Pinoy Fitness EARTH Virtual Challenge (2023)

Are you ready to conquer the elements this 2023? Pinoy Fitness EARTH Virtual Challenge is the 1st of the quarterly PREMIUM Virtual Race.


Are you ready to conquer the elements this 2023? Pinoy Fitness EARTH Virtual Challenge is the 1st of the quarterly PREMIUM Virtual Race.

For Q1 2023, join thousands of runners in the Philippines and from around the world to complete a 75K, 125K, 250K, 375K or 500K (cumulative) run from January 1 to March 31, 2023 and earn the PF EARTH Finisher Medal and Virtual Badge.

Collect all 4 medal and challenge yourself to complete a 300K, 500K, 1000K, 1500K, 2000K from January 1 to December 31, 2023!

Pinoy Fitness EARTH Virtual Challenge

January 1 to March 31, 2023
Run Anywhere in the Philippines


– Entitlements will be delivered 4 weeks after the event ends on March 31, 2023
– International runners are welcome, but we require a valid Philippine address to deliver the finisher entitlements.

Registration Fee:
Medal Only – P595
Medal + Shirt – P995
Medal + 2 Shirts – P1395
Digital Only – P195

– FREE Medal Engraving Until January 15, 2023
– PLUS P100 Delivery Fee

Registration Venue:
1. Download the PF Mobile App – Click Here
2. Apple Store – Click Here
3. Play Store – Click Here

Payment Details:
1. Register to the event via the PF Atleta App
2. Wait for confirmation Email
3. Deposit Payment via:

Account Type: Savings
Account No: 00-742-001-6795

East West Bank
Account No: 200003486744

Account Type: Savings
Account No: 3211-0912-57

Mobile Number: 0936-934-2528

4. Email Deposit Slip together with your PF Atleta Transaction ID to [email protected]

Medal and Finisher Shirt:

Actual PF EARTH Medal:

Note: Register on or before January 15 to get your Finisher Medal Personalized for FREE!

2023 Medal Set:

– Collect all 4 to complete your 2000K, 1500K, 1000K, 500K or 300K Virtual Challenge in 2023!

2023 Year End Shirt: (Optional add-on purchase to those who complete the series)

How does a Virtual Race work?
– Choose and Register on a Virtual Race
– Use a GPS-tracking running app, watch or treadmill
– Track and Finish the Race
– Take a photo of your result
– Submit your Run

– “No completion, no reward” policy; This race is based on honour system, periodic checks will be done on the submissions.
– All GPS-based App and Treadmill Submissions are allowed.
– Account will be suspended if fraudulent results are found.


  1. Hi! I’m interested to participate in the 1000K.

    Can I do the challenge like this?:

    250K + 375K + 125K + 250K

    My main concern is that the Water challenge will be tricky because of the rainy season.

    Thank you! 😁

  2. Sir how about if i just walk. Is it still OK? We just need to complete the applied distance?

    my Plan is 250 +250 + 500 + 500. Is it Ok?

  3. Hello! Paano po ang payment through GCash? Bank deposit lang po kasi yung option sa PF app. Can I select bank deposit but GCash ang payment? Thanks!

  4. Hi, I have registration for 375k, if I continue to run after 31 March 2023 and let say be able to accumulate 1000k before December 2023, will it be entitled for 3 finisher medal, for 375k,500k and 1000k?

  5. Hello. Can a Filipino runner currently abroad participate? I read this: “Run Anywhere in the Philippines” but there is also this: “International runners are welcome, but we require a valid Philippine address to deliver the finisher entitlements.” Thank you!

    • Hi Jan, im also outside Philippines, i registered and provide my home address in Manila for running stuff delivery, you can run anywhere just submit your running record thru PF apps,it can be linked into your Strava apps, happy running🙂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  6. Hi, nakapag register na po ako and paid kaso hindi po nalabas sa joined races yung PF Earth Virtual Challenge (2023) and makaka receive po ba ng confirmation?

  7. What if I only participate in digital only in 4 events and completed it, will I be able to purchase the year end shirt?

    How much is the year end shirt?


  8. Hi, I’m from Cebu. The app registration says “Delivery Area Metro Manila P100”. Do we have to ask someone from Manila to receive it for us?

  9. Good day. Tanong ko lang, what if I registered & within 1st Quarter sumali ako sa ibang running events, can I record it as part of my virtual run? Thank you

  10. Good day PF Atleta. I was trying to register to your “Balik Alindog Virtual Run” as well as to your PF Earth Virtual Challenge but every time it would take me back to my “Home Page”. I did register my son to your “Balik Alindog” challenge on his account and it did not encounter any problem.

  11. Hi, this is my first virtual run event.
    How does this work po. For every 5k run as an example, I need to save screenshot of my strava time then to where should i submit it?
    Do I have to submit evidence each time I run? Or only when I have finished my registered distance?

  12. Good day! Ask lang Po. Pwedi ba tatakbo Ako dalawang besis Isang Araw. Halimbawa tatakbo Ako Ng 20km morning then tatakbo Ako 20km hapon.pwedi ba ito.

  13. hi! I just registered for EARTH virtual challenge, pending payment. meron na akong 7 runs sa personal record for January 2023 prior to the registration. Will these be counted din sa Virtual Challenge once confiremed / paid na ang registration or do i have to resubmit them?

  14. Good PM, bali late ako nagregister tapos may mga run na ako nitong January pwde ko parin b iupload yun? at meron dn ako entry for balik alindog run pano ko po maicount yun sa PF Earth? reupload nalang?

  15. Hello,

    Already register, sent payment and emailed.
    What’s the next step?
    didn’t receive any reply whatsoever.

  16. Hello, I am wearing a fitness tracker all day which counts distances automatically throughout the day while walking anywhere (e.g. doing errands or short trips to other locations). Will my distances be counted for this virtual challenge?

  17. Hello po! May I ask if stationary bike is allowed to be used in these virtual runs? I am a pwd and can’t run anymore. Thank you.


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