Biking in Baler a Team Adventure



Baler has always been a tourist destination for its magnificent beach and as a surfing spot, but it was rarely regarded as a biking destination, not until our team was introduced to Fondo Baler, organized by Fondo Manila last November 2014.

The tour was simple, start at Costa Pacifica, ride out 60KM and back for a total of 120KM and if you still have the strength go our for another 15KM and back for a total of a 160KM distance. Sounds fun right!? Add 2 mountains along the path, a scenic coastline and the tour gets interesting.

Here’s a quick video summary of our ride!







Top 5 Reasons Why I Loved Fondo Baler
by: Teammate Ria

5. Power Suman stops – I can’t think of any other ride where I used suman as energy bar. I liked it so much I bought some on the way home to Manila as pasalubong (i.e., more to eat when I’m back home).
4. Cyclist Humor – For some reason, we never ran out of things to laugh about. On second thought, it must have been the oxygen deprivation.
3. SAG assistance – Feeling VIP for all the attention and fuzz, but it was mostly practical because with no cellphone signal 90% of the route, you ride with better peace of mind.
2. The humbling climbs – With elevation gains ranging in the 500s, mental toughness was scarce. I have to go back and conquer some demons. And be more prepared, to say the least.
1. Bird’s eye view to the coastline – After grinding on the cranks (or “stair climbing” walking up in cleats) you always have that reward of a great view while you catch your breath and wait for your heart rate to settle. Those are the moments you cherish.

Fondo Baler happens every year in November, Check out Fondo Manila’s Facebook page for update. Or you can also join their Fondo Baguio happening on February 2015, which I believe is going to be another epic adventure.

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