Intramuros Heritage Run 2011 – Race Result Discussions

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Congratulations to all who participated in the Intramuros Heritage Run 2011! Race Results and Photo links will be updated here once they are released by the organizers.

Download Race Results Here:
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For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here!


  1. Congratulations to the organizers of the fun run. Marshals were strategically deployed and there were plenty of water stations.

    Is there a website or a facebook account where we can see ALL the pictures taken by your photographers? We were told by one of the photographers that only a couple of pics will be “chosen”. I hope we get to see everything. thanks

  2. Hi Runners!!

    Congratulations for making it to the finish line! We would like to hear more of your experience at the Intramuros Heritage Run 2011 and leave us comments or suggestions on where you want us to improve.

    Hoping to hear from you soon! ;)




  4. @Clarissa of Kaisa
    Thank God it was a successful and worthwhile event indeed! had tons of fun and was so proud to see lots of runners who responded and had a chance to visit and re-visit the very historic Walled City. hope the kids also learned more abt the place.
    thanks to the freebies sponsors and free entrance to the museums even for a day.
    i even won during the TRIVIA Contest post-run. loved the prizes! wohoo!
    pls extend my regards also to Ms Kristy whom i spoke with over the phone during one of my inquiries.

    @Charles of KAISA

    Congrats again for a historic fun event! it was great finally meeting you in person yday! Cecille and i had a nice small chat with you (incl Beverly & Kristian) at the Kaisa Heritage lobby after we toured the Tsinoy Museum. i didnt know there was one there in the area. now i do!
    had nice time running my distance. was extra lucky yday since i also won during the TRIVIA Contest portion. won during question #3! haha!

    almost all logistics got covered – marshalls
    hydration (except there shld have been plastic glass pickers rightaway coz of litters afterwards that became an eyesore)
    proper distance signs
    lots of medics/ambulance,
    plus lots of firetrucks!

    too bad i missed having my free massage at the OMEGA Pain Killer tent. grrrr!
    hopefully as you’ve said, Part 2 pushes thru next Jan or May 2012!
    once again, all sleepnights efforts got paid off and im sure the runners not only had fun running but was able to help restore our museums and volunteer firefighters plus enjoyed and learned from the richness of Intramuros interesting past!

    the issue of the singlets could have been avoided next time if they are issued in advance and is avail rightaway during registration period at future reg sites.

  5. Thank you for joining and supporting the 1st Intramuros Heritage Run 2011. If it wasn’t for the runners, sponsors and organizers, this run wouldn’t be possible. Thank you so much! We hope you enjoyed walking inside and outside the walls of Intramuros, visiting museums and also claiming all the freebies from your race kits. :)

  6. CONGRATS to all Runners and Finishers! i hope you also had fun during ydays 1st Intramuros Fun Run. met a couple of new runner friends whom i met here at the forums – Cecille and Yingski. you guys are great and awesome! im impressed with your personal run stories/experiences.

    i think i had a new PR yday for my distance. what slowd me down a bit was taking pics of Dept of Immigration, Letran, Lyceum, Mapua, PLM, Phil Natl Red Cross, NCCA among others. im sure missed some more historic sites which im gonna re-visit next time on my own or with family.
    im proud of my roots and as an enthusiastic local tourist! MABUHAY tayong lahat!

    Routing for Part 2! Next year daw again…

  7. @Clarissa of Kaisa, congratulations for a very successful event. Overall, it was well-organized. I agree with Ms_Mars, the litters became an eyesore. Nevertheless,we had fun in this event. I am looking forward for the repeat of this run. :)

    @Ms_Mars, congrats! :)

  8. @joeyboy08
    thank you and you’re very welcome! nice to hear your group had fun too. ;)
    what was your distance? and who were you with yday? did you also the chance to visit Fort Santiago and the other museums after the run?
    sorry, dami questions, haha!

  9. @Ms_Mars: Wow,thank you for being the first to respond. We will surely forward your comments and suggestions to our members and organizers to help us improve. I agree with things you have pointed out. We will keep you posted with the race results and the possible next run. :) Thank you for supporting us to the end and also helping us comment with the queries we had with some of our runners. Glad to hear you have enjoyed visiting the museums and had a chance to chat with Charles, Beverly and Christian. And congrats again for winning the one of the Trivia Contest! :)

  10. Congrats to Kaisa for the successful event! Had so much fun in the run and the tour afterwards with our friend as our tour guide. It is so amazing to get a glimpse of our country’s great history. Thank you also for the free Jollibee Chikenjoy breakfast :D Will join again next year.

  11. @Clarissa of Kaisa
    not a prob! always glad to be of assistance, ma’am (to the best we can) in helping preserve our rich historical past and support our mighty fire volunteers.

    we are also thankful and grateful to all the runners who chose to join your great run and accepted our volunteer invitation assistance c/o this widely-read forum. we did it!

    yesterday’s run was a very worthy alternative event since i was supposed to be at Lucban, Quezon’s Pahiyas Fest.

  12. been running for almost two years since my comeback into the running scene. my first time to run in Intramuros. the route was nice, lots of hydration and signages, good number of marshals, educational visits to the museums, etc.
    1.please have the chute or the road leading to it clear of runners who have finished ahead.

    We enjoyed a lot. We are thankful and satisfied that we preferred to join this race, a very good alternative to the other one.

  13. @reydor
    hi there!

    great that you also made it at Intramuros! what distance did you run? improved PR? did your wife run as well?

    me and runner cecille (who i met for 1st time)also had a blast at the Lights and Sound Museum, very educational and didnt notice the tour inside lasted for an hour! that was the 2nd to last site we visited before heading home.

  14. Very memorable ang Intramuros Heritage Run for many positive reasons: 1. 1st time ever na nagkaroon ng running event inside and outside the walled city (isa ako sa mga ninong, proud at the same time and for sure kayo rin, right?); 2. After I passed my school not once but twice ay bumalik ang college days ko after more than a decade since I graduated college (being alumni member was my primary reason kaya ako nag join); 3. Met new co-runners namely ms_mars & cecille. and other reasons…I’ve read somewhere na over sa 10K ang route. Parang 10.3K something pero no complain for me kasi maski sumobra ay still new PR for me. Kasi last barefoot (VFF bikila)10K run ko ay I clocked in 56mins but for this run I believed 51mins. Still have to wait for the official results syempre. Thank you po sa memorable experience and congrats sa lahat!!!

  15. @jeoyboy08: Yes, I agree. Will definitely improve on that issue. Thank you for also for joining this run! :)

    @Wanderer: Hi! Reading all these comments from different runners are really over whelming. Thank you for being part of this run. We are really glad you enjoyed during and after the run. :)

    @reydor: Noted! Will definitely forward your concerns to our members and organizers. Thank you for choosing this run. It will be featured in Tulay.:)

    @yingski: It’s nice to hear you met new runners. Thank you for sharing your experience. Thank you din for joining, really appreciate it! :)

    Attention to ALL Runners!!
    Did you see the pictures on FB? Like us on FB, KAISA Para sa Kaunlaran. You might just see your pics there. :)

  16. Hi!

    The run was “absolutely worth it” we enjoyed every second/minute of it… Not only the run but also the visitations to the museums… We’re glad that we have chosen the intramuros run despite invitations from the other more heavily advertised running sorties last sunday ….

    Congratulations….hope that there will be a second intramuros run..can’t wait..uuu

  17. I also had a nice time, the venue is new to me. Medyo sabit lang yung part ng route na mapanghe, pati na yung hydration stations na parang ayaw ko inumin yung tubig. Wala ring KM markers na basis ko minsan para i-pace ang speed ko. Pero on the overall, nag-enjoy po ako.

    Next stop, Merrell Adventure Race, bagong venue uli. Then on June 25, 2011 at 5:00PM, imbitahan ko ang lahat sa favorite place ko, ang CAMP AGUINALDO for the first of series of quarterly leg ng CAMP RUN to be organized by X-Tribe. It’s a sunset run. To those who crave for a smog-free, challenging, traffict-less and greener venue, The Camp Run at Camp Aguinaldo could be the race for you. For other details, may I refer you to Pls be there and thank you.

  18. Race review:

    positive points
    + singlet design and material used
    + hydration
    + marshalls
    + ambulances
    + safety cones along the P. Burgos and Bonifacio Dr.
    + cheerful volunteers
    + trivia along the route
    + there’s a photobooth
    + free massage
    + medical assistance c/o Manila Doctors
    + portalets
    + registration fee was cheap

    areas for improvement
    – it was 5am already but the baggage counter wasn’t set up yet
    – inaccurate distance 10k event registered about 10.5kms
    – there were stray dogs
    – no kilometer markers
    – 10k event was actually about 10.5kms
    – no sports drink or even cold water served for the hot weather

    Race Thoughts:

    It was fun overall. Running along the historic Intramuros reminded me of how great Manila before. I will definitely join again next year and I hope there will be more improvements.

  19. pwede pong yung resulta at oras ng event,,,para po maimprove p namin…

    naenjoy ko po yung takbo kahit graduate ako ng isa sa mga school na yun e di ko nalibot ang buong intramuros…at least dito sa run na ‘to nalibot ko rin siya hehehe…sayang nga lang di ata ako umabot sa freebies o di lang ako nagtanong…thanks po and congrats

  20. @Ms_Mars, i ran sa 3k lang kasi first time ng friend ko tumakbo so sinabayan ko sya. :) i just started running 3 months ago and goal ko talaga is to lose weight and i think, effective talaga ang pagtakbo. :)

    we were supposed to visit the museums kaya lang yung pamangkin ko ay nagaya na umuwi but we’ll definitely go back there to tour the place again. :)

    i’ll be running 5k sa greentenial run sa sunday, 5k ako dun.. then 10k ako sa i run for integrity on may 29. :)

    i hope to meet you and your group there. :)

    @Rotech, sounds like interesting yung run na yan sa june 25. :)

  21. @joeyboy80
    wow apir! ill be running 5K too next week for Greentenial and another 5K for the Integrity. i aint ready yet for the 10K, suicide for me!

    our small run group is composed of the running peeps here at Pinoyfitness forum. sure, we’ll be glad to meet u next week! jst pls send over your cp# to my email – [email protected] – so we can text text.

    glad that you and your family enjoyed the 1st Intramuros Takbo…

  22. @Rocky
    your comments/feedbacks will surely be passed onto to the Organizers so that the Part 2 is gonna be another better event we will all look forward to.

    acdg to Charles of Kaisa, its the first time they held such an event like this. but very grateful to the huge turnout.

    im a history lover and im proud our run group made history indeed in and out of The WALLS!

  23. @Rotech
    you were there pala last Sunday at Intramuros Run? nice to know you also had fun and made history…

  24. This is one of my enjoyable fun run i ever attended! Me with my officemates enjoyed the post-race events and also the tour at Bahay Tsinoy and Fort Santiago.

    I have the same sentiments with the other runners. I ran the 5km and I felt that it was longer than the usual, i think it’s around 5.25km or more. Another thing is about the singlets, 2 of my officemates already registered for the run but last minute they pulled out their registration due to unavailability of size kaya lumipat nlng sila ng ibang run that was also sked that day…

    What surprised me a lot is that I won pala 2nd place for the 5km female category! (wala po ba yung cash prize? *wink*)

    Definitely I’ll going to join again for the next Intramuros Heritage Run! =)

  25. @Gia
    wow congrats for winning 2nd place in your categ! surprise ah! youre very fast!

    this is the 1st run KAISA has organized for Intramuros and Bahay na Tsinoy restoration fund raising, so hopefully and maybe by next year, they can come up with cash prizes. if thats part of their plan. they would have more time to solicit for cash sponsors.

  26. Congratulations….I really enjoyed the run aside from visiting the site..I got freebies for the 100 top finisher ..thanks a lot to the sponsors and great job for the organizer..i wasnt able to get a prize from the trivia questions..i was so surprise when my race bib was called as third place but not in female ..its for the male.we had the same race bib number..CONGRATULATIONS! when will be the next HERITAGE 2 FUN RUN..See you guys…

  27. @joeyboy80
    got ur contact info, thanks2x! im sure my other runner friends will be happy to meet u as well next Sun @Greentenial.

  28. @Benedict @Park
    im sure that Charles/Clarissa of KAISA are very much aware that we are all anticipating for the race results.

    I am also curious what my PR is so just
    pls extend your patience and we will soon here from their tabulators…

    thanks guys!

  29. @Beatriz
    hey congrats gurl for being one of the Top 100 finishers! wohooo! well deserved!

    i wasnt a top finisher but its ok coz i won naman during the TRIVIA Game portion! gave the Bahay Tsinoy shirt to my younger brother and the Lopez Museum notepad to my mom! they were thrilled!

    got the chance to talk to Charles during post-run and they are planning of coming up with the Part 2 Heritage Run next Jan or May 2012! thats why they’re soliciting for suggestions this early on.

  30. Hi Runners!
    Race results are still not yet done according to the organizers. Will be posting it soon. Sa pics naman, medyo marami, so it’s still being uploaded at Please visit this site to check for the photos, but as of the moments it’s still not posted. For now, you can like “Bahay Tsinoy Museum (Kaisa) Intramuros” or “KAISA Para sa Kaunlaran” on FB to check out some of the photos already uploaded.

  31. @Clarissa of KAISA
    ive already added and liked the KAISA FB page the other day and have not recd any acknowledgements yet…
    pls follow thru, love to check your pics too altho i have already uploaded my personal snaps in my FB page.

  32. @Ms_Mars & @joeyboy80: Hi! We’re trying to respond to every comment that have been made. We are also very excited to know the race results, sincere apologies for the delay. We’ll keep you posted. With regards to the plastic cups, I have already confirmed it with the organization that the fire fighter volunteers did clean up it up right after the run. :)

    @Gia Estrella: Congrats for winning 2nd place in the women category. Did you get the Ayala Musuem Tickets? Sorry, no cash prizes in this run. :) I’m glad you enjoyed the run, thanks for joining. :)

    @Park@Beatriz Montelibano: Congrats for being one of our Top 100 Finishers! :)

    @All runners: Thank you so much for the suggestions, comments and being patient with the race results, all of these have already been acknowledged by the members of the organizations. If there will still be a 2nd time, you’ll definitely see improvements. Active commentors, we want to keep in touch with you if you could send us your Name and Email address @[email protected] to be the first few runners to be informed regarding the possible next run. :) Thank you so much guys! :)

  33. we await the results and photos (esp pre-race photos) of the event… any update as to when these will be made available?

  34. @Tor
    hi there and congrats also for joining the Heritage Run! glad you had fun as well.

    just read your blog of the event and its a great article. i sent my comment, so pls check that out.

    good luck with your next run!

  35. top 10 ako hahaha nice… first time kong makapasok sa top 10 this will be one of my most memorable events for me hahaha ang makatakbo sa historical Intramuros at mkapasok sa top 10

  36. Race bib number 1249 sinundan q ah. I’m race bib 1212. Wl namang ns likuran q how come n pang 8th place lang aq? Magic ah?….

  37. Congrats! although we never made it to 1st 100, its ok, me and my hubby both won in the trivia. hope there will be another heritage run, we just ate breakfast at max’s and could not make to have tour around intramuros coz of weather, its too hot! again, congrats! see u soon!

  38. @girene
    very nice to hear that ma’am…i also won during the Trivia portion, i think i was the 2nd or 3rd winner, haha! congrats to us!

    despite the heat, my PF runner friend Cecille still proceeded with the museum tours coz the free entrance is only valid on same day.

    over-all it was a fun and great historic run and Organizers are planning of a follow up next Jan or May…so better keep posted.

  39. haha, nag improve ng kunti ung bilis q, dati sa fun run na sinalihan q pang 89 lang aq, nw pang 45 na. but i need to practice more kc dati ung 3.5k nakuha q lang xa ng 12 mins.


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