10.10.10. Run for Pasig River 2010 – Race Results and Photos

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Congratulations to all 10.10.10. Run for Pasig River participants! Race Results and Photo links will be available here soon.

10.10.10. Photo Links:
Photos by RunnersRunner by Tristan
Photos by RunnersRunner by Tristan – #2

For now please feel free to post your feedback, comments and suggestions for this event here.

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  1. The fun run was great.it is the 1st time I joined in this kind of activity and I enjoyed it.Congratulations to all participants.

  2. on the contrary…i think this is one of the worst run i ever joined. Parang hindi runrio ang organizer! although there were good points like: enough markers on the road and adequate portalets. however, water stations were inadequate, there was no visible finish line (3k/5k), the horror of horrors was someone who actually asked the runners to stop from running and walk instead! (i thought this was a fun run?) and the distribution of the finisher band was horrible…by the way, did they beat the record?

  3. Ah…it wasn’t a pasig run after all..more of a Alay-lakad! yeah i kinda agree that it was horrible..given that I don’t believe they have control over the runners esp at the end of the race by the finish line. it was just too crowded! I’m not even sure i went through a finish line. Grabe! And the worst is we were told wala ng finisher’s band! how could that be?! Cmon now, are u organizer guys telling us that u were aiming to set a guinness record and yet u didn’t expect and prepared at least 120K bands?! Anyway, i hope it was really too a run-for-a-cause and not just publicity and glory to the organizers.

  4. my 31st run and my slowest 10k. i enjoyed running beside pacman and dyan castillejo. i walked when 10k and 5k merged along roxas blvd.i wasn’t able to get my finishers band but for me it’s okay. besides, I did not expect much so i am not disappointed.

  5. the run was ok and like any other fun run it was not much organized to think that it was organized by runrio… water stations were not sufficient enough for all the runners… hard to find the booth for the claiming of the finisher’s band and super gulo ng line and pgclaim… before the run ends there were people saying 3k and 5k runners keep right and give way to the 10k runners at the left side then at the next st. baligtad na 3 and 5k runners left and 10k on the right eh ano b talga??? hmmm…. but still fun especially when you are running with your family… so all in all i was happy with the 10.10.10. run… it is how u are going to enjoy the run right? so smile people! :)

  6. It was a good day to run…until we got to Roxas Blvd…then there was the walk-run-walk(excuse me) routine…LOL…then there was the left turn in MOA (run!)only to turn again and merge with the crowd=(
    I did cross some finish line embodied by a guy with a counter…I gave up on the bracelet…”one tent” honestly, 120,000 participants “one tent”…ayaw ninyo yata magbigay ng finishers band?..Anyway, I do have it on record I finished. And route was more than 10km.

  7. well since its a fun run and knowing the number of runners i really don’t get my hopes high, in having a good run. but i enjoy this event more than the milo marathon…

  8. my hopes were not that high too, just excited to join and finish the race since most of us were first timers to run 10K and for a good cause. all comments are all in perspective to the event. i hope the organizers expected the turn out since they were aiming also for a world record. what really infuriated me was I was victimized by a pickpocket. and hopefully (???) it was just me as it only shows that pickpockets all join the run to take advantage of the many participants claiming the race band in which it was totally a disaster. thankfully, the scaffolding didn’t give away as participants were pushing and shoving just to be able to turn over our finishers badge to claim the finishers band. suggestion and learning experience, runners should not be complacent and trustworthy in their surroundings. behind the fun and friendly faces, their are people who only have bad intentions and will risk paying and even join events such as this knowing they would have a huge day pick pocketing this volume of a crowd with their personal things. i hope other organizers would learn from this and create policies to also safeguard the interest and safety of the runners.

  9. I don’t want to rant on any of the comments above but for me, it was an awesome experience. Not my first run but it was definitely the most fulfilling activity that I took part of. I can’t complain on anything because it was a fund raising activity and I understand that the organizers have to watch their expenses.

  10. whoa @kester, watch it. it’s not all about complaining..this is called :feedback” so organizers would know and better improve in the future. It is also their responsibility to take care of the runners. I joined the race because it was a run-for-a-cause. I did my part as a runner before, during and after the race. Now again, it is the Organizers responsibility on the other hand to make sure the race was organized, fun and trouble free. I don’t think it is much to ask from them. I don’t want to judge you whether because you had fun or received a finisher’s-band compared to others, but don’t shut us saying we should stop complaining. We’re talking about the different experiences, whether it was good or bad…

  11. 10k runner: Well I agree to you all:

    Negative side muna:

    I already expected that this will happen, too crowded,madami nga water station pero taga bigay ng tubig iisa lang,pagdating ng roxas blvd, you have to walk run walk, excuse, d na fun run naging fun walk, anyway this even worst pag dating mo near finish line d maiintindihan kung san finish line ng 5k or 10k, yun pala lumampas nako sa finish line ng 10k:)
    tapos wala pang finishers band,yun pang mga d tumakbo may finishers band tapos karamihan ng nag hirap sa 10k walang finishers band ubos na raw. anong reason yun, ibig sabihin kulang talaga in the first place ang finishers bracelet.

    The positive side:

    Well this was my first 10k run,usually i join 5k run,because I want to be memorable because of 101010. despite the too much crowded but at least i finished my 10k run as an average runner on time.lalo ako ginanahan sa takbo when one foreigner was stuck up in traffic sumigaw sya GO PILIPINAS!! lalo ako natuwa kasi kahit foreigner sya ay pinakita nya na nakiisa sya,anyway lets think of positive side nalang at least we have show the world that kaya natin ito!

  12. I always believed in looking at the bright side of things…paradoxically, once in a while “you have to call a spade a spade”.

    Runners are always happy for the opportunity to run…mix in a good cause…then even more so.

    However, we should look at all the feedbacks from the race in order to plan a better one for all concern. We all experienced different things during this race some good, some to be expected and some really dreadful (like the pickpocket: so sorry it happened to you). And then there’s the really avoidable but stupid mistakes e.g. finishers band.

    Shout out to the organizers!..if you expect 120,000++ participants then make enough finisher bands; and, device a way to be able to distribute them in an orderly manner(one tent is not enough, duh). Seems quite elemtary and common sense…did you drop yours during the race???

  13. i enjoyed the run…fun run…:-)
    i was able to finish the 3k run 19mins 42 secs, di makatakbo ng mabilis kasi dami. ayos din lang kasi ang importante e i was able to help na marevive ang pasig river. kudos to abs-cbn foundation team and to the sponsors :-) til next yr

  14. It was a great experience to have run for a cause. being there in the midst of all people from different walk of life running for one common goal makes it really…”fulfilling”. But I have to say the organizers fall short on organization skills. The distribution of finisher’s band was the worst. we were there at 6:55am to the claim the band and got halfway to the end of the line at 8:00am when they announced that there’s nothing left for all hundreds of us waiting in line for 2 long hours. Some people gave up, at least 60% of the crowd stayed -most of them were old women who were still clinging on to their badges. So sad to realize these grannies were still holding on to something that might not come to reality.We stayed till 9:00am and eventually got the the end of the line but no volunteer has ever came back to us. It was I think 9:15 or so when a man informed us that they are still band on the other side of tent. I run as fast as I could and got my band.hopefully the grannies were able to get theirs too.

  15. I was disappointed. First, no baggage counter even if we arrived before 5:15am at ayala avenue. The reminder says it’s gonna be closed 45 mins before gun start…it should be 5:15 ‘coz the attendant from ROX told me that gun start is at 6am. Was I misinformed? I don’t know…Second, 2 more kilometers to complete the 10K, di ka na makatakbo (well this is expected…sa dami ng tao) but i would like to think that the organizers can still do better than that. And finally, the finisher’s band. Why do we have to fall in line just to get it? What’s the problem if they’ll distribute it at the finish line? Pagod ka na sa pagtakbo..papipilahin ka pa?! Sa kanila lang!

  16. well said vash1010…couldn’t agree more. sorry TPM about the pickpocket incident and yes roni, i agree. the reason why i’m so upset with the finisher’s band is seeing those old women scream their lungs out so they can have a finsher’s band. they paid P250 hard earned money so they can give their support to a noble cause. the least the organizers could have done was to provide them (us) with something to hold on to this memorable event.

  17. I agree with you Drakko, it was written on a piece of paper together with the race bib# it says

    “attention! attention!attention!” the gun start at 6am.d naman na sunod

    ok lang yung dami ng tao at least expected nato, ang nakakalungkot pag dating sa finish line you have to fall in line to get the finishers band,im not an organizer pero common sense lang dapat binibigay na yun band pag dating sa finish line e, d nila alam ang importance ng band lalo na yung tumakbo ng 10k ang dami d nakakuha, karamihan nakakuha yung mga d tumakbo.

  18. I tried to sign up but failed (via Internet, e-mail and Bench store) but I am happy that I did not attend seeing all the crowds on TV. By the way, what happened with the 21k run from Marikina ? It was included in the beginning but later cancelled, but I think it was shown on TV that it actually took place ?

  19. medyo hindi na rin ako naging interesado kumuha ng finisher’s band dahil sa dami ng tao. tsaka pwede kong ipagawa kung sakali, dahil madalas kaming mag outreach sa BayaniJuan sa Calauan, Laguna. sila ang gumawa niyon.

  20. 1st of all hi to d bad coments n nice coments. i’ve enjoy d fun run bcoz d run is for a coz. n i’ve got a finisher bond. after my run d marshal gave it 2 me. i hope nxt year der wil b a nxt pasig river fun run. i xpect more developmnts. to all of u for me nobodys perfect.

  21. Wag na tayo umasa sa race result,
    d nga nila kinuha yung tab after finish e may race result pa,kung meron man d na accurate yun. nag timer nalang ako ng sarili ko:)


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