Trying the Slosh Pipe Workout at Fitness First Eastwood


I was driving to Fitness First Greenhills to workout early last week when I was diverted to my previous Fitness First Home at Eastwood because of the heavy traffic in Greenhills, I guess it’s because of the Christmas Season and the Bazaars in Greenhills are now open.

Though the traffic is really such a hassle, I’m quite happy to have seen old friends in Fitness First Eastwood, the best thing is, I was able to workout with my old Personal Trainer and friend Marky Banez , which he introduced to me this new workout routine called the Slosh Pipe Workout!

What’s a Slosh Pipe!? I asked. He pulled out a orange 10′ PVC pipe just about 4″ diameter, filled part way with water, and fitted with 2 end caps and he asked me to hold it and balance it! Much like the video below…

The concept of the workout it that when you train using a Sloth pipe, every muscle in your body is working synergistically to coordinate this balancing act, all of your stabilizers are working non-stop. In the long run, this workout can improve overall body stability and balance, and this dynamic workout also confuses your muscles thus achieving better workout results, since our muscles tend to adopt pretty quickly on routine workouts.




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