Halo – The new fitness tracker by Amazon

A screen-less tracker that helps improve fitness, sleep, and mental health.

Amazon Halo band and companion app. Source from Amazon

A new fitness tracker called Halo just entered the market and this time it’s from the tech giant Amazon.

The band like most existing fitness trackers is designed to improve personal well-being by monitoring heart rate, movement and sleep. One thing to take note of is that the Halo DOES NOT come with a view screen, it means you can’t view your steps, heart rate or calories without the Halo app.

Amazon designed it this way to make Halo a wear and forget device, it will not add to your existing digital noise, instead quietly monitor what it was made to do and give you the wellness feedback in a insightful summary within the Halo app. One unique feature about the Halo is that Amazon is integrating AI technology that listens to the voice of the user to asses mood and predict the stress levels.

The Halo is priced at $99 and is now available for early access on Amazon for $64.99 and ships only in the US.

What do you think about the Halo? Share your thoughts about it over at the Pinoy Fitness Community Facebook group and spark a conversation!



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