Unilab Run United 2 – Race Results and Photos


Congratulations to all those who participated in the Unilab Run United 2 held on November 20-21, 2010. Race Results and Photo Links are now available here for download.

Download Race Results Here:
[download id=”345″]
[download id=”346″]
[download id=”347″]
[download id=”348″]
[download id=”349″]
[download id=”350″]
[download id=”351″]

The race was organized by RunRio. For any concerns regarding the race results, please email [email protected].

Photo Links:
Run United 2 Photos by Greentennial Run
Run United 2 Photos – Greentennial FB Page

Run United 2 – RunPix:

Run United 2 Photo Vendo:
Photovendo- Run United 2 – Day 1
Photovendo – Run United 2 – Day 2

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  1. late reply.

    really enjoyed the race. my first 15K and first with runrio. really worlds apart compared to the other races i joined. it now makes me question joining other races not organized by coach rio.

    by the way, has anyone tried to use the discount stub on the bib on New Balance products from Planet Sports? I was going to buy a new pair of NB shoes for my wife over the weekend at Planet Sports ATC but they said they wouldnt honor the Stub anymore because it was last year. but come to think of it, the race was only last November 21 and doesn’t mention any expiry. anyone successful in using the discount stub? i’m really curious. i hope this isnt a a case of Planet Sports trying to get out of a discount promo.

  2. Suggestion lang to further manage runner traffic and to avoid congestion in the future run, that what condura skyway marathon did last feb 6, the wave starting system be implemented. It was really well thought of, the runners are released in clusters so as not to congest the traffic. No need to worry about the time because we usually use the D-tag timing which is based on the time a runner crossed the starting line. Thanks.


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