Run Light and Long with the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4



Run Light and Long with the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4

December is nearly here, and it is no surprise if your 2017 gear planning is on its way. The most important item in this list will be next year’s race shoes, potentially your biggest investment and what will make or break time – and distance performances.

Running technology improves year on year – materials are thinner and lighter, but more durable; support has never been more stable, yet flexible; and of course, they also get better looking.


Wave Sayonara 4

When it comes to a scientific approach in building running shoes, Mizuno is no stranger. I had the opportunity to put one of its latest models, the Wave Sayonara 4, through my personal training sessions.



The Wave Sayonara 4 by Mizuno is strictly built for running. However, I understand that sometimes, we just want to bring one pair for a workout. The pair is stable enough to support lateral movements and quick directional changes. That said, for ‘recovery days’ of light gym training it will do the job.


Short Distance (Speed)

A 4km training session composed of 800m/200m splits over four sets showed some of the genius in the design of the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4. Its proprietary SmoothRide technology, coupled with its DynamotionFit, helped ease the transition from mid-speed 800m runs to the 200m sprints. There was no ‘jarring’ feel on the ankles and zero discomfort on the sole.

Testing Over Distance

The Mizuno team told me prior to testing out this pair that the Wave Sayonara 4 is built for long-distance runners. It would be a good pair to build a 42km race around, perhaps with one or two half-marathons interspersed in the race year. I did manage to take out this pair for a 14km run around BGC, and some features really stood out.

The Wave Sayonara 4 is light. I mean really light. For a shoe that offers this much support and cushioning, it boggles me how Mizuno managed to keep the weight at roughly 260 grams! It was also a pleasure to feel cool wind “roll” over my feet as I ran, a function of the AIRmesh upper and overall Mizuno Intercool ventilation system (to be honest, very few brands understand just how important ventilation is in distance shoes). After my run, there was barely any wear and tear on the X10 carbon rubber – proof of Mizuno’s durability promise.


Watch Outs

The laces are far too long for my liking; a 5km treadmill test necessitated my stopping and retying my laces. For anyone concerned over time lost managing loose, long laces, I recommend either cutting (gasp) or double-knotting them.

The Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 runs a bit wide in the toe-box, and very slightly larger than usual US sizes. Some people like it (I do), and some like a tighter fit. I recommend actually going to the store and walking around with it a bit.

For all of Mizuno’s durability, the high-visibility color options means it will look dirty quite fast. It’s not a deal-breaker, but the pair will need a bit more maintenance than usual to keep it looking fresh out of the box.



It’s Christmas season, and you need to spend on a new pair of running shoes? Give the Wave Sayonara 4 a try, and you just might fall in love with all of its functional and durable technology. Go get that PR!

The Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4 is now available in Mizuno Outlet Stores Nationwide.

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Mizuno Philippines generously provided me with a pair of Wave Sayonara 4 but this has not influenced the thoughts provided in this article. Opinions are my own and do not represent Pinoy Fitness, Mizuno Corporation, and any other organization or entity related to the brand.


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