in the 5th,6th & 7th respectively in this result.Besides, the clock time and the chip time has a big difference.

  11. Wala akong masabi sa run except sa init, next time dapat mas maaga ng 30 min or 1 hour before gunstart. Otherwise, runners are susceptible to injuries or heat stroke.

  12. Hayaan niyo na yung mga nandaya. Kaligayahan nila ang mandaya e. Pero dapat nga di nilalagay sa leaderboard kapag me “missing data” sa split time. Lalu lang nadidisplay sa buong madla yung pangalan ng me ginawang himala e. hehe

  13. The organizers already knew about the error in Bazu’s race result that’s why they gave the awards to the real winners. Hayaan na lang nga natin since may finisher’s medal and shirt naman talaga ang 21k runners.

    Ang konsensya na lang nila ang bahala sa kanila hehehheheh.. Have a Goldi-good day to all !!!

  14. @c21
    good job you were able to make it via Goldilocks run! hows ur 10K results? what time did 10K start there?
    we missed ya over at the Intramuros Run which was also lots of fun! 5:45am was gunstart for 10K at Intram. originally at 5:30 tho.

  15. Anybody knows where we can see the ‘official’ time for the race? We asked a marshal there and she said it will be posted on the Goldilocks website–as of now wala pa. Thanks!

  16. Sana may special booth para sa mga 21k runners. Imagine tumakbo ka nang napakalayo tapos nasa hulihan ka pa ulit nang pila kasi nauna na ung mga 5k and 10k runners. lalo na sa mga photo booth.

  17. @Bingski: just e-mailed my number.
    @Ms_Mars: yah, on-site na po ako nagregister…result wasn’t too bad at 1:03…naglakad po ako pabalik…sobrang init. haha! =) gunstart po 5:30..

  18. @bingski
    its nice to know that you guys had fun at Goldi’s Anniv event. was imagining an overflow of cakes, nga eh! Congrats for your contest polvorons.

    i also had SUPER BLAST during the Intramuros fund raising event! arrived Mla Cathedral 4:40am and went straight to Bahay Tsinoy to leave my baggage but they relocated it at start/finish intersection closer to the group. lots of peeps were already around doing their warm ups. there was free massage tent c/o Omega PainKiller ointment and unlimited kape from FERN Coffee vendo. we were secured by lotsa medics and volunteer firefighters since the event was for them among others.a brief lecture was also given to prevent fires, with special appearance of Bebong Bumbero mascot who also gave out komiks!

    gunstart for 10K was 5:45AM (orig 5:30am) then 5K and 3K at 6AM. hydration was very sufficient. there were TRIVIA tarps along the way kc during post-run is a contest who will guess the right answer.
    im proud of my 3K, new PR i think. met with cecille and yingski who did 10K. check also my FB soon to see the unique VFF Bikila shoe pics of yingski that became an instant headturner hit! wohooo!

    happy to meet some senior Pinoy and Tsinoy Senior runners who proudly finished their runs.
    i won a notepad from the Lopez Museum and Bahay Tsinoy shirt during the TRIVIA contest. cecille and yingski said dinaan ko raw sa laki pag grab ng microphone, haha!
    we were not expecting much freebies but there was Summit water, SuperLamig candies and Grower’s Energy Bars and Certificate of Participation to all finishers. goodies bag were given to all Top 100 finishers of 5K and 10K. yingski got one! his new PR clocked 51 mins yday from his former 56mins.

    KAISA gave us all a booklet of free entrance to Casa Manila, Bahay Tsinoy, Fort Santiago,the educational Lights/Sounds Museum and discounts to Aristocrat, Greenwich and Jollibee restos in the area.
    it was a memorable family day Sunday spent at the historic walls of Intram. even the solo/group runners had fun c/o the walking tour to relive the memory of our past.

    had a chance to meet Charles of KAISA Heritage and extended our kudos and feedbacks to him. ang sipag nyang mag-reply to all our queries here in the forum.

  19. init so init,,, nasunog ang balat ko… nag golden… ganun ata talaga para d malimutan ang bertday ni goldilocks… haist!

  20. //@Ms_Mars: finished 10k in a little under 54minutes…@Bingski had a blast — she was running alongside Dingdong Dantes…but i think she ran past him..ahahah..! @C21: didn’t know you were running for Goldilocks..we could’ve met with @Bingski…neways, see you in Greentennial…

    //wow..! i didn’t know that there are still cheaters in a race where there are timing chips and checkpoints..

    //it’s not about how fast you get to the finish line, it’s about how you played your game…and am certain that we had a real good fun..two thumbs up to runrio for a well-organized event..

    //cheaters, read this: Run for Integrity is on May 22…

  21. sobrang init! nangitim na sa borakay skyathon, masnangitin pa sa birthday ni goldolocks pero overall ok lang, sana mas maaga ang gun start kasi ang init talaga. goldi maraming salamat……God bless

  22. @Suplado
    Congrats for running a lil under 54mins PR on your 10K. almost neck to neck na kayo ni Yingski coz his Intramuros Run was unofficially at 51mins same distance.

    sabi ko na nga ba Dingdong Dantes was there! and Bingski ran past him pa? woohoo way 2 go gurl!

    cant blame about the cheaters in every game.tsk! tsk! they should wake up and analyze what theyre doin.

    oopps the Integrity Run my friend is on May 29.

  23. ang gulo sa finishers kit eh, tpos iba iba pa ung bag parang unfair, tas ung mga 1.5k na ala pang tubig :((( e ang init p nmn nun tas uhaw n uhaw n ako :(

    still enjoyed it, because i ran with my bestfriend :)

  24. ask ko lang po if there is another way to view the results…been trying to wait for the loading of event results for 2 hrs this morning pero wala pa of this time (me 1 hr na) wala pa rin…

  25. Pls correct this race result,,,it has some discrepancies. the clock time and the chip time has a big difference. lahat ng event mali result….

  26. haha! sabi na nga ba may mali sa results e… yung oras ng 1st place sa 21k, a little over my 10k PR na, haha!

    saka napost ata somewhere sa mga records for each category throughout history e wala pa naman yatang nakaka less than 1 hour sa 21k… (natandaan ko lang dito e sa men’s category puro si Eduardo Buenavista ang record holder)

    Anyway, run was great…mejo greater effort this time dahil sa inet. No PR broken for me pero almost seconds below lang :)

    good job saten lahat!

    AKTV run next ko. kita kits!

  27. @ TIM
    Ganun din eh…tagal pa rin loading event results..more than 30 mins na..I think they are trying to overhaul their system due to result discrepancies..

  28. Super hot this Sunday at the Goldilocks 45th Anniversary run! It’s my 4th half-mary this year and summer runs should be at least have a gun start of 4:30AM. No PR this time, safety first :-)

  29. @ TIM
    Thanks…still nothing happens..tagal pa
    din loading of event seems like they are trying to overhaul their system due to result discrepancies.. Thanks anyway

  30. This was my first time na tumakbo sa Manila.. akala ako lang ung sobrang nainitan. hehe.. grabe nga sa init kanina.. sana they should have started it a bit earlier.. pansin ko nga pagpatak ng 6am grabe na ung init. Also, yup tama nga yung iba.. yung pag-claim ng finishers kit at freebies sobrang gulo.. but, it was a nice event indeed..

  31. My number (4457) did not appear in the 10K result. My wife and father’s bib number were registered to a different runner (4458 and 4459 respectively). I don’t know if my DTAG was faulty because I run many races with DTAG but this time my number did not register in the results.

  32. haaayyy kk-sad & kk-asar ang result ng run n ito… Why ??? kasi po iba yung name n nka-lagay sa list ng result bakit ganun…WE RUN FOR 10K, tatlo kami, bakit ibang name ang nka-lista sa mga bib assign sa aming 3, 100% sure ako sa mga info and datas na nilagay ko sa online regs nyo @ ROX BGC, FYI lng po…

    bib# 4457 – Rosauro Potonia – base on result “no data found” but when i search by name eto ang lumitaw sa result bib# 6792 “no data found” :(

    bib# 4458 – Arlene Potonia – base on result “Jay Almario,, ngeek ginawa akong male.. & when i search by name eto ang lumabas sa result bib # 6793 “no data found” :(

    bib# 4459 – Dionisio Potonia – base on result “Joseph Dick Bugarin”…bkit ganun iba name? & when i search by name eto ang result bib#6794 “no data found” :(

    ang gulo nman…ibang name nka-lista sa mga bib numbers namin , tapos ibang bib numers nman ang nka-assign sa mga pangalan namin hhaayyy anu ba yan? hope next time di n ganito…. :(

    BUT…. happy na rin kasi may pictures kami while running …. THANK YOU sa photo !! :)

  33. i’m happy to finished the 21 k,its the first time i ran this far.I hope you send us the certificate with our name on it and the time we finished the race so we can have it laminated and displayed in the house.I’ll surely treasure it “)

  34. ang galing talaga basta runrio ang organizer. 1st time ko mag10k kaya thumbs up, kaya lang mejo malalayo yung mga water stations kaya mejo nakakapagod bago ka umabot sa station pero ok lang achievement pa din yung race kaya congrats sa lahat ng nakatapos. a job well done. =)

  35. asan po ung certificate? First time ko po mag run ng 21k. 2hrs 39mins okay lang ba un? 4th time ko nang sumasali sa fun run.sana may special booth sa mga long distance runners lalo na sa photobooth kasi sobra nang haba pagkatapos ko eh. nag-antay pa ako nang almost 1hr para lang makuhanan nang picture.

  36. too hot. late gun start. the run would have been more fun if not for the heat…
    congrats runners. keep on running.

  37. I’m so frustrated because I was told na the last 1km ay pakakainin tayo ng pulvoron and upon reching the finish line ay sisipol or else babatuhin ka ng goldilock cake, JOKE lang pala…nakakalungkot naman

  38. grabe…more than one hour ako pumila sa roleta ng kamalasan yata yun…pag-ikot natapat lang sa THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!! ayaw ko na umulit,walang kunsumisyon prize.hehe.



  40. the weather was definitely hot…it could have been better if the runners could chase some goldilocks….hahahaha…i definitely had fun…thanks coach rio & goldilock’s

  41. Sana next time merong mga restrooms posted sa designated places…hirap tumakbo kapag ihing-ihi ka na. hahaha…

  42. My time for 21k is within the range of 2:15 to 2:30, due to the heat I finished at 2:47. i collapsed 5 minutes after I crossed the finish line and my friends can’t find an ambulance nearby just for first aid.

  43. @flyingbarefoot
    its really terrible how the heat can really get to runners.
    and you collapsed? no ambulance nearby? thats terrible! the Organizers shld have taken note of your incident.
    and how are you feeling now?

  44. Hindi nandaya yung mga naunang nakalista 21k nung linggo, if you will look closley, those runners were registered sa 10k. it was a glitch in Bazu. next time na magbintang kayo nang may nandaya eh i-verify niyo muna, kasi lumalabas lang na mangmang kayo at wala talagang alam sa karera. btw, i ran 21k ang my results are accurate according to Bazu.

  45. 5:15am for 21k start is just alright and fine. yung mga nagrerelakmong mainit eh di humanap kayo ng night run o manakbo kayo sa northpole. kaya hindi ginagawang sobrang aga ng start, like most of the whiners requesting for a 3am or 4am run kasi hindi lang puro taga manila ang runners, bear in mind that some runners came from far provinces just to join. Runrio did a good job. talaga lang na masyadong maraming reklamador.

  46. sobrang init na ng 21k.. mas maagang gunstart po sa susunod..

    aabutan na ng greenfield clean air run.. wala padin pix bazumedia…

    pero wala padin tatalo sa Runrio!

  47. i joined the 10k event but my name did not appear in the race bib no is 4448.i made sure my d tag was placed right.i hope you can do something about this.

  48. Just saw the pictures from BAZU sports and all I can say is….I MISS PHOTOVENDO! After lahat ng pacute ko sa mga photographers, puro hindi ko pictures ang lumabas sa BAZU!

  49. //@abnuwee runner: it’s not about’s a concern the some runners are trying to get to the organizers. i understand that some runners came from outside the metro and they would need ample time to get to the race venue..but it’s also a consideration that due to the hot weather we have during these months, an earlier gunstart is a good suggestion…although a 3am or 4am gunstart is waaaaaaaaay to early…

  50. naku basta ang alam ko lahat ng photo opportunity sa run di ko pinalagpas, pero ang ending walang magandang kuha… ano kaya yun????

  51. Been to QC International Marathon & Condura Skyway Marathon, their 21K gunstart? 4:30AM! Correct me if I am wrong. And these events are held way out of summer.

    Just speaking out loud and thinking about he safety of all long distance runners, not about complaining.

  52. bakit until now di parin available yung high quality ng PHOTOS sa BAZU SPORTS? walang kwenta palpak kayo… very disappointing…! so sad

  53. Haysz wala man lang matinong picture sa bazumedia. di pa pede idownload. wala nga ung mga jumpshot ko hehehe dami pa nmn un. May certificate ba un


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