Skate to the Promise Land: Boardsports in the Philippines


It was really sad that I was unable to join this Skate event in Subic, but based on the storied I heard and the photos i’ve seen it was really one fun filled event! Congratulations to the winners of Skate to the Promise Land:

Skateboarding competition winners:
Game of Skate Class A – Kenneth Evanglista
Game of Skate Class B – John Mark Marco
Highest Ollie – Enoy Hernandez
Best trick rail – Enoy Hernandez
Best trick Funbox – Kenneth Evangelista

Downhill Competition winners:
Champion – Luis De Luna
1st Runner up – Pantoy Grupo Nopo
2nd Runner up – Nonong Dequina
3rd Runner up – Manu Codinera

Class A
Champion – Gerard Cancio
1st Runner up – Jay Mitra
2nd Runner up – Joseph “Epos” Falcone
3rd Runner up – Kiko Meily

Class B
Champion – Joaquin Romero
1st Runner up – Paul Luap
2nd Runner up – Aries Quicho
3rd Runner up – Mico Montifar


Check out the official press release!

Skate to the Promise Land: Promoting Boardsports in the Philippines

Outdoor Action Sports specifically Boardsports is currently one of the most popular sports in the Philippines and the rest of the world. In fact, most of the Filipino enthusiast have already competed internationally and successfully won some of the participated events. This motion celebration is also known as one of the most environment– friendly sporting activities and also a very effective means of promoting ecosport-tourism of localities.

My Life on Board, rated as the # 1 boardsports web media site in the Philippines, in collaboration with BBX Productions and CrossRoads Concepts Productions together with its major sponsors, Aloha Boardsports, Aerial7, Gopro and Rockstar Energy Drink and other sponsors helped organized an event to promote boardsports in Philippines. The competition have attracted outdoor action sports enthusiast from nearby towns and all over the country, as well as foreign enthusiasts and foreign tourist who witnessed the scene happening.

With action sports like Skateboarding competition and Downhill Longboarding race, these lined up events that will happen in two days will surely showcase all beauty and aroma in the eyes of enthusiast, participants and tourist in the scene that will create an impression of how Philippines is a well worth country to be visited. This event is to be considered as to be well branded as the best action sports transpire in the country.

With this season’s particular focus on the tourism glam campaign “More Fun in the Philippines”, this is sure to flourish the latest masterpieces of talent in the name of extreme sports, arts and music in first-class form in promoting our country and region.

Slated to be one of the most high profile and important action tourism event in the country for this season, the Skate to the Promise Land is an event that will catapult the boardsports industry in the Philippines with the help of major brands in the industry like Sector-9, distributed by Aloha Boardsports who presented the event and Aerial7, a top audio product distributed by Eleksis Marketing Corp, helped to make the event possible.

My Life on Board has been in the business of serving the boardsports community, promoting the boardsport scene in the Philippines and overseas. “ We are passionate and dedicated in promoting boardsports in the Philippines. We are committed and true to our passion in spreading stoke and inspiring others to engage in boardsports” said Mr. Michael Eijansantos, Managing Director and EIC of “We want to highlight the boardsports athletes in our country, giving them the chance to be recognized in their field of expertise, making them known and be credited about their talents spreading stoke of boardsports all over the world”.

The boardsports industry is picking up its phase as one of the fastest growing individual sports in the Philippines. We are expecting that the population of boardsports enthusiast and athletes will be tripled as My life on Board continues to promote the sport that connecting everyone, living their life on board.
For more updates about the boardsports scene in the Philippines and overseas, visit Like us on Facebook,, follow us on twitter, @mylifeonboard.

Photos by Jun Navarro
Words by Michael Eijansantos


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