5 Surprising Health Benefits of Donating Blood



The mere thought of donating blood often times makes most people feel weak. I have to be honest, it scared me a bit as well, last time I donated blood was 10 years ago. It was only when someone really close to me is in need of blood that I stopped looking the other way.

I did my donation at UERM Medical Center, Surprisingly, the process isn’t as bad as I remembered it to be, practically almost painless and at the same time I found out 5 surprising benefits of donating blood. Sharing them here…

#1 The Joy of Helping Someone

It could be a loved one, or it can be a total stranger. I interviewed the doctor while doing the procedure and she mentioned that they are always in need of blood, and many are in need of it as well. To donate blood is to save lives. And it will cost you nothing.

#2 You get FREE medical check-up

Blood donation requires a screening process for all the brave volunteers, you process gets you a free medical check-up plus free screening for Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Malaria, Hepatitis C, HIV and you get to know your blood type as well.


#3 Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer

According to a recent study by the American Journal of Epidemiology regular blood donation help keeps the level of iron in your blood in check. Though iron is essential for our body to function, too much iron can lead to accelerated ageing, heart attacks, strokes etc.

#4 Donating Blood Burns Calories

Every blood donation burns approximately 650 calories based on recent studies, that’s close to a 10K RUN. However, you are only allowed to donate blood once every 2-3 months. Imagine if you can donate more often than that!


#5 Free Zesto

Who wants FREE Zesto? Ok, not all centers will probably give you a Free Zesto but some will, and this is truly Pinoy :)

Was I able to convince you to donate some blood? Probably not. But if I did, here’s how according to Philippine Red Cross.

1. Have enough rest and sleep.
2. No alcohol intake 24 hours prior to blood donation.
3. No medications for at least 24 hours prior to blood donation.
4. Have something to eat prior to blood donation, avoid fatty food.
5. Drink plenty of fluid, like water or juice.

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  1. I donate blood every December, my birth month. My practice since 2012. It’s great that You share part of yourself to others and this is one of my inspiration to be fit.


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