Pinoy Fitness LSD Group Run @ BGC – May 12, 2013



Bago mag election, mag pulong pulong po tayo sa BGC sa May 12, 2013!

Join us in our Pinoy Fitness Group Run! Lets Run/Jog together to stay fit and get to meet some of the people around Pinoy Fitness!

Let’s RUN together! and Have FUN Together!

Pinoy Fitness LSD Group Run
May 12, 2013 @ 4:30AM
Track 30, BGC
10K and 20K


Limited to 100 Slots

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FUN RUN EVENT! Just a group of friends who wants to meet and run together :) Strictly, BRING YOUR OWN HYDRATION

NOTE: Everyone is requested to come in their PINOY FITNESS SHIRTS/SINGLETS (Will have Picture Taking after)

What is LSD?

Long slow distance is running at a moderate pace in which you can carry on a conversation and in which you aren’t panting for breath and don’t get side stitches (cramps) or a raw throat. Running LSD means that you’re running aerobically, that is, your body is getting sufficient oxygen. Running LSD means that you’re using moderation in your training and not pushing your body to extreme stress levels. Most of your training should be LSD if you want to run injury free. It’s during your LSD runs that your body develops endurance. – Running Injury Free

Pinoy Fitness LSD Run Meeting Place and Map:

Pace and Distance:
10K @ 6min/KM ~ 1:00
10K @ 7min/KM ~ 1:10
20K @ 7min/KM ~ 2:20
20K @ 8min/KM ~ 2:40

Gun Start:
20K: 4:30AM
10K: 5:30AM

Registration Fee:
– OPEN to ALL for FREE just bring some food, snacks and a Smile!
– Bring your own hydration/bottles! We’ll bring water, but bring your own just for sure.

Want to Join US!?

Registration Venue: (Fill In Form Below)

# Full Name:
1 Daniel Caampued
2 Rikki Suarez
3 Alwin Songco
4 juanita enebrad
5 Lent Joseph Evangelista
6 Maria Rianne Verzo
7 Gener Exconde
8 Elcid Pangilinan
9 leonilo lagasca II
10 gerda summerian l. cuestas
11 Red Ginger
12 jeff manalo
13 Florentino Agne
14 Erika Belle Blas
15 Jeramy y. Blas
16 youngsuk chae
17 Sammy Dela Cruz
18 Lalaine Cristy Isabel
19 melvin lopez
20 Gerard Estrada
21 Mylene Lopez
22 Arjay Flora
24 Louie Aspili
25 roderick leander serrano
26 Glenn Terania
27 john cargullo
28 Louie Aurelio Salapare
29 Lalaine Cristy Isabel A.Sibulan
30 Christopher Tan Uy
33 Mylene Lopez
34 Celeste Gavino
35 Allen JIm Gacad
36 Gerlie Dilla
37 Salve Latagan
38 rudy galutera
39 gemma esmaya
40 Maria Kristina Dionisio
41 Heherson Dionisio
44 Wilson R. Suba
46 Maynard Mateo Degollacion
48 Elmer Altuna
49 bryan malakas
50 Jerico
51 Mark William Rada
52 yani custodio
53 arlene resolme
54 Francis Tamon
55 Cesareo Angelo Banol
56 Dennis boy
57 William Blas L. Salcedo
58 Mark William Rada
59 Galvin De Borja
60 Nikko Brandon T. Salcedo
61 Michael Alison R. Alviar
62 Tina Colico
63 Adrian Maaliw
64 Galvin De Borja
65 Richard Loresca
66 gervacio e. lacre jr
67 Rionell G. Buencamino
68 James Theodore E. Salonga
70 Robert Fiesta Ramones
71 vicente zapanta jr
72 marijune gamat
73 Jonathan Ras
74 Van Harold Victorino
75 mharu pacana
76 Pil G.Cunanan
77 Ralph Gonzales Bauzon
78 jughead jobars
79 Jaina Mariella Ricafrente
80 norvie rubi cruz
81 Dindo E. Constantino
82 Norvie Rubi-Cruz
83 Lyjeunt Gonowon
84 Marinol Rubi-Cruz
85 Marinol Rubi-Cruz
86 Ida Vanessa Celso
87 Rolly V. De Castro
88 Jessie Adalia
89 Leonardo Andaya
90 francis velarga
91 Ramon M. Arriola Jr
92 Lawrence Serrano
93 Joshua Felix S. Tadena
94 Nikki de Dios
95 Marvin G. Dematera
96 Victor cruz
97 christalyn maramag
98 Geraldine Ferreras
99 iris bautista
100 emerlina Bautista
101 Ian gavina
102 Gemar Chico
103 Ma Rossini Chico
104 Mariz Anne Garcia
105 emily Nillusguin
106 Ronaldo Nillusguin
107 Ralph
108 Lloyd De Castro
109 allan penaflor
110 Jovy F. Faigao
111 Nerwin Talatala
112 gilbertito s. cruz
114 Raymond Alcantara
115 Michael A. Dela Cruz
116 Emilio C Telic
117 Jaina Mariella Ricafrente
118 Joryll Borbe
120 Ian Carlo Baculanta
121 Angelita D. Tuazon
122 rolando sucgang
123 Rumel C. Perez
124 Kiko Salinas
125 Nelson Eligeran
126 Ralph Julius Miclat
127 Jocelyn Eligiran
128 Jose Tuason
129 Rene Desuyo
130 Orson Quisay
131 Angela Mae Tacuban Abad
132 Alley Quisay
133 Rosswell espejo
134 Gerda Grace Galloniga
136 Gione Gene Galloniga
137 Ganevieve Dela Peña
138 Apple Amatorio Canaya
139 Dennis Torres
140 Maribel Mirto
141 Cleodelia Armendez
142 jennelyn garcia
143 Joel P. Cuare
144 rommel c. abellada
145 Rosemarie Dellova
146 john roderick samonte
147 Edward Cuarto
148 Paula Perez
149 hanz magat
152 Marijune Gamat
153 Anthony Vergara Andicoy
154 mignon d.ygnacio
155 Mariel Maquiling
156 Robert Novales
157 Nestor N.Nabor Jr.
158 Quintin J. Apolinario III
159 Flora May D. Apolinario
160 teresa c metzker
161 Maribel Mirto
162 Norman Carcellar
163 Rod
165 Maria Gracia Paguia
166 Maribel Mirto
167 Addy Magbanua
168 wendy solito
169 cielita fermin
170 Dan Menor
172 Keith B. Sabado
173 Jericho Balignasa
174 Beda R. Espineda
175 Emman Espineda
176 Emman Espineda
177 Jay Buergo
178 Laurence
179 Juan Miguel Miranda
180 mignon d.ygnacio
181 constantino s. dellova
182 Celso C. Callo
183 Teacher Meg
184 Julien Charles
185 Ronnel
186 Mary Ann B. Milana
187 Deniel Milana
188 Maria Crizzel B. Dugayo
189 Gerome Anivado
190 Ray Malupeng
191 Francis Joel Ortega Aragoza
192 Cris M. Pagoyo
193 Eric Jose E. Salip Ahmad
194 jojo tilaon
195 wildan rapanan
196 Cris M. Pagoyo
197 Harold Kimm Isaguirre
198 Michelle B. Pineda
199 Clark Castro
200 Michael E. Pacheco
201 Prancer Autor
202 Romeo Ello Jr.
203 franco m pedregosa
204 Ramon Florendo
205 Michael E. Pacheco
206 Jimley G. Gliponeo
207 Mary Ann G. Ogalesco
208 Ricky Mariano
209 Dell Carlo Mozo
210 Nestor A. Deoso
211 Marisga
213 wilma abugan
214 cesar
215 ryan conti
216 Michael Baylon
217 michelle jimenez

Note: We’ll email you guys for confirmation

For Instant Updates – Follow US!

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  1. Great event/concept! I wish we had more of these!
    Pass for now due to election responsibilities.
    Count me in for the next event!

  2. I also would like to join, kaso wala nako PF singlet or shirt, may umarbor.. may available pa ba? or can we join without PF shirt?

  3. hi. if coming from mrt ayala, are buses to bgc available at 4am? or i really have to ride a taxi? thanks.

  4. how about if no PF shirt, can we join also? or can we buy PF shirt on that day in the event? if there are selling PF shirt on the event we are willing to buy. thanks!! we want to join.

  5. ….we registered with my wife..and waiting for singlet,bibili kami sa Friday ng TShirt yong Running make me Sexy….pwede yon ano? Thanks….

  6. Aw sorry po.. hehehhe d kc nagbabasa awaiting mode lang sa email,,,but many thanks po nakita ko name ko sa list #43 pala ako,, hay makakatakbo din pala dito hehhehehe many thanks :P

  7. Thank you Pinoy and my wife will be joining this tomorrow. Were number 158 and 159 on the list…muntik pa nga di kami nakatakbo bukas dahil sa urgent call from a relative. Thanks naman it did not push trough……see you all tomorrow….

  8. mr pf, can i still join tom’s lsd, i was out d whole week now lng open email…pls po para mapalitan nman yun UP lsd pics ko..

  9. Sir ( pinoyfitness ) rain or shine tuloy po ba ang LSD tomorrow, were came from calamba laguna and we leave in our home @ 3:00 a.m, thanks!

  10. Thank you very much! Met some new friends! I forgot her name but we were the 1st 2 to arrive at the assembly area(I’m also lost she led me to where track 30 is), thank u much to u, thumbs up!!!! More to come and God bless!

  11. It was a great run….organized pa ang takbo,20k were split into 4 groups ba? And the 10k only 1 group…and it was a very good experienced. Thanks Mr Pinoy Fitness…more programs like this…..

  12. Tsk.. we got sick when we run @ Color Manila, last Sat(5/11/13).. tsk tsk tsk
    dapat di nako tumakbo dun, di tuloy naka takbo sa LSD.. Hayz….

  13. Running is great for overall well-being. I was actively searching for advices to improve my runs and found Their articles on the proper nutrition helped me to find perfect engine for my runs! I feel strong, full of energy, and ready to achieve whatever goal I have set.


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