Best kettlebells in PH and where to buy them

Need to add weightlifting to your workout routine but got no space for a dumbbell rack or barbels? This may be your best compromise.


A kettlebell is probably one of the most versatile home gym equipment you can own, this portable piece of metal that is crafted to look like a teapot (missing a spout) can be swung, lifted, thrown, pressed, held and manipulated in various combinations that can support strength training and cardiovascular exercises. If you’re still building your home gym, this is probably one of the best equipment you need for overall body fitness.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to look for the best kettlebell to add for my home gym setup, and this piece of metal does not come cheap, needless to say; the heavier it is, the more expensive it gets.

Through my research I found that there are a couple of options you can consider, so here’s a short list of what they are and where to find them:

1. Active


Active kettlebells are probably the most professional kettlebells you can find in the market today. Trusted my coaches and gyms, they offer kettlebell weights from 6KG all the way up to 40KG and you can choose between the colorful Champion series or the all black Pro-Grade design.

Price Range: P1,950 – P9,050
Available Weight: 6KG to 40KG
Buy them here:


YBELL is a smart piece of equipment that is a slightly modified version of the traditional kettlebell. The modification in the YBELL adds more grip options with a wider surface, enabling users it to perform additional functions compared to using a traditional kettlebell.

Use it for your overhead press or as a base to support your push-ups – the options are limitless! One downside though it that the YBELL only comes up to 12KG of weight.

Price Range: P3,000 – P5,000
Available Weight: 6KG to 12KG
Buy them here:

3. Core Adjustable Kettlebell

CORE is definitely a space saver because you won’t have to buy different weights as it’s an adjustable kettlebell. The brand, which is distributed by Toby’s Sports, can go as high as 40 pounds (lbs) or 18KG using remove cast-iron weight plates in six increments.

If space is an issue and you need to train with variable kettlebell weights then this is definitely an option for you. At a max of 18KG, this design makes it a bit pricey compared to its competitors, but it’s a cost saver if you need to buy multiple weights for your workouts.

Price: P5,725
Available Weights: 10 lbs to 40 lbs (5KG to 18KG)
Buy them here:

4. Fitness & Athletics

A product from Chris Sports, the Fitness & Athletics is probably one of the cheapest kettlebells in the market (currently at 30% off), these kettlebells features knurled handles that offer better grip and is available in 4KG up-to 40KG of weight.

Price Range: P1,029 – P4,089
Available Weights: 6KG to 40KG
Buy them here:

5. Play Hard

Looking for competition level, Iron Cast and Vinyl kettlebells? Play Hard have it all. Their kettlebells is another well sought after in the fitness market today. Featuring kettlebell weights from 8KG to 32KG with different colors to choose from.

Price Range: P1650 – P5550
Available Weights: 8KG to 32KG
Buy them here:

6. Decathlon – DOMYOS

Last but not the least, you can also get a trusted kettlebell from Decathlon. Featuring a slightly squared handle, Decathlon’s kettlebell is designed for cross training. The downside is that Decathlon only offers a small variety of weights ranging from 4KG to 20KG

Price Range: P950 – P2750
Available Weights: 6KG to 20KG
Buy them here:

Here is a quick price comparison:


Active Core Adjustable F&A (30% OFF) YBELL Decathlon Play Hard
6KG P1,950 P5,725 P720 P3,900 P950
8KG P2,250 P5,725 P965 P4,300 P1,200 P1,650
10KG P2,450 P5,725 P1,203 P4,700 P1,800
12KG P2,750 P5,725 P1,441 P5,000  – P2,450
14KG P3,150 P5,725 P1,180  –  –
16KG P3,450 P5,725 P1,347  – P2,350 P3,250
18KG P3,850 P5,725  –  –  –
20KG P4,050  – P2,407  – P2,750 P3,750
22KG P4,650  –  –  –  –
24KG P5,050  – P2,887  –  – P4,550
26KG P5,350  –  –  –  –  –
28KG P5,750  – P3,366  –  –  –

So, that’s it! Have you bought from any of the suppliers above? Share some comments and recommendation at the comments section below, if we missed some please share their details as well.

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  1. The problem with the CORE adjustable kettlebell is that the handle is too wide and diameter of the bar too thin. I tested it and it was just so hard to grip and do proper exercises, especially overhead presses. You may also want to consider or checkout kettlebells from ENSAYO (mostly available online through Shopee and Lazada) and MusclePower (also available online but mostly through Toby’s)


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