Jaymie Pizarro embraces the Samsung Galaxy Tab ‘3G’

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Jaymie Pizarro one of the leading local sports icon has embraced the Samsung Galaxy Tab! Read and learn how this new gadget has enriched her life in sports as well as a mom.

Samsung has also released a WiFi Only version of the Galaxy Tab 7″ – Check out the details here

Jaymie Pizarro embraced Samsung Galaxy Tab – Press Release

Jaymie Pizarro
Part-time runner, full-time mom
Editor and publisher, The Bull Runner Website / Magazine


I’m a gadget freak. Most of the time I need my watch, my footpad, and my music player. Wi-Fi is a must whether in the car or at home. I need to do a lot of things but I do not want to take time off the kids. Much as I am very active with my online life, I also want to enrich my ‘real’ life with family and friends.

If you have ever joined some of the most popular running events like the adidas King of the Road, Condura, or even the ING New York Marathon, then you’ve probably shared the road with Jaymie Pizarro.

The lady also known as The Bull Runner started running in December 2006, when she decided to drop the treadmill and increase her pace. The new found hobby soon brought her into the QC International Marathon 2009, Singapore Marathon 2010, Condura 2010, HK 2010, and her dream marathon, New York 2010. “In the long run, my goal is to run the best marathons the world has to offer–Paris, Big Sur, and Tokyo–and eventually jump into the world of ultra-marathons or triathlons.”

Tab technology plays an important part of Jaymie’s life as a wife, mom of two kids, running extraordinaire, and baby sign language instructor. “It gives me more time to spend with family. It’s not like I live for my gadget but it makes me better, more efficient in juggling business, passion, and family. By managing time effectively, with the help of the right gadget, one can elevate what we hold so dear – our lives.”

Being a sports icon does not mean that Jaymie limits herself to just running and swimming. “I’m one of the few lucky ones who have managed to make a living out of my passions,” she says. In 2007, she started chronicling her races, ideas, and dreams in a blog we all know as the www.thebullrunner.com.

The online entity snowballed—later she launched a Bull Runner magazine, where she functions as the creative director, writer, editor, and publisher. A Galaxy Tab’s PDF reader proved useful to Jaymie for presentation of previous magazine issues to possible advertisers.

Along with running shoes, clothes and other gear, she used to carry a laptop for browsing and a mobile phone to make calls. “I am a very thrifty person. The reason I bring my laptop for browsing is because of the skyrocketing data charges back when I used my phone for the same purpose.” Now, she has taken a next step to mobility with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which she takes with her meetings to training sessions in between.

And speaking of meetings, The Bull Runner was finally able to drop being a paper and pen person thanks to the Galaxy Tab. “It syncs with the Google Calendar, where my TRB Race Calendar is kept, so, I get to see the races for the weekends along with my personal calendar.”

Jaymie uses CardioTrainer to schedule various workouts, which, according to her “can get crazy” as she sometimes trains twice a day. As expected, The Bull Runner is very picky with her gear, from watches to running shoes. The Galaxy Tab has very well replaced her old music player and she jokes about “taking the tab even at the ladies room” for non-stop music.

“I’m also a mom so Expense Manager helps me a lot,” adds Jaymie. The app is a manager of income, expenses by week, month, and year by categories. With it, she schedules payments and makes use of payment alerts to make sure nothing is overlooked.

From the looks of it, moms can also find some very interesting applications for themselves and their kids. The Bull Runner also spends time in the kitchen to do some “typically-mommy” tasks, “I download recipes from SparkRecipes.com for healthy baked treats for myself and friends, cupcakes and cheesecake for my 6 year-old who wants to become a “chef-artist” when she grows up.”

As the first certified baby sign language instructor in the Philippines, she wishes to use the tab as a teaching tool. Baby sign language is a way for infants to communicate needs, wants, and thoughts before speech, which makes it a three-dimensional thing.

Many of the references we have would come from publications, mostly showing, illustrations or photos of signs. The more traditional way of teaching it is via constant repetition, the more creative way is via tab. Using it with easily accessible video references require less repetition on the side of the teacher.

“I’ve been using Tweet Deck a lot since I got the tab. Everyday, I get convinced that it truly is a great tool for mobility.”

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