The Rexona Run 2010 – Race Results and Photos

[ad#square-middle]Rexona Run 2010 Race Results and Photos

Congratulations to all who joined and participated in 2010 Rexona Run that happened on August 1 at the SM Mall of Asia. Race Results are now available for download and Photos to follow.

Download Race Results Here:
[download id=”212″]
[download id=”213″]
[download id=”214″]
[download id=”215″]

Check your Rexona Run 2010 Photos Here:

The race was organized by RunRio. For any concerns regarding the race results, please email [email protected].


Please feel free to post comments, feedback or suggestions about this event here.


  1. This is a nice marathon indeed, but wait till you see the CAMSUR organise by the same team runrio. Full of different sports event kaya lang ang layo but I'm going its time to change the venue. See you there runner

  2. To: Enrico dela Cruz #8

    Are you friends with this alexis guy? Bec. he is on a KSP rampage again to prove his alleged all-around knowledge in everything by correcting a remark you made. I went thru all the comments and you're the only one who commented on the race as a marathon. Ha ha ha! this Alexis guy is such a nitwit and poseur!

  3. To alexis #11

    Mr. alexis estenor(is this your full name???)Keep your opinions to yourself since most of the time its'garbage,and no one cares if its a longest distance or marathon what the heck!!!! As long as they're happy with their experience in the race, whatever good comment they share is none of your business anymore. Ikinagaganda ni Enrico ang sabihin na marathon ang event, wala ka nang pakialam ok!!

  4. thanks cecille, nice comment about me. appreciated so much. anyway I placed 22nd on this run 21KM. yabang ba? but thats the truth, so who’s the poser now?

  5. nice route! i’ve been to several 10k runs at MOA and so far… this is the best!

    thanks for giving a new twist to a familiar haunt. love it!!! :D

    saka, hwow! you have the race results a day after the run??? at early morning at that?! you’ve raised the benchmark on how a run should be organized. GALENG!

  6. hi alexis – if we were interested to know your place in the race we’d look for your name on the posted results. so please save the forum space for something more relevant. thanks.

  7. I can always post the hell I want. You can always attack me the hell you want. Hate me if you want too, call me anything you want. But in the end what matters is that I enjoyed my run, that I had a successful run. After all, if you really dont care about my comment or my post, hindi ka naman magrereply at gagamitin ang pangalan ko. Thanks.

  8. it was a good run. my first time sa MOA. i agree with most of the comments na very well organized pag runrio yung event. from the water stations to the marshals, the medics…

    pati yung sa claiming ng loot bag walang hassle. i ran 10k and my wife ran 5k and we were home by 715AM sa las pinas. kasi di na kami pumila ng matagal for the loot bag

    five starts for coach rio and his team!!!

  9. @ Alexis….yep say anything you wanted. Tayo’y malayang gawin ang ganyan na mga bagay… minsan talaga kailangan na may “KONTRABIDA” sa buhay…

  10. its my first time to join; i ran 3k…this is a great experience! i really commend Coach Rio and the Runrio team for a job well done in organizing this race :)

  11. @Cecille#12 Thats alright,Alexis has the right to correct or to insult anyone if he wanted to. (To me) The true runner is the one who can manage and control his/her life under any circumstances all the way to the finish line just like we do. We run in our own pace and we enjoy it till we reach the finish line and wait for PR result to see our best. Happy running everyone

  12. To Alexis Estenor(the poseur in yellow font):

    You're still a poseur even if you brag your 22nd place. Bec. nobody cares about your running prowess, what we care about is the people you disrespect by interfering with their comments and volunteering unsolicited info. You can post whatever the hell you want as long as you confine it to opinions about the race but most of time bec. of your nth power arrogance, your brain collapses and you become an moronic schmuck making pakialam on other's comments. There is a fine line on commenting and slandering people. You even went so far as attacking Remus' death and his family, remember your comment toad??? Just to flaunt to all your alledged knowledge of everything which was all garbage. You may be good in running but you're no extraordinaire, you're just as common as everybody else. By the way i asked some running coaches and they said that there is no such thing as longest distance running term for 21k, rather, it's termed as half marathon/half mary. so who's the poseur now???? Also in your brain damaged world you think you're famous, that's because you're mean and nasty. And dami mong kaaway sa forum ng ace hardware, milo & now rexona kasi mayabang ka to the max nakakahiya ka. Ako na naiinis sayo, i'm an average runner but i don't get bitch slap like you in any forums as well as the rest of those naasar sayo. Whatever popularity you're getting right now is the labor of your notoriety. Also to borrow your comment about Remus death, i hope you get luckier than Remus in your next event so that we can replaced you as the 22nd runner, kasi nakakasawa na kung palaging ikaw na lang, so we would know if being a 22nd placer really changes a person into an arrogant toad like you. See you in Camsur, Adidas & Run Trilogy.

  13. To Nrico(#27), Mighty(#26) & at alexis(#22)

    Now that's what you call humility for you Nrico. I'm already pissed with Alexis toad in the Remus issue and now here he goes again. Pacencya ka na, i'm not the type who put's up with crappy people like him na pasimpleng mang-insulto. And to mighty & @alexis nice bitchslapping a contravido ha ha ha!!!!

  14. to Cecille and alexis…wag na kayo mag asaran pa.. sige baka magkatuluyan kayo nyan… next time uli.. takbo kayo ng magkasama para makapag usap kayo… hheheheheheeehheh

  15. @angie, nice comment. Its just show these 2 guys are very very physically & mentally fit and ready for another round of finish line. I wish I could run faster enough that my monthly bills could’nt catch me.

  16. running is a game of sport so after all these comments i should say that for the sake of all of us runners here…lets have the peace and make-up and see you all in the next run… :)

  17. To nice people like angie nrico & mighty:

    Natawa ako sa comment niyo. Thanks for being understanding and just for you guys even if i don’t know you in person, i will not fight with Alexis Estenor anymore. BTW, i got a mssg. from Remus Fuentes father(the runner who died in Marathon Elims, if you want to attend and anybody the commemorative prayers that they will be having here are the details:

    Dear All,

    At 10:00 AM on Friday, August 6 of this week, the family of Remus and close relatives & friends will have commemmorative prayers to be led by a priest at seawall-side plaza in front of Aristocrat Restaurant at Roxas Boulevard near the corner of San Andres Street. Remus collapsed at the southbound side of Roxas Boulevard very near this area during the 34th MILO Marathon in July 4, 2010. He died two days later.

    For those who knew Remus fate and who maybe interested to join the prayers at Roxas Blvd. are welcome by the family. We will understand if you cannot come because this is a working day and I have no idea where you are from but somehow you have shown your sympathy to the family of Remus, for that we are already very thankful.

    Rudy Fuentes, Father of Remus

  18. @cecille, I will attend the commemorative prayer of Remus and then proceed to my Father because its my father’s birthday. Thanks for the info…

    there should be a place here where we can look up good race events by organizers para di na uli mauulit un mga nauto sa ecorun ng ace. to anyone who can make a difference please make it possible for us to browse events by organizers & for us to be able to rate organizers. if there is a way will anyone please teach.

  20. nag check ako ng picz sa photovendo nag run kami ng friends ko pero ung pic namin wala y ganun hindi lahat ng runner na kunan?

  21. @lilly

    whenever RUNRIO is the organizer it will definitely be a memorable one..

    rudy biscocho,leadpack, and extribe are good organizers too..

    just look for this event organizers at every event and it will definitely be a good one…

    see you at run to read…

  22. …it’s not about the distance nor the time, it’s how you finish the race.

    live your passion.
    no excuses.
    just run!

  23. hi blue, ako din wala kami ng mga friends ko sa photovendo :(
    @pinoyfitness, thanks for the suggestion :)
    though i tried checking the race results, puro no match pa din except for runner who placed first (i checked overall 5K)..
    crossing my fingers na may sumunod pa, haha! :)

  24. May photos na ba talaga for 5K and 3K?
    parang sa 10K lang ata yung napost, pati yung sa 1st placers. I do hope they will still be posting more pics. :(

  25. I ran for 10K and I had a couple of pics. however, when I checked my gf’s pics i found nothing bcoz she ran for 3K.

    i checked the bib #s for the top 10 finishers for the 3K category unfortunately they do not have any pics as well.

    Nevertheless, rock!!!!

  26. @alexis: ang galing mo naman, lahat ng marathon na sinalihan mo 22nd place ka parati. are you really a runner or nagpapanggap lang?

  27. Oo nga what happened???? why no pictures for 5K run. I was waiting and so excited to see my pictures pa naman but I’m sawi….still hoping that it can be downloaded…..Many thanks I had a nice run. Congrats

  28. galing ng buong organizers ng run, actually it was my first official run at wala naman akong nakitang comments kasi di naman ako magaling pag dating sa mga ganitong events, naramdaman ko lang na masaya ang lahat at walang hassles. pwera lang yung mga mayayabang tumakbo dami daming comments di na lang sarilinin. congrats rexona, coach rio for a job well done!!!!takbo ulit ako sa event nyo nxt tym!!!!

  29. Boss Rio & the team, pki post naman po yung mga pix sa 5k Rexona Run 2010 pleaze…:-( sa””


  30. Great run and well organized. The water station per KM helped a lot. It would be nice to have a sponsor who can give away fresh fruits like bananas and dalandan at the finish line. I will surely join again next time when I get the chance. More power to RunRio!


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