Where to buy jumping ropes in PH?

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're asking the same question too.


Where did you buy your jumping rope? This is definitely one of the most frequent questions I receive in Pinoy Fitness. To be honest, if you asked me 1 month ago, i’d probably say I don’t know.

But during this quarantine period, I observed a phenomenal increase in jump ropers, and as I see more and more of my runner friends get into this new workout, I decided to try it as well. And like most people, I started asking people on where they bought their ropes, and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re asking the same question too.

By default most of us might look for jump ropes from the big sports stores like Toby’s or Decathlon, or some might just randomly do a search in Lazada. To be honest, most of them should work fine, but here, I decided to put together a list of local brands where you can buy quality jump ropes here in the Philippines.

1. Jump Manila

As a recommendation from a fellow runner, turned jumper, Jump Manila ropes are the first ropes I ever got. They feature high quality jump ropes that are locally crafted using Ratan wood which are also used in manufacturing Arnis sticks. For now, Jump Manila ropes are what I primary use for my jump rope workouts.


They sell their jump ropes for around P250-P450. You can check out their complete rope line-up here.

2. Mix and Skip

My next rope came from Mix and Skip. Their jump ropes are also made from high quality PVC and it comes with short or long handles. What makes Mix and Skip truly unique is that you can customize the colors of your ropes and handles.

I got myself a Pinoy Fitness themed jump rope, but you can definitely combine your own. Mix and Skip ropes costs around P699 to P1500 depending on the combination and weight of the rope you desire. You can check their complete line-up here.

3. Jump is Life

Here’s another local jump rope option for you. Jump is Life offers PVC Rubber Jump Ropes in Candy Colorways at a very affordable price of P250 each! No wonder these ropes sell like candies. They also offer beaded jump ropes and ships nationwide. Check them out here.

4. The Flight PH

The Flight PH is another local jump rope supplier that sells beaded ropes. Though I don’t own one yet, beaded ropes are said to have better rope feedback and is generally recommended if you’re learning a new skill. Their short handle ropes sells at P999 and the long handles are at P1100. If you’re interested in these ropes, visit here.

5. Ropedt

From basic to beaded, from short to long Ropedt.com got them all. Made from Unbreakable, Lightweight, Slim, & Ergonomic Handles their ropes are priced from P850 to P1100 each. Check them out here.

6. Jump Cebu

All the way from the Queen City of the South, Jump Cebu offers their jump ropes to interested buyers nationwide.

7. Rope Flow Project

If you’re progressing from basic jump ropes to rope flow, then you definitely have to check Rope Flow Project. They sell flow ropes that weighs from 210g to 350g and costs between P621 to P750. Check them out here.

8. Rope Flow Philippines 🇵🇭

And last, but not the least, Rope Flow Philippines is another local supplier for high quality flow ropes. If you’re looking for one, check them out here.

So, that’s it! Have you bought from any of the local jump rope suppliers above? Share some comments and recommendation at the comments section below, if we missed some please share their details as well.

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