Soleus GPS 1.0 now in the Philippines for P6,150

Soleus GPS 1.0 SG001-351 -  Black & Volt Php 6150

I few months ago I wrote about the Soleus GPS 1.0 being scheduled to be released on October 2011, I was expecting this to be released in the US only, but I guess I was mistaken.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the official launch of the Soleus GPS 1.0 product launch last November 28. I learned a couple of things about the company, that (1) Soleus is a sister company of Nike, (2) Soleus is a company focused on creating sports watches for runners, (3) Soleus loves color, (4) and GPS 1.0 is just the beginning, 2.0 and 3.0 is already being planned.

SOLEUS GPS 1.0 Sports Watch Specs:


Personally, at P6,150 the Soleus GPS 1.0 Sports Watch is a great find, the version 1.0 still does not have a data interface to download to your computer yet, but for a runner who just needs to know your distance, pace and time to help you in a race or training, this sports watch will do very well. Not to mention this watch is pretty stylish (similar to my Garmin 410) that you can practically wear it casually as a watch.


The event was attended by some of the top people in running and fitness, I was able to finally meet Coach Rio, Edward Kho and Jinoe of, Coach Thumbie was also there as well as some other bloggers like Jazzrunner, Barefootdaves, RunNurse, Amanda, RunningAtom and littleRunningTeacher.

soleus gps 1.0 raffle winners

One of the highlight of the event was the raffle! 5 Soleus GPS 1.0 Watches was at stake! I was never really a lucky person at raffles but congratulations to the winners!

Soleus Gps 1.0 in Manila

Soleus GPS 1.0 Sports Watch now available at L Timestudio, Timegear and Wristpod boutiques for SRP P6,150! Let me know what you think!


  1. Hi there. Been looking for a watch with GPS for sometime. With the Soleous GPS 1.0, how does it compute the calories burn? Is it with a heart rate monitor strap?

    THank you,

  2. the Soleus GPS 1.0 does not support pairing with a heart rate strap. it approximates the calories burned based on your weight, age, and run data.
    i’ve had this watch for almost 2 weeks now and i’m loving it.
    1. faster GPS signal acquisition than garmin (imho)
    2. GPS can be turned off manually, battery life lasts longer
    3. while on RUN mode, you can toggle 3 view modes for a combination of current time/run time/current pace/current speed/total distance
    4. it’s cheap considering it’s features

    1. while on RUN mode, it takes a little bit getting used to the size of the data shown. it’s significantly smaller than that of the Garmin’s but it’s still legible
    2. if you’re not careful, it’s easy to erase all the saved run data “accidentally”

    all in all, i’d recommend buying this watch 100%

  3. To those who might upgrade their own
    To anyone who will have extra wrist gadget that will initially measures my distance run, and other features…

    I’m new in running & I wish to try one for me,
    But i don’t want to spend to item with so many features yet, para mas cheaper din kasi ipunin ko lang sa allowance ko.


  4. 10% discount is offered in all our retails stores, and will be offered all the time. So the net price is PhP5,535.00.

    You can visit Timestudio at most SM Malls, TimeGear at SM Mall of Asia, and Trinoma, and Wristpod Bonifacio High Street.

  5. Hmm..I passed by Time studio SM MOA & syempre di ko naman natest, ..I will hang around muna till the TIMEX Run Trainer arrives here in the Phil. Im a Timex User now & familiar with its screen. That one has a version with a GPS & a version with GPS + HRM. But of course, costlier yung Run Trainer.

  6. This is the best running watch with affordable price. I bought one and I tried it in my 10K run in Singkwentakbo in Clark it’s easy to use and very comfy. This is a great Christmas gift for us runners.

  7. hahaha… lagot ka garmin! may katapat ka na ngayun. its almost 50% less compare to garmin.buti na lang di pa ko bumili ng garmin :).the advantage of soleus is it is not a touch bezel which is sensitive and have a common problem for models 405,410 etc…

  8. ok na sana, bibili na sana ako. kaya lang bukod sa parang tinatamad magbenta yung mga staff sa L timestudio sa sm north, nung pinade-demo ko halatang nanghuhula lang. nagtulung-tulungan silang lahat na parang mga ‘blind leading the blind’. di ako tech-savvy and the least that the sellers can do for us buyers before we shell out good money for a luxury such as this, is for them to be well-versed about the product. tapos di pa sinabi agad na may 10% discount. kainis.

  9. Staffs of L time studio is not yet familiar with this gadget. When i bought one it just arrived a day before in their shop(SM Clark) One good thing is that they allow me to check and make kalikot.

    Once you read the manual it is very easy to use.

  10. guys, ok kya bumili na ko wag ko na antayin ung 2.0 and 3.0? puro great reviews naman,,, cant wait na din to hv this…

  11. ^ baka kasi yun next version meron na siya way to upload sa site nila or may hrm pero baka mas mahal naman. :)

    Kung gusto mo na talaga yan at may pera can then go for it. Ako gusto ko siya kaso wala ako budget so wala ako choice haha


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