New Year? New Gear! Quick review of Penalty Box Fitness


Fitness could mean differently for everyone and the start of the year marks new goals for us all. Some may be trying to beat their personal bests in the sports they’re doing. Some could only be starting upon realizing that investing in one’s health is a must after all. For whatever reason, there are several ways in which you can get started with achieving your fitness goals. From different types of gyms that offer a variety of classes like yoga, spin, Crossfit, and many more to different workouts you can do at the comfort of your own home.

Last January 18, we were invited to try out the Penalty Box Fitness at Rockwell Atletica through Pro Touch where fitness trainer Carla Piscoso guided us through some simple but high intensity workouts that focused on our cardio, legs, footwork, and core. For anyone who is looking into a new way of exercising, the penalty box could be just the perfect equipment. Besides being lightweight and easy to carry, the penalty box may be used in various ways from easy circuit training to complicated drills.


It has four squares that looks similar to an agility ladder and can be folded into a hurdle; in addition, it can be easily stored by folding it into a letter L! This tool reminded me so much of the drills we used to do for football and tennis and I am sure that it can also be perfect for athletes who play basketball, running, baseball, track, and other sports who want to improve their strength, balance, footwork, mobility, and speed. If having to set up agility ladders or cones is too much work for you, then the penalty box is just the perfect match. If you’re not looking into that athletic training, it could still be used to spice up your workouts for losing weight or getting to your new fitness goals.

Working your way towards fitness should not be complicated. This new year, we should aim for building a better lifestyle in a way that we can sustain so that it will stick with us and we would not feel like we are starting over again each year. Take it easy, make it enjoyable, and bring your goals with you by gearing yourself up with a new equipment that you can bring anywhere and can help you modify your exercises to keep yourself motivated. For those who are interested, you may visit for more details.

This event was also made possible by Planet Sports, Arena, Intersport, and Wheyl Nutrition Co.


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