Condura Skyway Marathon 2017 is POSTPONED



Condura Skyway Marathon 2017 is POSTPONED

Ever since 7-Eleven Run 2017 was announced and surprisingly took the regular first week of February spot of the Condura Skyway Marathon, everyone has been wondering what will happen to this awaited marathon every year.

Today, Raul Patrick Concepcion (Condura Skyway Marathon Running Ambassador) and Ton Concepcion (Condura Skyway Marathon Founder) just formally announced that the race for 2017 is postponed in order for the company to have more time to plan and execute a bigger and better marathon in the future.

Here is the official statement from the Condura Skyway Marathon Facebook Page:



I felt very sad upon hearing the news, Condura Skyway Marathon has always been one of the races I look forward to every year, and besides being on the most prestigious marathon in the Philippines, the race has helped countless lives by donating to the Hero Foundation Inc.

Now that it’s official, it seems we won’t have any Condura Marathon in 2017, but do you guys want the race to be back again in 2018? We created a POLL:

Take the Poll here – Click Here

Share this to your friends, let’s show Condura Marathon that we still support them and will be eagerly waiting for its return.

Well the good news is, if you are already training for this, 7-Eleven Run 2017 is taking place at the same time and place. Registration for the 7-Eleven Run is now ongoing.


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