FREE Fun Run by Bald Runner- October 17 and 24, 2010

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Why PAY if you can run at “race pace” for FREE? This it the tag-line that Bald Runner is introducing to the Runners Community. Interested?

FREE Fun Run by Bald Runner – 1
October 17, 2010 @ 6:00 AM
Camp Aguinaldo

FREE Fun Run by Bald Runner -2
October 24, 2010 @ 6:00 AM
Philippine Army Grandstand
3K / 5K

Why PAY if you can run at “race pace” for FREE?

The Bald Runner’s Events Management, in cooperation of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, will be offering FREE Fun Runs to everybody! Yes, these fun runs will be free—no race bibs, no singlets, no printed race results, no Finisher’s Shirts and no registration fees. But there will be a digital clock or chronograph watch at the Start/Finish Line and it will be the responsibility of each runner to see, hear, and remember his/her finish time. All you need to bring are your running shoes and your running attire. Runners could bring also their respective hydration system/bottles during the race, however, there will be minimal number of water stations along the race route.

Interested runner-participants just simply assemble at the Starting Line before 6:00 AM of the scheduled date of event and the start of the fun run is set at exactly 6:00 AM. Runners will be guided by the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner during the runs. There will be no marshals as the route will be easy to follow through directional signs and kilometer markings.

For documentation purposes, each finisher will receive a Finisher’s Certificate for FREE!

These fun runs will be a good training runs for “newbies” and the youth (18 years old & below) who would simulate a road race and for them to develop confidence in paid road races. As for the competitive runners who would not like to spend their hard-earned money in road races, they can do their “race pace” or “tempo run” workouts in these fun runs.

These fun runs are conceived to be conducted at least twice a month on Sunday mornings. The first Fun Run will be a 5-mile or 8-kilometer run inside the roads of Camp Aguinaldo and the 2nd Fun Run will be a 2-mile run or 3.2K run at the Philippine Army Grandstand & Parade Ground. The fun runs will start promptly at 6:00 AM during Sundays. In Camp Aguinaldo, the start/finish area is infront of the Grandstand at the GHQ Parade Ground. These places have ample free parking spaces for the vehicles of the runners.

After each fun run, there will be a brief lecture and open forum for 30 minutes to interested runners. These fun runs should be terminated within the period of two hours.

The first Fun Run will be held at Camp Aguinaldo o/a 6:00 AM of October 17, 2010. There will be no limit in the number of runners in this fun run. However, all runners should be at the starting area at least 30 minutes before the start time. The 2nd Fun Run will be a 3K/5K run at the Philippine Army Grandstand o/a 6:00 AM of October 24, 2010. Schedule of future Fun Runs will be announced in this blog.

If plans will materialize, future Fun Runs will be conducted at The Fort/Global City, MOA Grounds, and Roxas/Macapagal Boulevard.

These Fun Runs will reach a maximum distance of 10 miles or 16 kilometers and with a minimum distance of 3 kilometers.

Running should be made simple and free! Running should be FUN!

Running is for EVERYBODY!

(Note: Race Walkers & Brisk Walkers are also invited to join these Fun Runs)



  1. @baldrunner, thanks for sharing your passion for running!

    by organizing this event, you’re making it more accessible to a lot more people. i’m looking forward to the lecture/open forum, we can surely learn a lot from elite runners like you.

  2. intentionally will not join KOTR; was not able to register in St.Peter’s Life Run. This Fun Run organized by Bald Runner can be considered as the best alternative race: a race to beat my personal best. with finisher’s certificate pa! i just hope that there will be a baggage counter or locker for personal belongings.

  3. @baldrunner, ask ko lang po is yung camp aguinaldo and philippine army grandstand is magkatapat lang diba? along edsa? thanks po :-)

  4. too sad… i wanted to attend this but im already registered at KOTR run, hope there’s another sched for a free run…

    thanks baldrunner

  5. @Edward. Camp Aguinaldo is in Quezon City across Camp Crame. If you are planning to join, you can get off from MRT Santolan Stn and walk to Boni Serrano Rd (formerly Santolan) then ride a jeepney going to Murphy, Cubao. Ask for the driver to drop you by on pedestrians’ entrace near Gate 1. Bring any ID because the guard might require you so. From the entrance, the grandstand is just around 30 to 50 meters away. It’s a nice place bro, the camp admin. has a program for joggers and bikers now.

  6. @Kester. You can still join. Adidas KOTR is on Oct 24 while the first Free Fun Run is on Oct 17. I will use this Free Fun Run for conditioning in preparation for the Adidas KOTR on Oct. 24.

  7. @Reydor. Don’t worry about the baggage counter, I think they will provide one. You’ll be safe bro because anyone who’ll be caught stealing items on checked in baggages shall be meted with the minimum penalty of death by firing squad to be witnessed by the runners. Just kidding, it’s not that harsh in the camp, believe me, our soldiers are way polite than the policemen. If you’ll come across a running soldier, he/she will greet you “Good morning, Sir/Mam.”

  8. @Vivs. If you have no decal, you can enter in Gate 5 (if I am not mistaken). Anyway, it’s the gate located along Boni Serrano Ave, too, a few meters right after Gate 1 (if you’re from EDSA) and a few meters from Katipunan – Boni Serrano Ave intersection (w/ traffic light). You’ll just leave your driver’s license to the military-police checkpoint. There is abundance in parking space once you’re in the grandstand.

  9. i love this idea!… running for free! man it’s now expensive to run! reg fee of php400, php500 and even php850! c’mon! i thought running is the cheapest sport pero hindi na ata applicable ngayon yan…tsktsk.. salamat sa mga runner na katulad ni bullrunner.

  10. @ angel: agree. kaya pag P500 plus piling pili na lang ang sinasalihan ko. dati halos lahat kahit mahal. yun pong magpapatakbo sa camp aguinaldo nang libre ay opisyal ng militar, si baldrunner po. yung pong patakbo ni bullrunner ay may kamahalan din, sabagay sulit naman. kita kits na lang sa camp aguinaldo.

  11. @Angel, nice comment bro, but may I correct you that you should be thankful to “Baldrunner” (not Bullrunner who is a female runner with another advocacy for the sport of running). A little info on Baldrunner, he is an alumnus of the PMA and was a military officer.

  12. so glad that they wud have this FREE run at camp aguinaldo which is much nearer to my place.. i am pretty interested with the fun run races, I would definitely join this run. thanks to baldrunner for having this free run. :)

  13. @Katy: Please invite your friends to support the cause of Baldrunner. This run shall make a point also to other commercialized running events of which fees are already skyrocketting nowadays. A free fun run is a better alternative, which could still be improved by Baldrunner & Co. if donations would come in from organizations to support future free races. Malay natin baka balang araw, may Pocari Sweat/Gatorade na rin na iinumin, magbabayad ka lang ng P30 para sa bib, another P20 to P80 depende sa distansiya, may option kang bumili (o di bumili) ng P200 worth of singlet ng Unibersidad. Kaya pwedeng ang cost sa runners ay P50 to P250 pesos (kung may singlet) lang, compared sa cost ngayon na P500 to P900 na. May premium ka pa na kung volunteer ka pa sa previous race, Ilibre ka na sa susunod na race. Pwede! (All in a wishful thinking, pero pwede)

  14. i will bring with me about 7-10 runners whose fathers are military officers.

    @rotech: sana nga magkatotoo yan.di malayong mangyari,heto na ang simula. tuloy tuloy na ‘to. suportahan natin ang mga ganitong patakbo, hindi lahat kasi kayang magbayad ng P850 kahit gusto sumali.

  15. i agree with reydor. soldiers are polite than policemen and soldiers are napapagkatiwalaan unlike the policemen who are nakakatakot. baka pati runners kotongan ng mga yan.hehe

  16. Kita-kita tayo bukas sa Camp Aguinaldo. I guarantee you that the place is great for runners. If it’ll be your first time at the camp, you’ll be surprised of the uphills that are far challenging than the UP grounds.

  17. I had a great run this morning,..thank you Bald Runner for organizing this event …challenging route…good company of runners… such a nice way to start a Sunday. God bless. Hoping for more runs like this =))

  18. It was a great run too. Simplest in its form, but could be a nice way to start. Am looking for another round next month or in December. Dapat talaga makabili na ng hydration belt, gusto ko na kasing sunggaban yung tubig na nasa belt ng iba sa uhaw.

  19. I enjoyed running this m0rning… actually, walk and run gnwa ko d ko pa tlga kaya ang dretso takbo hehehe… Tnx to baldrunner f0r organizing this event sna 2loy 2loy na to.

  20. sayang yung last na takbo, last oct17 kasi 10k siya. im not pretty sure kasi kung mafifinish ko siya. but as what i read may nagwalk-run mode din pala.. hehe! for sure this coming oct24, i will definitely run ^^, I look up to you Bald Runner and to the Bald Runner members As well. Godbless!

  21. @katy: for info lang according to Sir Bald Runner hindi daw matutuloy yung 2nd run sa Phil. Army Grandstand kasi daw maraming Activities… wait for Further announcement nalang daw… Sabi nya.

  22. hi goodpm baldrunner,
    tuloy po ba free fun run on sunday?, bec. i invited 3 of my friends to join, were newbies.
    thanks, ill wait for a reply.

  23. @Marc Freires. Bro you should go to his website at Baldrunner.Com. But from what I heard, the October 24 run has to be rescheduled due to unavailability of the Phil. Army grandstand as a venue. In lieu of this, the next Free Fun Run shall be held in Cp Aguinaldo again for still unknown date. Keep yourself updated in his website.

  24. am past 65 yrs old and interested to join your fun run. except that i don’t run anynore. but i do a daily 3km walk. can i join your group with my “walker” friends?

  25. @Mr Sonny De Guzman. Sir, if you’re near Cp Aguinaldo you can visit the grandstand in the morning around 5 – 6AM or in the afternoon around 4:30 PM to 6 PM with lots of seniors walking around rectangle, perhaps you even know a few of them. With regard to your question, I think Baldrunner would welcome suggestion to include 3K fun runners/walkers as a separate category. Please visit his website also at Baldrunner.Com.


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