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The Pump is bank! Introducing the Reebok ZPump Fusion, a proprietary technology that introduces an air-filled cage that surrounds and molds to your foot providing a custom, locked-in fit.

We’re going to take the Reebok ZPump for a little spin! Check back for a more detailed review, the shoe will be available in the market starting April, meanwhile checkout the PR below.

ZPump shoe



Reebok, the global pioneer in fitness innovation,is taking another revolutionary step forward in 2015 with the launch of the ZPump Fusion -a running shoe that uniquely conforms to any foot.

Reebok has revolutionized its iconic innovation – The Pump technology – to create ZPump Fusion. Boasting a new and proprietary air-filled cage that surrounds and molds to any foot providing a custom, locked-in fit.

“The ZPumpFusion represents a revolutionary new approach to The Pump technology. Many running shoes are developed around a rigid, factory-developed last shape that can never be a true representation of your unique foot. The ZPumpFusion is completely structure-less when not inflated and then molds to the individual shape of your foot once you put it on and inflate,” said Paul Litchfield, original inventor of The Pump and Head of Advanced Concepts – Reebok.

“It conforms to the shape of your foot to give you a locked-in, custom fit when you run. To get that security, you may need three pumps or you may need eight pumps – it is fully customizable for each person,” adds Litchfield.

Unlike a traditional running shoe which is often made up of over 40 individual parts; the Reebok ZPump Fusion is made up of just three key parts, meaning no rigid components that restrict movement in the foot. Each of the three parts in the ZPump Fusion works together to deliver improved fit and control.

1. The Pump technology – The revolutionary air-filled cage is lightweight and fully customizablethat pumps up and wraps around the individual shapes and contours of the foot to deliver acustom, locked-in fit to achieve maximum performance.

2. The Fusion Sleeve – The Fusion Sleeve is a four way stretch sleeve that holds together the key components of the ZPumpFusion. A lightweight and seamless compression sleeve, it fuses The Pump technology to any runners’ foot to provide improved control and comfort as they run.

3. ZRATED outsole – The high-speed, underfoot performance that is essential to any high tempo running shoe is provided by the ZRATED outsole. Inspired by high performance ZRATED tires, the edges and underfoot grooves provide increased handling and control so runners can stop, start and turn on a dime.

When The Pump actuatoron the heel of the ZPump Fusionis pushed, air is channeled through the valve and into thecageenabling it tofill and clasp around the upper and heel in a way that is unique to each foot.To release the air, runners can simply deflate usingthe release valve.

“The evolution we have made to The Pump technology in the ZPump Fusion is a huge step forward for Reebok and is in keeping with our constant drive for new innovations. Runners have been waiting for a shoe that can be customized to their individual foot shape. The Reebok ZPump Fusion is the shoe that does it. We are excited to get it on the feet of runners because we know they will feel the difference immediately” said Bill McInnis, Head of Running – Reebok.

Revolutionizing The Pump technology with the unique Reebok ZPump Fusion is part of Reebok’smission to change how people perceive and experience fitness. At Reebok, fitness means much more than physical exertion. The brand believes fitness has the potential to transform lives, sharpen the mind, embolden the spirit and liberate the human potential.

“Reebok believes that by pushing ourselves to the brink and testing our limitations, we become better athletes, leaders, parents and better friends. By adopting a Reebok approach to your fitness lifestyle, you can aim to be the best you can be socially, mentally and physically. To be more in tune with that natural, human part of yourself that fitness can explore”, said Matt O’Toole, President – Reebok.

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