Outdoor Parents – Outdoor Kids Book


I still remember the days when I spend most of my childhood outdoors, playing cops-and-robbers, patintero, cycling in Luneta, swimming in Rizal Memorial, Jogging with my dad… But lately when I see kids, they are mostly spending time with their XBox, PS3, they are even immersed playing with their PSP in Malls.

I found this book online that aims to help parents get their kids out of the couch and into the sun. The book was written by Eugene Buchanan is an experienced writer, avid outdoors-man and the father of two girls.


Outdoor Parents, Outdoor Kids

With an informative and entertaining look at biking, camping, swimming, paddling, hiking, fishing, snowsports, climbing, and other outdoor pursuits, award-winning author Eugene Buchanan extends parents a helping hand in getting their kids outside and instilling in them a respect for their health and the environment. It’s a set of training wheels for first-time parents or those inexperienced in the outdoors, and an essential guide for hair-pulling veterans.

The book will be available in February 2010 for $20. You can pre-order the book here: https://outdoorkidsbook.com



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