Rizal Mountain Run Trail Adventure 2019


Last weekend we joined the Rizal Mountain Run, which is our very first Trail race this year that starts in BaseKamp located in Pintong Bukawe San Mateo Rizal.

RMR (short for Rizal Mountain Run) is on its 4th year this 2019, and aims to establish Rizal as the trail running capital of the country.

Our group decided to join the 15K category this weekend. And in this video will show you guys a glimpse of what to expect if you join this race.

The first 3 kilometers of the race starting from BaseKamp is cement road, perfect time to warm yourself up for the challenge ahead.


After that, it’s going to be a 2 kilometers of steep descent down to Boso-boso river for a mandatory river crossing, so be prepared to get your feet wet and make sure your gadgets are waterproofed.

This year, RMR gathered more than 400 trail runners (including foreigners from 22 countries) that enjoyed the trails of Rizal and Montalban.

Then be prepared an 8 kilometer unli-ahon but very scenic route right after the river crossing before hitting the pavement again going back to the finish line.

Some of the reasons why I like joining RMR is because it’s scheduled on January where the weather is cool, it’s just roughly around 1 to 1 and ½ hours away from Manila, and it’s a great race to jump start your fitness every year.

And through this race, the organizers are also able to help maintain the mountain trails, provide revenue to the locals during the weekend, and expose the local community to the trail running lifestyle.

It was a really fun 15K this year, we’re hoping to come back again next year… perhaps doing the longer distance next!


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