Hiking in Mt. Manalmon 2019 located in San Miguel, Bulacan


This weekend, we’ll explore the mountains of Mt. Manalmon located in San Miguel, Bulacan

Mt. Mamanlon has a trail difficulty rating of 2/9, an easy trek for most hikers, but since I’m travelling with total newbies this weekend, this is the perfect mountain for them. If you’re travelling with more advance hikers, you can actually do a twin hike to Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola in one day.

Mt. Manalmon is about a 1 and ½ to 2 hours’ drive from Metro Manila, just plug in Mudlum Cave in Google Maps and you’re all set to go.
Guides are required in Mt. Manalmon, it’s P300 Pesos for a maximum of 5 people.

The hike is around 2.5KM from the drop-off point to the summit, the first 1.2KM is a relatively easy trek passing through a cave and a river, so be prepared to get your shoes wet or you can bring slippers.


After that, the remaining 1KM is a gradual ascent to the 1st viewing point where you can stop for a short breather and enjoy the spectacular view of the valley.
Due to the small summit of Mt. Manalmon, groups need to take turns when climbing up the summit. We waited for around 15-20minutes to see the breathtaking view that includes Mt. Gola and the Madlum River.

After that, it’s a quick downhill trek back to the drop-off point.

If you still have time, one thing you can do is try the Monkey Bridge, it’s a suspended bridge that cross the Madlum River for only P25 per person.

Since we need to be back in Manila by lunch time, we’ll have to skip Mt. Gola and the Mudlum Cave for this trip. It’s definitely something to come back for next time we visit San Miguel, Bulacan



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