Nike Epic React Flyknit: The Running Shoe That Can Do It All


Just today, Nike surprised the running world by releasing their newest innovation: The Nike Epic React Flyknit. This new release is said to be the running shoe that could do it all as it allows no trade-off among cushion, energy return, lightness, and resilience to wear and tear. Not to mention the fact that it seriously looks good.

The most innovative technology that Nike added to this shoe is the Nike React, a specialized foam that delivers a soft, smooth and responsive ride mile-after-mile and is ideal for distance workouts, recovery runs and progression runs.

All these and more are why Nike calls this shoe “Epic”.

Support, Flexibility, and Breathability


The one-piece Flyknit bootie is the major ingredient that Nike used to get the support, flexibility, and breathability needed to make the upper part of the shoe fit as sculpted as possible. The minimal design of the Flyknit bootie is close to the foot and a pretty nice aesthetic touch while still maintaining support.

Cushioning and Stability Runners Need

The major difference that Nike React Foam has is how softer it is compared to the EVA-based foams of the past. Which means, it evens out the bumps on the road to have a smoother run mile-after-mile. The design also features the midsole extending beyond the perimeter of the flyknit upper to give runners more cushioning and stability they need.

Firm but Light

The patterns on the Nike Epic React’s midsole and outsole purposely vary in depth. The goal of Nike React Foam is to engineer a midsole that can deliver cushioning and support without any additional weight. With this in mind, and through tedious computational design, the makers of Nike utilized the visually complex pattern to vary in depth, where the deeper parts provide more cushioning and the shallower portions produce more firmness.

Excited to try this on your next run? We are too! The Nike Epic React Flyknit will be available at select retailers in the Philippines starting February 22. Save the date!