Spartan Philippines launches Official Obstacle Course Camp


Spartan Philippines conducted an SGX class along with a get together party where participants from the spartan and fitness community took part in for the soft opening of its Obstacle Course Camp (OCC) last Saturday, December 2 at the Spartan Philippines office at the Roof deck, W Building, BGC.

The main reason for the camp is to to give spartans across the country a place to train and channel their skills in specifically for Spartan races.

“Basically we want a real place where Spartans can go to. A lot of people have been asking where can we train, how can we prepare for the races, so we decided to open up the OCC here in our BGC office. We wanted something of our own.” mentioned Spartan Philippines Marketing Manager, Gio Diamante.


The event was no question another grit and grind and friendly SGX session for the spartans. Participants were divided into three teams wherein each team had to do obstacle challenges such as the hercules hoist, olympus, rope climb, a frame cargo, monkey bars and the multi ring set up by course camp.

Along with the obstacle equipment, the camp also has a bar, merchandise booth and sponsors booth specifically their partners Fitness First and Chris Sports which is open for the members. The grand opening for the OCC will be in January where participants can take part in 2 hour day classes and sign up for memberships. There will also be obstacle and pacing programs offered to develop the skills of the members.

The Spartan Philippines OCC is located at the Roof deck, W Building, 5th Avenue, BGC. To get the latest updates on the camp and Spartans PH, follow their Facebook page at: and at instagram at

To join a Spartan community, check out the PF Spartans Facebook page:


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