KU IKAIKA Marathon 2013 @ La Union – February 23, 2013


La Union Ku Ikaika Marathon 2013 will bring more challenges, fun and lot of prizes and surprises. Start and Finish will be at the Beach Front. Similar to the first edition, Ku Ikaika meaning “stand strong” dares all participants in 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K & 42K categories to defy the theme “only the strongest will endure”. Register now!

February 23, 2013
San Juan, San Fernando, San Gabriel La Union

Registration Fee:
42K – Php 850
21K – Php 750
10K – Php 600
5K – Php 500*
3K – Php 450*

*La Union residents will get Php 100 discount for 3K and 5K categories only)
– All registered runners will have a singlet, race bib, finisher’s certificate and finisher’s medal for 21K / 42KK

Registration Form:
[download id=”769″]


Registration Venues: (NOVEMBER 15, 2012 – FEBRUARY 15, 2013)
– KUBO, San Fernando City Hall
– Baguio City: Outdoor Kinetix &
RenderFarm / Philipp – 0922-260-4201
– JCI San Fernando Saluyot Bank Account
Nikki – 0917 500 0272
– A Runner’s Circle, Manila

La Union Ku Ikaika Marathon 2013 – Singlet Design:


La Union Ku Ikaika Marathon 2013 – Medal Design:


La Union Ku Ikaika Marathon 2013 – Race Map:

FINAL ROUTE - LU-marathon-2013

Contact Details:
Philip Aquino Pacle – 0922 260 4201 (sun)
Myra Claire Palmones – 0999 994 2124 (smart)
Cyndi Espinosa – 0917 244 4552 (globe)

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  1. Anybody with info regarding race route pls. kahit yung 1st edition race route. Di ko na makita kc sa irunners fb account. thanks

  2. and yung race results nung 1st edition, pahingi naman ng link… ang nakita ko lang dati yung results ng top finishers… pano naman yung may gusto makita yung PR nila para at least may goal para mabeat man lang kung sasali ulit… thanks… sana may link na ipost dito para sa race results nung 1st edition…

  3. Good morning runners! first, we would like to inform everyone that the 2nd edition of ku ikaika is no longer under the previous organizer, second, with regards to the race result of the 1st edition, you can ask this to the present or current organizer (Renderfarmsports or Mr. Philip Pacle) because they are the one who handled the race timing of the maiden event.
    Thank you!

  4. i joined the the 1st edition of this race. mapapagod ka kakabalik sa pag-claim ng racekit then finisher singlet di nasunod design. race result wala lumabas…late ang start ng race…medyo malaki expense ko sa pamasahe at hotel accommodation kc im from manila. charge to experience nalang mga shortcomings… nag-enjoy nalang ako sa magandang environment at mababait na marshall na taga La Union.

  5. finisher’s shirt for 21/42 will surely boost up the marketing strategy for this run. just an insight though. and be sure its clearly printed there the category finished as “21k finisher” and “42k finisher”.

    also, shuttle service is a VERY BIG PLUS!

  6. Here’s the score from last year:
    – The shuttle going to the venue arrived late.
    – The race started too late, it was so hot by 8AM. You could prepare for this via heat training.
    – The water stations were far apart, not your usual RunRio marathon. Great for getting used to longer races where aid stations are much farther apart.
    – The course was actually 45km, great if you wanna test your limits, more bang for your buck, but it will drive you mad especially in the heat.
    – The organizers ran out of medals last year, had to do meetups in Manila after.
    – The singlet is generic, no mention of 21/42km finisher.
    – No list of results. You could’ve easily cheated and no one would know.
    – Organizers would just apologize.

    Hoping the current organizers would learn from 2012’s shortcomings. It’s expensive and time-consuming and not worth it for all these, so hoping next year would be different.

  7. Kat, there are some things that need to be clarified for fairness sake:

    1) The shuttle did not arrive late, runners arrive at La Union @ exactly 3PM enough for the runners to rest at-least 8hours before the event,

    2) the race started late for a reason, one it’s too dark in the route, two, because of heavy downpour for almost a week before the event, it’s slippery and highly dangerous to runners, and three the singlet for the event arrive very late (4:30 AM) due to the trouble brought about by the supplier who tried to fool the organizers – and we can’t afford to let the runner go without those singlets.

    3) water stations are situated 800meter to 1Kilometer apart, contrary to the standard that is 1.5K

    4) the course is 45K and no excuse for that

    5) the medals run out of stock due to the late request of the organizer to open the registration even after the medals have been ordered. And yes mam you are right, we made our best to give the medals to the deserving runners even beyond the race and financial capacity to do so – delivering it to them personally from Vigan Ilocos Sur to the farthest places in Manila.

    6) the singlet is Yes generic simply because this event is not well funded compared with BIG events in manila. And for the information of everybody, the event was conceptualized, planned and done in exactly 1month and 28 days only not to boast this info but to let the people know that we did our best against the time, limited fund and the ‘other factor’ that need not be mentioned here.

    7) The result of the top winners were posted and it’s not right to say that somebody can cheat the result of the race. By the way, you can try to get the race result to the current organizer they are the one who supervise and in-charge of the race timing.

    Bottom line lessons have been learned, apologies have been asked for and even begged for, and the good thing is the realization that real runners really have a ‘big’ heart to forgive and forget. The truth is majority of participant of the event have move – on, and even gave us another chance – proof of this is the huge number of runners registering for the LUUM – 2 SuperMarathon which is organized by the same organizer of past ku ikaika.

    I pray that all of us can learn to forgive if we simply cannot forget, Let’s support Ku Ikaika and support the tourism of La Union and the people behind this great endeavor, let’s give people chance to improve and change for the better, that’s the essence of Christianity and that’s the only way to live happier and longer.

    Agyaman-ak apo (Thank you) and keep on running!

  8. in fairness, Irunners were very accommodating and have been very helpful to the runners during the first edition. My hubby and I were the first ones who registered for the race and for the service bus going to the venue from Manila. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized 3 days before the race hence we were not able to run. If there have been lapses during the race itself, believed that irunners group deserve to be given a chance and correct the mistakes. Their after-event service to the runners is worthy to mention (delivering medals to those who were not able to get theirs in La Union).

  9. will definitely join on your 3rd edtion. my hubby is planning to run the LUUM, hence pass muna for the Ku ikaika which i prefer. Sana may space na few months ang dalawang runs, long distance runners tuloy need mamili and will choose LUUM over Ikaika.

  10. 1. I agree regarding the issue on cheating. My cousins and I ran 10K and marami kaming nakasabay na umikot sa turning point ng 10K na mga 21K runners. When we crossed the finish line, no questions asked and the medals were given to them. When we tried to call the attention of the people at the finish line regarding that matter, hindi nila kami pinansin.
    2. It was one of the events I have participated in na hindi talaga organized.

    Sana this time, maganda na ang event since it is it’s second year and it is expected that they have learned from their mistakes from the 1st Ku Ikaika. I am from La Union and I definitely support all endeavors that would help the tourism industry and I hope that those organizing this event be more committed to the same goal.

  11. mmmm… read all the comments here & it looks like it’s not a well organize race last year. well let’s hope for a better Race Director this year. ok I need help, I want more info about the race, where to register, map & elevation of the marathon course. start time & where..I am interested in doing the marathon. & yes why 45k? that’s not a marathon, 45k is mini ultra. can the Race Director fix this? Thanks.

  12. Mam tryx and onlineexorcise, first of all ku ikaika is under the leadership now of Renderfarmsports and no longer iRunners. Despite, we still support ku ikaika and its Organizers (JCI and Renderfarmsports) because first, iRunners was the one who created its name or borrowed it from a Polynesian surfing event and this event gave us so many opportunities and lessons in organizing, parte na ng buhay namin sa iRunners ang kuikaika,
    2nd it is an event that promotes tourism of La Union and that is our very mission, and finally, no matter what happened it’s still the same sports that we love and no matter who organize it kami man o sila, o sinuman, we should go beyond our personal interest and focus on the beauty and purpose of the event.
    Goodluck to Ku Ikaika and it’s Organizers, let’s work together and leave our differences for the sake of Tourism and people of La Union. Runners, friends Please support the event, The man behind JCI is a good man and brilliant Organizer and Sir Philip is a passionate runner and Organizer as well – the two combined expect nothing but success!

  13. @irunners, wasn’t asking about who’s who, was just asking for the route map and information on hotels near the area. will you be posting them? if yes, when? if not, just say so, so we could make arrangements. thanks.

  14. I wonder why there is no website for this race “Ku Ikaika marathon” it would make life more easier. online registration especially!

  15. the number of participants pale in comparison of last year’s run. 42k runners parang wala pang 20. 21k runners I doubt if it reached 40. Bakit hindi kasi naglagay ng fan page for people to get in touch with the organizers about details. Ako mismo texted two of the numbers written above to ask for certain details but got no reply from them. Tapos yung race route sobrang dilim.


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