Condura Marathon 2011 – Race Results Discussion and Photos

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Congratulations to those you participated and finished this years’ Condura Skyway Marathon 2011. It was a very challenging course indeed, but I had fun myself running the 16K route! Race Results and Photos will be posted here once the organizers released them.

Download Official Race Results Here:
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Condura Skyway Marathon 2011 Photos:
Some Photos from Pinoy Fitness Fan Page
Official Photos from Marathon-Photos – Click Here

For now please feel free to share your feedback and comments about this event here:

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Source: Condura Skyway Marathon

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  1. no regrets for joining the run. Great route tnx runrio team and congrats to the condura run organizer. Unlimited selecta ice cream. To those criticize this event with out participating on it first . . . Ingit lang kayo. Pagipunan nyo kasi.

  2. Maganda yung race…well-organized…woohoo, basta RUNRIO, panalo!
    Isa alang ang medyo off dun sa event…yung plastic bag na ginamit as loot bag…hindi bagay sa theme.

  3. I agree it was also the best organized race I joined. It was good since it was my first 21k run. I enjoyed it although my legs were already heavy at the 16k mark. I just willed myself to climb the kalayaan flyover without walking he he

  4. best race so far this 2011.. my 1st 21km, very well organized, good job runrio for helping condura organize this race, looking forward to unilab run united 1! i have to agree off lang yung loot bag, but its all good, i have to agree with johnny, those who criticize this event well better join na lang next year, mahal sya pero running the skyway is a great experience!

  5. I agree. Unilab na lang ako, sing-ok pero di sing mahal. Madaling sabihin maganda yung Condura run kasi para ma-justify na sulit ang ibinayad. Pagbaba ko ng skyway, spotlight na nakakairita ang tumambad sa akin. Tapos yung SKYWAY, ordinaryo din lang po. Tapos bayad ako sa credit card ko ng P1,500 para sa 21 K, ang sama…..

  6. I joined the 5K run.. Yes, it’s quite expensive than my previous run.. But I have have no regrets.. this Condura run was my best so far.. It’s the most organized run I had joined, too far from the EcoRun last Dec.I liked the medal too but I also have to agree that the plastic loot bag is a turned off.. But other than that I still wanna congratulate the organizers…

  7. sana di plastic bag yung lalagyan ng freebies.may we request sana yung spot light di exactong harap sa runners. masakit po sa mata. all in all, better than other race i joined in. i hope to receive my medal at april.

  8. It is by far the best organized run. Lahat sakto. And the skyway is the kindest track to any runner. Ang hindi ko lang matanggap ay kung bakit 610,000 lang ang ibibigay sa dolphin protection and research samantalang over 10MM ang na raise from race fees. Negosyo na lang ba ito? Ok lang kumita pero para ipagmalaki na its for a cause then 6% lang naman pala ibibigay, that’s plain and simple highway robbery.

  9. The race is okay.. not that good not that bad either… although I only opted to run 5k than my usual 10k or 16k kasi masyado ng expensive to think that only 50 pesos will go for the benefit of the dolphins…

    I agree with the comments on using plastic loot bags… the theme is somewhat related to saving our nature and yet they’ve used thousands of plastic bags… Makes me think of the integrity of the event’s cause… If the organizers are really concerned with the dolphins they would’ve realized that plastic products kill dolphins! Marami ng news ang lumabas about dolphins dying because of plastics…

    Also, although it’s not really of a big deal, I was expecting that at least a water station will be available before the start of the race but to no avail considering that this is a big race… small race events like Kick the Habit and Pink run were able to provide this… Pre-run hydration is important as well…

  10. YEah i agree dapat chip time ang basis kasi may interval na 2 minutes eh…btw, it was a well-organized run,tnx to Runrio and Condura.I was able to beat my old PR of 1:27, now it is 1:26….chip time is 1:24..Deus Omnes Gloria!

  11. Excellent race route, every km run runners were informed. Dapat ganun naka dagdag motivation. Ang saya saya ng run na ito. Those who did not join this event, you missed half of your life… hehehe

  12. On the overall, mga B+ lang sa akin itong race na to compared to other races na nasalihan ko like the Century Tuna, Run Unitd, Cebu Marathon. Cebu Marathon was really an international level race mga A- ang rating.

  13. it was a good run from start to finish! disappointed lang ako sa loot bag, it seems that the organizer lacks awareness of the cause. PLASTIC BAGS kills dolphins and other marine animals, geez it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that.

    sana next year palitan ng condura yung organizer nila, one that has enough sensibility

  14. love it, my first half-mary!

    i was at the halfway point when i saw Team Logan pass by. sino ba ko para magreklamo sa sakit ng paa ko when the guy is doing the full marathon with his kid?

    isa silang inspirasyon sa mga begginer runners like me. love for family or pure adrenalin rush man yan, ano mang reason natin for running, we are united in our love for the sport. :)

  15. At first, akala ko ang nakakainis ay yung mga runners na bigla na lang mag cut or yung biglang titigil sa harap mo, pero mas may worst pa pala– There was this guy (whose bib number is 30045)na pagkatapos nya uminom (water station skyway loop,10k) inhagis nya yung cup nya na may laman pa sa ibabaw ng table,e ang dami pang cups doon na may laman. Kawawa naman yung mga kasunod na iinom dun tsk tsk.. I know dahil natalsikan ako nung tubig na tumapon sa table! Ang baboy mo, dude!

    But the run was a blast! hehe, thank you condura. Next year ulit.

  16. the run was good but could have been better, kung hindi lang makalat ung mga runners after nila uminom sa mga cups kasi most of the runners are just throwing it everywhere… and yung d-tag ko for some reason eh hindi nag-register, maayos naman pagkalagay ko sayang ang 5K result ko…

  17. nice 5k run..bagong my fire works display pa..sana yung pinambili ng fireworks sinama nalang sa ibibigay sa mga dolphins..\m/..congrats sa organizers!

  18. thanks condura!!! it was a great event…

    one thing though…this is supposed to be a run for the dolphins. according to the organizers, there were about 13,000 runners who participated. so that would mean 13,000 bags of give aways…

    imagine the 13,000 plastic bags now out there…of course responsibility ng runner how to dispose it pero syempre plastic pa rin yun.

    kung nagkataong nasa muntinlupa tayo, tiyak huli tayo that day…bawal na ang plastic dun c”,)

    just a piece of my thought regarding the event. i hope someday organizers will be consistent.

  19. im proud that im part of this great event! rewarding na natapos ko ang first 21km run ko at the same time helping the dolphins! im looking at the bright side that i’ll be joining the next condura run!

    organized ang lahat.may enough water stations, portalets, well-informed ang mga participants at ok ang mga organizers..

    congrats sating lahat!

  20. nakakagulat na plastic ang mga lootbags, kala ko ba for the dolphins??? tapos magkano lang mapupunta sa kanila??? nakaka-frustrate lang kasi parang di naman sincere yung organizer, kawawang mga dolphins, at least half manl ang sana ng total generated fees, i know na may overhead but i don’t think it would be large enough para makuha ang buong fund halos, tapos i-dedeliver na lang ang shirt and medal, sana hindi na lang siningil yun – i doubt na ma-deliver pa yun.

  21. @tron…. i agree there are some inconsiderate runners…this is a COMMUNAL SPORT whether they admit it or not…if they cannot deal with that fact, tumakbo na lang sila sa treadmill… hmmmm…that cup throwing incident…parang nakita ko rin iyon ah…

  22. good race. organized naman. it was my first run and hassle free so good work

    what i didn’t like is the fact na konti ung photographers and i couldn’t see my finishing photo anywhere :(. also ung water stations ang kalat. no one knows kung alin “plastic” cup ung gamit na at hindi.

    on the sincerity side, yea using plastics for when the cause if for dolphins is really retarded. we all know na this is really an income generating race but we love it anyway kasi it’s fun and probably one of the best organized ones. maybe next year condura you can give more to the dolphins :)

  23. yes it is a well organized event. kaya lang na dismaya ako sa loot bag plastic :(. ok lang sana plastic kung medyo malaki ang binigay sa mga dolphins :( . May bayad pala yung marathon photos. dapat nag photo vendo na lang sana kagaya ng sa milo marathon na libre ang mga pictures, kasi may ibang tao na katulad ko gusto ng mga photo souvenirs during the run.

    rate: B

  24. it was a good 16k run. it was my first and it didn’t disappoint. though i got disappointed for 5 things:

    1. there should be a shuttle for the racers who’ll begin at ayala. a bus maybe. the organizers should be considerate for those runners who’ll park their cars at the fort (since the finish line’s there)

    2. since there’s no photobooth, the official photos MUST BE FREE. among the fun runs i’ve joined big or not, they have a photobooth where the runners have a souvenir of their run. look at the la salle greentennial run, it may be not as big as condura, but they have photobooths in the event area as well as amateur and professional photographers as well.

    3. considering that this is a big event, the loot bag shouldn’t be in a plastic, it represents that the event wasn’t that planned at all.

    4. the manila water refresh area shouldn’t be placed early in the race (for 16k runners). i think it was placed in the 6km or 7km. it’s too early.

    5. the certificate shouldn’t be downloaded. it should be given. it’s really inconsiderate that given the race kits are expensive already, plus the fact that you have to pay for the official photos for 24 dollars?!? (it’s not even a good shot, mind you) then the runners will have to pay to print for their certificates is not a good way to treat their runners.

    the run and the route was ok but be considerate to the little things that runners expect from the run.

    little things matter.

    my two cents.

  25. Good to know that a lot of runners enjoyed this event. I hope we can all do something so that the next year’s Condura run will live up to its true cause. I’m very surprised about the plastic loot bags – isn’t it most running events (if not all) are giving away reusable bags so we can all be aware how important it is to care for our environment? I also saw pictures of sponges used – environment friendly ba yun?

  26. It was a good run, but I’m a bit disappointed that the 21KM slots ran out. I’ve been running half-marathons since last year. They were willing to give special slots but for an extra cost and you’ll only receive your medal and dry-fit shirt months after the race? C’mon…

  27. ..well organized race, all the basics were all covered….medyu disappointed lang ako sa marathon pics, photovendo is still by better by far.

  28. I guess this one is just another hyped up event trying to put up an environmentalist face…save the dolphins by not using plastic bags, cups, banners etc…people behind condura should research more. Anyway, there won’t be a next time for me in this event since its quite expensive,really not for a cause… and I don’t even have a single picture in the photo album…hope they use photovendo instead!

  29. di namn kumpleto yung pics sa marathon-photos.. nkka disappoint lang.. di namn ata lahat na-cover nung mga kumuha. but the event was great in totality..

  30. @isleeve_PH

    where do we get more runner photos anyway? I checked the condura site and gone thru the entire 18 pages but no pix of me.

  31. re: photos- i agree, sana nag photovendo na lang, may bayad pala. pinagtyagaan ko na lang isave yung may water mark na maliit hehe.

    But for those who cannot find their faces :D check nyo na lang yung facebook account ni Bhoy Runners’ Runner, just ‘like’ it, then browse nyo albums nya. who knows you might find other photos of you sa ibang events.

  32. @tron…may mga ganyang runners talaga. siguro hinahabol nya pr nya kaya di na nya na-consider yung ibang runners. nakakainis man, we have to live [run] with those kinds of people :( my experience was may mga runners na bigla na lang hihinto pag may nakitang photographer tapos mag “v” sign without considering yung mga runners na nasa likod! kainis!

  33. Im Runner with Bib#51273, i saw my number in the official result but how come my name is blank? Pls check.

    My name is included in the athlete information page 19 at the website.

    I saw my pictures in both the link – Some Photos from Pinoy Fitness Fan Page and Official Photos from Marathon-Photos.

  34. i like the raise…. although i expected it to be like the other races i joined… where the results of race are also available being categorized by gender and age range, aside from the overall results. also, i expected for us to have free photos like before. its only now that i experienced a race where our photos have to be bought.. it should have been for free… anyway, we are the one who will print them… for the amount we paid for registration, i think it should be enough to cover for free photos .. ( free to download the soft copy of photos in the website)

  35. The event was over-rated hence i was really disappointed. Lootbag sucked and i felt bad that only php50 was going to save the dolphin.. Shouldnt it be at least half cinsidering the loot bag sucked? I wouldnt mind nit getting anything from the race if they committed to donate ALL proceeds to save the dolphin.. How else can u justify the expensive fee.. Dont tell me its because the route runs thru skyway.

  36. Ito na yung sinasabi ko noon na lalabas ang katotohanan na “for profit” itong race na ito at hindi sa advocacy/cause na “for the dolphins”. I-analyze natin:
    1) P50 for the dolphins – P1,450 (42K), P1,350 (21K), P1,050 (16K), P950 (10K), P750 for 5K and 3K. Sa taas ng fees na ‘to, P50 lang pala doon sa kawawang dolphins. At kung sasabihin na yung bayad sa Skyway ay binabawi lang, dapat ang ma-charge lang ng mahal yung 42K at 21 K runners, hindi yung 16K, 10K, 5K at 3K runners dahil di naman sila dumaan doon.
    2) Photos – Yung mga Runrio races nga na P750 lang bayad (21K) may libreng photo na
    tapos itong P1,000 plus wala.
    3)Loot bags – Iba po ang runner’s loot bag sa plastic bag
    4)Eco friendly run daw – 13,000 runners = 13,000 plastic bags na pinamimigay na pwedeng mabulok only after 75 years, plastic caps na babara sa mga estero, akala ko ba for the sake of the dolphins ito, o for profitteering. Sana nagpagawa na lang kayo ng bayong na gawa sa pinatuyong water lilly tutal ang mahal naman ng fees.

    Dear Fellow Runners,

    Hindi sapat na satisfied kayo kung gaano kaorganized ang isang takbuhan. You should also be wise enough from the very start if the motive of the organizers fit reasonably the cost and cause to you. Nung malaman ko na P50 lang sa dolphins considering the high fees, naramdaman ko na agad na may motibong di maganda ang mga organizers nito. Siyempre gagawin nilang very organized and satisfying ang takbo niyo para isipin niyo di kayo nalugi. Pero behind all these things, you were robbed with your running shorts on.

    One more thing, Rio Dela Cruz was just a consultant of the Condura Race, hindi Runrio-organized race ito gaya ng inaakala ng iba.

  37. based from the ads posted for CSM, i registered for 21k of the event thinking that it would somehow duplicate my experience in SCMS 2010 (Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon) kasi halos parehong pareho yung pagkaka-market.

    good points for the CSM, (1) tama ang hydration, not just the intervals of water stations but most specially the amount of hydration (size of plastic cups); (2) organized gun starts; (3) freebies; (4) race route (5) prize distribution dahil may sure prize for Pinoys (6) handbook. ok din na nagconcentrate ang traffic marshals sa kanto ng buendia & slex. ok din yung shirt and medal though not as good as the medal I got from SCMS.

    negative points and for improvements: (1) plastic bags used for free lootbags; (2) there were areas in the route that was poorly lit/no lighting along SLEX sana nagprovide ang organizers . di naman ako mahilig sa photos pero i think better na sa skyway nagconcentrate ang photographers ng marathon photos kasi yun yung highlight at pinupromote nung event. yun nga lang sa finish line sila e, isa lang ang photo ko. i think included yun sa 1k+ cost ng reg so right ng runner na maghanap ng pictures from marathon photos.

    rating the event overall, it would fall 5th sa top runs ko last year (1) SCMS (2) Rexona run – medal design (runrio leg2?) (3) unilab 1 (4) unilab 2 (5) CSM

  38. great condura run…galing as usual pag organize ni coach rio… one thing ask ko lang about the results…why walang split time?

  39. Great run whether you ran 3K or 42K. Marami nagtatanong bakit sa dolphin pa ang cause ng race eh ang daming taong nagugutom. Well, watch nyo yung movie na “The Cove”. It’s a docu about dolphins and how people maltreats them. Download nyo sa internet through peer to peer. After watching it the day after I ran condura, I felt good taking part in that worthy cause. Mas lalo tayong nakakahiya siguro if we find out somewhere in the Pacific na may version din ang mga dolphins ng “Condura Marathon: Swim for the Humans”.

  40. I run because 1) it is fun 2) it is charitable 3) and because I can. These are my reasons for running. I’m sure critiquing events such as this one (& reading the critiques) is harder than appreciating the experience ;)

    Have fun on your next fun ;)

  41. we all had fun. newbie lang ako so i just ran the 5k.

    (1) ok yung dri-fit shirt
    (2) i was running for fun and for the dolphins, and i had fun naman (mamaya na yung sa dolphins)
    (3) ok yung ibang booths,and the unlimited selecta ice cream
    (4) i was aliw with the fact that all finishers got a medal
    (5) was very organized, got motivated with every km kasi talagang may markers for every km you completed (for 5k ha?)
    (6) also got motivated to start running seriously na kasi first time ko namonitor yung run time ko (naaliw sa chip… hehehe)
    (7) loved painting the dolphin wall, great extra activity, especially for the kids

    (1) i was very disappointed with the lootbag kasi, (a) it was plastic, considering that this run was for an environmental cause and (b)puro drinks lang halos ang laman
    (2) again with the plastic cups… seriously??? buti pa nung mommy milkshake marathon, we got small pet bottles sa water stations–which we took home kasi iniipon talaga namin yun to sell later on. imagine, for the 5k run pa lang, the water stations were placed every 1.5km. if there were 3,000 runners, di 3,000 x 3 stations = 9,000 plastic cups. hello??!!
    (3) of the P750 na binayaran ko, 50 lang mapupunta sa dolphins??! considering na halos fun run lang naman yung sa 3k and 5k, sana mas malaki yung contribution from them, di ba? was very disappointed to learn this.
    (4) ang kulit nung ibang booth. ang haba ng pila sa unilever, tapos ang ibibigay lang sa yo, isang sachet ng shampoo??? anobayun??? naloka ako! sana isinama na lang nila sa lootbag tapos iba yung pinamimigay nila sa booth nila.

    i wish they would consider yung mga comments ng mga tao dito for next year’s run. haaaay.

  42. Unlimited ice cream??! Bakit di ata nakatikim mga 42km runners nun kung unlimited? I remember dati yung runrio race, 21km runners got haagen daz ice cream.. and still quite disappointed na walang finisher shirt yung 42km. Buti sa milo meron to think na mas mura yung run na yun and may medal din naman. And na notice ko lang sa facebook page ng condura, they just respond to the positive comments .. yung negative (plastic bags, photovendo, finisher shirts) di na nila inaadress kahit valid naman. Hayy.. Wala na magagawa.. nakatakbo na tayo eh..

  43. I have to agree w/ ARLAND GUZMAN.Ung natira sa mga longer distance runners ay puro latak na lang. May nakita akong runner na 42K na kararating lang at pumila sa isa sa mga namimigay ng freebies and he was told na close na ung queue for that freebi.And I don’t know what so special w/ 100 Plus Loot bag na Special frebbi daw sa mga 21K & 42K. And the Coors Light Beer??? Anu un at san daw sabi ng iba? Ang Photos may bayad pa!

    On the positive side naman…the route is very unique…running along the skyway is a good experience… since its my first time to join the CSM. Also hydration is enough or i may say more than enough and the presence of portalets on some areas along the skyway is a relief especially for female runners.

  44. i agree kay rotech, profitteering nga ito, imagine sa reg fees, plastic bag lang? “the HELL” ngdala na lang sana me ng sm green bag ok pa, running as we all know is fast growing dito sa atin, kya i see that iba na motive ng mga organizers ngayon not 3 or 4 years ago na all are running and enjoying the event at the same time cheap ang reg fees, who else to blame with this kind of organizers we don’t know, for me possible kasama na ang mga sponsors, hope next year make it counts what is really important & beneficial to all of us…

  45. 1250P?… I was asking the condura facebook administrator what was their basis for the high cost.. Get this.. 50p for the dolphins the rest for a marathon experience just like the New York marathon.. Teka, asa Pilipinas tayo diba? Iba naman tayo dito..Alam niyo naman kung ano gusto namin dito, bakit di niyo nalang ibigay.. I just hate the feeling of being shortchanged.. Here’s an excerpt of one the blogs Condura partnered with to diseminate information..

    42km Finishers will be treated like a King! There will be an exclusive 42-km Finisher’s Recovery tent with enough space for sitting, relaxing and an own portale to boot! Oh and didn’t I say that their finisher’s medal and loot bag can also be claimed in their exclusive tent to ensure that every 42km finishers, fast runners or not, are ensured that they get whatever freebies there are available for all? Yep, sweet!

    All that was, was a big tent with chairs and a table for the give aways. In no way did I feel like a king.. I certainly learned my lesson. Money making ploys spoil the fun. We dont want a new york marathon.. We want a run for made for us pinoys.

  46. Up to now i have not seen my name written in the official results list. My bib number #51273 in the 21k category was there but my name was left blank. i even emailed the secretariat but up to now im still waiting for your action. This is my first half mary so this is important for me. Thanks!!!

  47. wow very nice race…dolphins have 50 pesos for each 13000 runners but the dolphins are 13001??? very charitable(NPO) for for the organizer.. wow photos is FREE i like this race DIGITAL SUPER PACK $23.99(All Your Photos, in all formats to Download)… overall good race ;-)

  48. It was my first time to join Condura and was very excited about this. The race was fun and the event was really organized. Pero after the run, I started noticing NOT good things; like the: plastic bags (instead of reusable bags), the medals being given together with plastic bags; and the long lines for the giveaways. And when u go home, u wait for the photos to be uploaded together with the results and then u read critics about the run. It’s really disappointing to know that only P50 is for the dolphins, Coach Rio is ONLY a consultant (I was told he was the organizer, I asked one of their personnel at the booth when I reg)and u have to PAY for the photos! Halos lahat ng races that I joined meron talaga bad comments except for Run United 2 (my first run event done by Coach Rio). Wala ako nabasa negative comment about this event. Safe na siguro talaga to conclude that if u want a PERFECT race event, see if it’s Coach Rio who organized it. ;)

  49. mga runers d nyo ba alam kaya nag mahal ang patakbo sa pinas dahil kay rio… kung tatakbo kayo wag kayong mag hanap ng loot bags… kung loot bags hanap nyo mag malling na lang kayo….. dapat 300 peso lang ang reg.fee

  50. kawawa mga nag 42k na first timer wala man lang food or sports drinks na nabutan sa hydration station,,, pag tatanunugin mo mga marshall ” wala na po ubos na” anu ba yun!!! mahal ng reg walang support sa runners…. sabi sa starting line per runner may 3 power gel for each runner and banana tapos wala…. anu magagawa ng wall sa mangroove?basura lang yun nasaan na yun wall ngayon? sa short distance okay pro sa 42k na slow runner kawawa,milo marathon pa din da best!!! mura pa!!!


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