To Moms, It’s never too late to lose weight



To Moms, It’s never too late to lose weight
by: Jeska Espiritu

I’m Jessica Espiritu a 26 yrs old married mother to a 2 year old baby girl. When I got pregnant a few years ago I gained a lot of weight, I used to be slim, but during my pregnancy period I gained a lot of weight reaching 156lbs (69KG), a common concern to most pregnant women. At this time I also developed asthma.


Prior to my pregnancy, I only weighted 125lbs (57kg) I’m 5’5” tall, and semi-active in sports such as badminton and running. The extra weight remained until i gave birth. I was very worried for the fact that I’m aware that diabetes runs in our family and gaining weight poses a higher risk of me acquiring the disease. I also became more conscious of the way I look, due to the extra weight I became less agile and have difficulty moving, I almost accepted this new norm, until I decided to do something about it.



I decided that I need to get rid of the extra weight I gained and try to bring back the “glorious” days. The first step I did was to start running again and play badminton. I researched for a guide towards balance and healthy calorie diet. I downloaded the Noom app to monitor my calorie intake. At first it was really very difficult for me to adjust and cut down my calorie from 2000 to 1,200 calories per day to achieve at least a pound reduction per week.


I also started joining fun runs. I started with 5KM but it wasn’t easy. At the beginning it was truly a challenge, considering I acquired asthma during pregnancy. It was only through sheer determination and my willingness to lose weight that kept me motivated to push forward, until the day I started to love running and started loosing weight. Gradually, I started to increase my running distance from 10KM, 21KM, 32KM and eventually I was able to complete a Full Marathon, sometimes even surprising myself to be able to finish as one of the top runners!


Since then I also started joining duathlons to give more variation to my activities. And now, I am already a member of running team called TRD (Team Run Direction) which motivates me more to continue my fitness journey. I also do other activities such as Zumba, boxing and sometimes weight lifting to serve as my cross training. Take note, I’m doing these activities without the aid of any training coach.


As a mom, here’s my unsolicited advise, give time for your self especially to your health. We all gain weight, but don’t look at it as a burden. You can lose the extra weight, just be serious about it. Dwell in sports, go running or something you love doing. Run with your husband, children and friends. Do not lose hope. Believe and trust in yourself. It will not just benefit you physically, mentally and emotionally, it can also be a good bonding experience with your family. – END

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