I’m addicted to Crossfit Training at CrossfitMNL!


I am training with CrossfitMNL for almost a month now, and now i feel stronger, faster and better! And I’m totally addicted to it!


Before i go any further, let me go back 1 month ago before I decided to join the club. Honestly when I tried the free trial last May, i was totally intimidated, i almost fainted, my arms felt like spaghetti and my entire body aching when the 15min workout was over, not only that, I had sore leg, arms, back, abdominal muscles for almost a week! The confidence I had when I first entered the gym went *kaput*! And at that time, i decided to stick to running and a weight lifting at the gym.


That is until I was able to chat once again with Miggy (the founder of CrossfitMNL), he told me to challenge myself, that Crossfit can help me improve, not only in running but for my overall body fitness. It took me several weeks to break my initial thought of intimidation and to finally break out of my comfort zone, and decided to show up my first official crossfitMNL training, and its now 1 month to date.


Here’s a snapshot of the Workout of the Day (WOD), another thing about Crossfit is that everyday is a new challenge, you’ll never know about the workout until you finally show up, it’s part of the mental challenge of the training. For this workout, you have to do (4) different exercises per round, do as many rounds as you can in 20 mins! I was only able to finish 3 rounds when the timer finally rang! *Thank You!*


While doing the workouts, I wore my Garmin Forerunner 410 and strapped on my Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to have a look of what’s going on inside of me. In less than 3 minutes I have reached my Max HR, and the graph shows how the workout is, short but high intensity training, take note, the drops are when I really can’t do any more repetitions and I have to take a short break while being shouted at to do more by Karen (one of the CrossfitMNL trainers) *smiles*


As I attend more sessions, I also started to meet regular Crossfitters, as we work out as a group with trainers that made sure you push to your limits, training sessions transformed from torture to being fun and challenging at the same time, I also noticed that my muscle recovery has improved significantly, muscle pain is not as bad as the first time I tried the workout.


After almost 2 weeks and 5 sessions, I was able to try out all my hard work in running a 10k at the recently concluded Yamaha Run 2011, I started at my normal pace, but at half way point I was quite amazed That i was still able to push myself, I ended my run with a new PR of 1:06 with a negative split! *Cool*

So is Crossfit for everyone? Probably, it’s a workout where you will to be pushed to your limits, work together as a team, be mentally prepared and continuously exceed expectations, you might cry in pain, hang your tongue out like a dog to grasp for air, but what I know is, after a month, I’m totally hooked and you might like it too! Wanna find out!? Try it out!

Sign up here for a trial! And maybe I’ll see you at the CrossfitMNL gym!

Visit their website @ https://www.crossfitmnl.com/
Or call them @ 0917-5331787


  1. awesome personal review of your CrossFit experience, Mr. PF! congrats again for the amazing PR result as per your Yamaha Run which we and the other PF peeps were able to share with you.

    in fact, i owe CrossFit a free trial which i signed up for June 25th but didnt make it due to Typhoon Falcon. hopefully this time around, ill show up! ;)

  2. wow, i miss going to gym, i don’t know if i can still lift a 100lb barbell on a bench press & on a shoulder press…missing a lot…i loss weight in running…last quarter of this year hope i could go back in the gym…

  3. yep, agree with @gumihorunner, malakas magpapayat running, but it also takes some muscle mass off.
    i still go to gym at lest 2-3 times but the weights were almost half of what i used to lift…although i try to maintain for shoulders and legs

  4. @pinoyfitness
    just a question, since naexperience mo na to…
    ok na ba yung 6 sessions a month nila (bale 1-2x a week) as a substitute to the good ol’ 3x a week “conventional program” weightlifting?

    mejo pricey kasi cya so kung enrol ako dun sa 6/month session, i might drop the conventional gym and stick to running :)

    at malapit din kasi sa office kaya pwede before or after work


  5. @RedCapGuy: for me ok sya, since most of the routines are total body workouts and may concentration lang minsan on a major body part. Then you can still do your running for the rest of the week.

    try it muna for a month or 2 then if you think it’s for you then you can decide to drop your conventional gym for this.

  6. how come the best gyms and unique workouts are not situated near me?? kidding aside their name is crossfitmnl which i think the abbreviation stands for Manila but their locations are not even anywhere near Manila?? Libis and Taguig?? wow i do hope this guys can situate a nearer place in Manila, most of the good workout places i hardly wanna try are on Paranaque and Makati.. huhuhu..

  7. I think it is so pricey. I don’t get it. regular gym can cost more in the operation side. Hope another establishment can open up at a more affordable rate. Crossfit is a good workout/lifestyle but now in the Phil, it is more of a fad.

  8. hello, im heading to manila in 1 week & look fwd to trying out the classes. I agree cross fit is so expensive compared to normal gyms. Does anyone know why? Im also interested in buying a garmin. Can any one suggest any good places to buy one from? Im also really interested in any paleo recipes you guys wanna share!!!


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