Magnesium in Your Active Lifestyle


Magnesium is an important mineral when it comes to managing our energy level and muscle functions. It is the mineral that is said to prevent muscle cramps and is generally in charge of muscle relaxation. In fact, without magnesium, our muscles would remain in a permanent state of contraction. Studies have also shown that getting enough magnesium correlates to having more energy as you exercise through the metabolism of ATP.

However, magnesium is amongst the important electrolytes we lose when we run. Runners are endurance athletes, which means we spend hours doing a cardiovascular activity. We run, we sweat, and we run more for minutes or even hours. Unfortunately, drinking water is not enough to replenish the electrolytes like magnesium that we lose every time we sweat.

So we listed down our top 4 ways you can integrate magnesium into your lifestyle:

  1. Go Green!

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To get more magnesium in your body, you really need to eat those green, leafy vegetables. Spinach is found to be one of the foods that contain a high amount of magnesium. Aside from this, eating fiber-rich beans, nuts, and seeds are good ways to take in magnesium. Kidney beans, black beans, almonds, cashew nuts, and sesame seeds are some of the examples.

  1. Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium supplements are commonly used by athletes alongside maintaining a fiber-rich diet. There are a lot of magnesium supplements on the market right now, though you might need to consult your doctor first before purchasing.

  1. Epsom Salt.

Ironically, Epsom Salt is not really salt. It’s a naturally occurring pure mineral compounds of magnesium and sulfate. There have been studies that show how both magnesium and sulfate can be absorbed through the skin, hence Epsom salt baths are a good way to get your Magnesium.

  1. ºA-Game Aftersport Rubdown

A more practical and easier way to provide immediate magnesium replenishment to our bodies is through topical applications. The ºA-Game Aftersport Rubdown uses Magnesium in their formula to help our muscles relax and cool down by producing antibodies to ease the inflammation and fatigue experienced by our muscles. The benefit of a rubdown like ºA-game is that it can be immediately applied to your muscles after a run, hence the effectivity of easing the muscle soreness right away.

Ensuring we have enough magnesium in our body can aid in post-race recovery, avoid Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and thus potentially increase our performance in the next runs.



ºA-Game Aftersport Rubdown is also available in all branches of Toby’s Sports and Chris Sports. You may visit their website at to see the complete list of retailers and for more info.


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