Protein in Common Foods



Looking for the perfect protein rich food to help your muscle recovery and repair after a strenuous workout? Checkout our simple guide above to help you decide what to eat!

What’s your personal favorite protein fix!? Share them below!

Note: Values are based on estimations only. For a more comprehensive list -> Click here

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  1. Yes, Jericho. There are protein shakes and all other varieties.
    This article though needs to contextualize why it presents these data, because as it is, they are useless unless you are a nutritionist. Other information like general diet plan, physiology, and others to give a better picture of the dynamics protein plays in an athlete’s or everyman’s life would be immensely beneficial. These things determine one’s protein requirements. You can’t just post figures in thin air and call it a day.

  2. yung Noel lang tumama sa lahat! kahit yung website hindi alam pano mag promote ng Good Nutrition…. walang rayuma sa beans if proper ang preparation…


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