Financial Fitness Run 2014 – Results Discussion and Photos


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Congratulations to all the winners and finishers of the Financial Fitness Run 2014 in Bonifacio Global City! How was your run!? Thanks to everyone who dropped by the Pinoy Fitness Booth! Time to share your comments and feedback guys!

Remember, your comments are very important to the organizers, it will surely help improve the race next year. And if you loved the race, leave them a cheer!

Financial Fitness Run 2014
February 23, 2014
Bonifacio Global City

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Race Results:
Financial Fitness Run 2014 – Race Results (Pending)

Community Photos:
PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

PF @ Financial Fitness Run 2014

Photo Links:
Financial Fitness Run by Tara TriP Tayo – (SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3 | SET 4 | SET 5)
Financial Fitness Run by Team aRUNkada – (SET 1)
Financial Fitness Run by WE RUN FOR GOOD HEALTH – (SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3 | SET 4 | SET 5)

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  1. ok naman yung event. humble rating ko 8.5/10

    eto lang mga na-observe ko:

    a. on time gun start ng 21 K
    b. walang opening prayer at Lupang Hinirang sa 21K
    c. maganda yung route. nagkagulo lang nung sa ayala triangle – nag-salubong mga runners
    d. ok yung chocnut and saging
    e. naki bagay naman yung weather
    f. wala masyadong selfie runners
    g. saya at ingay ng team soleus
    h. ganda nun nagbibigay ng 21K trophy :)

    • tnx . we will note the letter b. i think c is normal because its a triangle so more likely tlg ang salubungan . the letter f , yeah , of course, with lots of photographers who would want to stop just to get a selfie. The letter h is good as planned because they are all models.

  2. may lootbag ba for 21k runner? anu laman? umuwi kse ako agad eh.. :) nice route kaya lng pag dating stop lights nabibitin ibang runners..

      • 20.71km nakaregister sa akin.. gaya ng sinasabi ng matatanda na sa run nag iiba talaga ang distance dahil sa mga turns.. kung 1km up siguro ang kulang medyo nakakataka na yun pero kung mga 500m down pwede pa din yun.

      • yung sa akin 20.66Km naka register, baka nga sa dami ng turns?… anyway andyan na yan challenge nalang sa atin kung pano ma break na naman itong bagong PR na to… happy running…

  3. Ran 21km. Comments:
    a) route distance appears to be correct (go to and type in: “Financial Fitness Route 21k”).
    b) 21k guntime promptly started. bananas and water at starting line. nearby parking areas available (but they charge by the hour unlike in some events they have arrangments with BGC parking to fix the rate especially since its a weekend)
    c) two portalets at the cor. of buendia and paseo. gas station CR available at the pasong tamo/buendia area. during the early part of the 21k course while it was still dark at BGC area lots of runners doing a pit stop at the darker corners of construction sites.
    d) hydration stations adequate. some had bananas, chocnut, iced tea (but this is a diuretic), sports drink in one station. The first hydration station (around 2.5km) was swamped and could not cope with replenishing cups and water fast enough for the arriving runners.
    e) lots of intersections to cross but marshals were on hand.
    f) chaotic at ayala triangle area where runners did not know if to stay left or right side and everybody was weaving left and right to avoid everybody else.
    g) good overcast weather until the awards ceremony.
    f) quick collection of trophy, t-shirt and loot bag (containing quaker oaties, nivea deo, c-lium fiber, poten-cee, calchews and some flyers). Didn’t use the baggage drop.
    g) no adequate discussion of sponsor CFA’s advocacy (e.g investor’s rights, etc.).
    h) ok after race program with soleus watches as some of the prizes.
    i) volunteer photographers along the route.

    Overall a no-nonsense event. 8 out of 10 rating.

  4. My apps,marathon timer registered 20.76. Pero, medyo nagstart na sya dun sa kanto after ng finish line.delayed dahil sa gps…pero konti lang un so exact pa rin ung distance nia.

    • sakin 20:39 sa start line pa ako ng start…hnd ko alam kung dahi sa miCoach ko or dahil kulang ung Distance..hehe anyway Good job Greentenial.

    • There are, if you’re one of those top 50’s – right after you cross the finish line may mag aabot sayo ng papel for you to claim the shirt. :)

  5. Good Job Greentennial!!!!
    This is the 3rd Time I join to the Event you’ve organized.
    Good Route…Good Hydration…food energy booster.

    I was able to finish my 2nd Half Marathon injury free and Very good PR.
    Konte na lang Sub-2 na … :D

  6. ayus yung run ayun nga lang kulang yung distance ng 1 km so i’m not considering this as my new pr. hopefully ma set ko pr ko sa ru1. kudos sa organizer. matagal nga lang distribution sa baggage area.

  7. 1. I use garmin and it registered 20.87, naligaw ako mga 200 meters so that is about 20.60. Para sakin tama lang yan because I run the tangents and it depends on how you run your lines and talagang mag re register na short dahil sa mga maraming palikoliko but if you plot it using google map half marathon distance talaga yan depende sa kung pano mo iplo-plot ang way points.

    Anyway In my garmin I finished at 147 my last km split is 4.44min/km kahit isang kilometro pa PR parin ako dahil ang best time ko is 1.55 I don’t think I will be running 8min for 1k not unless mapilay ako. :)

    2. Got no problems with the traffic lights, I shift to a higher gear if I am near one para sumabay sa mga nag cro cross.

    3. ang napansin ko lang, bakit po may ice tea? gatorade at malamig na tubig ay ok na, mapapaihi ka lang sa ice tea.

    • I always wonder! If Triathlon’s can give results almost instantaneously why can’t fun runs? To me utmost should be within 2-3hrs of race finish!

  8. wala din ung bib # ko, even my name’s not on the list, actually everytime na itemhound rfid ung gamit to check the time lagi na lang wala ako sa list haha anyway, i enjoyed the route even if it’s my nth time na tumakbo from bgc to kalayaan to buendia, it’s nice to have a change of route kahit pano, it’s also the first time i ran solo in an event. simple and organized, good job greentennial!

  9. Unreliable ang MyRuntime. Wala ako sa result, emailed several times pero no action from them. Ignored my request to update result. Organizers, do not use MyRuntime anymore.


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