Pinoy Divers actually did well in SEA Games 2015


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A viral video of Pinoy Divers JD Pahoyo and John Fabriga has been circulating in Social Media this morning highlighting their failed dive attempts. It’s really sad reality on how Social Media can highlight only the bad side of things.

Posted by JD Pahoyo on Tuesday, June 9, 2015


On a recent video posted by one of the Pinoy Divers, JD Pahoyo noted that despite just being able to practice their synchro dives in just 4 days, they are proud that they where able to overcome the challenges and was able to represent the Philippines in this competition.

Watch the video of their successful dive attempts. Mabuhay kayo at Saludo kami sa inyo!

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  1. Expectation hurts’ but to rated as national athlete there’s something separate them with the rest’ wag kayo emotional’ accept the fact na palpak talaga’

  2. True..we focus on the negative than the positive na kalahi naman..just like the wrong placement of the flag..oo mali yun but these people fought for Filipino pride let’s focus on that. Let us stop passing those videos and photos because we are dampening their fighting spirits.

  3. I cant stop laughing…. Hahaha. This one will go to history of funny dives.. Hahaha.. They can try next seagames

  4. i’m not going to forward the post but c’mon now. i’d rather not comment than say they did well. that is just embarassing. have you ever thought about how that reflects on our country’s sports program? don’t we have qualifying events? is it all politics again? this is definitely a wake up call to shape up our national sports program.

  5. If a Filipino wins abroad, “PROUD FILIPINO HERE” comments are flooding. If a Filipino loses, most of the Filipinos become experts. Pinoy yan eh! Sorry not sorry.

  6. Walang perpekto sa SEAG, nagkataon lang na mas interesado at gusto nilang makita ang kaunting pagkakamali kaysa pagmasdan ang maraming tama at wasto.. Mahusay ang dalawang pinoy na ito sa larangan ng diving.. Mabuhay kayo at huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa.. Darating din ang pagkakataon para sa inyong pagwawagi..

  7. saludo pa dn ako sa knla ..iba nga dyan sa gigilid lang pag nag sa pool. GILID GILID d marunong lumangoy .. wag nyu punahin pag kakamali nla ang mahalga lumaban sla .. dala ang bandila naten.. yang mga nagkakalat ng viral na yan.. eh hulog mo sa malalim na pool yan ng magkaalamanan ang yayabng eh

  8. The point is, lets not bash our compatriots when they dont perform to our expectations. These athletes dont get paid much and yet they are out there trying to give pride and honor in representing our country. We are not celebrating mediocrity, we are just kinder Filipinos.

  9. So much for the argument that they did well overall. They finished 7th and 8th (last place) and second to last place in synchronized. We shouldn’t be surprised as they clearly lacked preparation. They admitted they only spent 4 days training for synchronized. (How is it that Philippines allowed to send athletes w/ only minimal preparation?) Possibly not their fault, Philippines probably doesn’t have a diving program.
    But people should not say they did well. We should commend them for trying their best and representing the country but we need to call it as it is and figure out why the result was dismal so we can improve.

  10. daming hugas kamay at nagmamalinis ah.. if I know nakitawa at naki-share/post din kayo.. tao nga naman.. hahaha!!!

  11. PUSH mo yan Anne Marlet Marquez hahah..
    ~Mga pinoy nga naman.. sana instead na kutyain, inspire them, support them.. they tried their best. Besides, ilang beses b sila sumablay? Buong event ba?

  12. Still not impressed. Should we, as a nation, condone our athletes lack of preparation for a competition that’s scheduled well in advance? Awww, they only had 4 days of practice, too bad for them right? Boohoo.. NO! It shows how they lack discipline, so there’s no doubt they’ll mess it up. I, for one, will never advocate mediocrity. They are a poor representation of our country, and it’s a shame coz our other athletes did extremely well on their respective events, because those athletes PREPARED! I’m not sure if they’re trying to be inspirational, but if they are, they should have written a book or hold a motivation seminar or something instead of joining a competition where physical prowess is key. The fault ultimately falls on their coach and trainer for setting up this obviously talented kids for failure. Maybe it’s time to look for a new coach after this fiasco. SMH

  13. It’s embarrassing and there’s no other way to describe it. I agree, we shouldn’t have to send athletes that are not ready to compete. 4 days of practice? Really? Unless they have the Superhuman powers of Aquaman, any coach worth half their salt knows it will only end up in a disaster. And it did.

  14. Whats this? Some brainwashing from pinoy site complimenting pinoy? Nearly lots of country doing the sync dive are doing as well or even better.. Theres nothing to be impressed about..

  15. Take Aways…
    1. Budgeted
    2. Not Prepared
    3. Competing at International level
    Sorry but somebody was at fault here…

  16. Someone should be made responsible for the selection of these divers – after all, these aren’t your intra-school intramurals, these are the biennial Southeast Asian Games. I’m sure the selection committee could have found more qualified competitors.. When congratulating themselves on their ok performance in the synchro dives, they said they did well in spite of only 4 days practice. FOUR DAYS PRACTICE – for the SEA Games??! wtf — Flame me all you want, my point is that these two were definitely not qualified to represent the country in these games. Blame the selection process.

  17. I heard that they only practice for 4 days? I’m sorry but you don’t go to a competition with lack of preparation and practice. I hope our government should give the full support they deserve if we want our athletes to do better.

  18. well kung hindi mapahiya di nila sisikapin gawin ng masmaganda… kasi kakaiba eh lighting strikes twice

  19. those solo dives of theirs was akin to mr bean .. they prepaired for synchro but they are professional divers and to do what they did was like lightning strikes twice.

  20. E di dapat di na sila sumali kung ganon na kulang sila sa praktis. Baka mga divers to sa dagat ang pinadala ng Pilipinas katawa tawa tuloy ang kinalabasan. Record breaking pa zero ang score. Only in da Philippines.

  21. “I think that everybody wants to be heard, and the easiest way to be the loudest is to be the hater.”
    – Tavi Gevinson

  22. Ganyan kasi tayong mga Pinoy, uso sa ang crab mentality. Kaya hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas eh tsk U0001f614

  23. sa susunod wag na kasing sumali sa international tournament kung 4 days lang ang pagsasanay… prestige ang ASEAN GAME! sinasalihan ng mga pinakamagaling na manlalaro sa iba’t ibang bansa. Naging natatawanan tuloy ang pilipinas

  24. marami din crab mentality sa mga 1st world country… Anong connection ba ng crab mentality sa status ng bansa? lol

  25. For Pilipinos here, learn to laugh on yourself. Huwag PIKON! I’m pretty sure that if this was another ethnic group, you’ll be laughing too.

  26. after mo pumalpak sasabihin mo 4 days lang ang practice.  Isisi mo sa pangulo mo.  yung ibang mga bansa nga years of practice ang mga representatives nila kadalasan mula sa mga  universities or colleges nila.  tas ikaw 4 days lang practice.  anu ka X-man with superpower.  pag uwi nyo sa Pilipinas simulan nyo na magpractice araw araw para next year makabawi kayo. good luck!

  27. A bad dive is a bad dive. It is just a symptom for what is much worse. They should work on the root cause. A triple pike from 3m is routine for world-class divers. 4 days prep is not an excuse for a bad dive. The boys and their backers should work harder para di naman tayo mapahiya next time. Dala nila pangalan ng Pilipinas. If you mix it up with the best in the region “pwede na yan” is not enough.

  28. Root cause is the government. Napapansin niyo ba na most of our top athletes are all tisoys and Fil-Ams? mostly living in western countries. This speaks volumes about the fact that the government doesn’t consider physical education important for the youth.


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