How to Maximize Your Running Era

Running can be a fulfilling part of your life. Learn how to make the most of it by incorporating healthier habits and enjoying the journey.


So you’re into running now, and you’re very consistent. You see a lot of friends doing it and are motivated to see how far, long, or fast you can go. After this phase, some might end up being lifetime runners, while others might not. This running era could be just a phase in your life, but while you’re here, how can you maximize the benefits?

1. Slowly Introduce Healthier Eating Habits

Running burns a lot of calories, and you definitely need to fuel your workouts, but a lot of times, we refuel incorrectly. While you’re in your running era, slowly incorporate healthier eating habits—not restriction, but improvement in the quality of your food. Try more high-protein foods, like those in the Mediterranean diet, and gradually reduce or remove sugary drinks, processed foods, and unhealthy snacks. This approach will maximize the benefits of running.

2. Improve Your Sleep

While you’re in your running era, it’s the perfect time to incorporate healthy sleeping habits. Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep to help your body recover and become stronger. Netflix and other distractions can tempt us to stay awake, reducing the quality of sleep. To maximize your running gains, skip that next episode and opt for some extra Z’s instead.

3. Pace Your Progress

Don’t rush. Don’t just jump into a half-marathon or marathon. Enjoy the process and build your running endurance gradually. This will ensure you enjoy every training session and every race. Running can be a lifetime sport. Experiment with shoes, gear, and training approaches that can help you grow and become a stronger runner. Avoid pushing beyond your current limits, as this might lead to unwanted injuries and halt your running progress.


4. Cross-Training

Incorporate other forms of exercise like cycling, swimming, or strength training to complement your running routine. Cross-training helps prevent injuries by working different muscle groups and adds variety to your workouts, keeping you motivated and balanced.

5. Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is crucial for optimal performance and recovery. Ensure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day, and consider electrolyte drinks during longer runs to replenish lost minerals. Staying hydrated helps you maintain energy levels and aids in muscle recovery.

6. Track Your Progress

Use a running app or journal to track your runs, monitor your progress, and identify areas for improvement. Keeping a record of your achievements can be motivating and help you see how far you’ve come. Tracking your progress allows you to set realistic goals and celebrate your milestones.

7. Enjoy the Journey

Remember that running should be enjoyable. Take time to appreciate the scenery, the sense of accomplishment, and the personal growth that comes with it. Keep the fun in your running routine to make it a lasting part of your life. Enjoying the journey ensures that running remains a positive and fulfilling experience.

By incorporating these habits, you can make the most of your running era, whether it’s a phase or a lifelong passion. Enjoy the journey, stay healthy, and keep pushing towards your goals!


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