Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless in the Philippines



Technology once again allowed us to break free from “traditional” limitations. If you’re fed up with irritating earphone cords during workouts or the fact that you are practically chained to your phone or music device, now in 2014, technology can allow you to move with complete freedom.

Introducing the Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless, a wireless bluetooth enabled earphones designed for athletes, sweat and water resistant that locks perfectly into place thanks to Yurbuds’ ergonamic TwistLock Technology and FlexSoft Comfort Fit.


Design and Operation


The Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless comes in black and red where the two buds are connected by a durable Kevlar cord, aesthetically, the Yurbuds Wireless has the largest earbuds design in the market that might make it look a bit “bulky”, but believe me it does not affect both comfort and fit.


Operating the device is fairly simple, the controls are easy enough to operate by feel, I was able to get it operational and connected it with my iPhone 5s without flipping the manual.

Audio and Phone Calls

The Yurbuds Wireless is equipped with a 15mm driver that allows for “bigger” sounds, music quality was impressive, but if you’re using Spotify FREE, you might actually need to upgrade to a premium account to enjoy higher quality music, if not you’ll see the songs break on higher volume levels.

The Inspire is designed not to block out any noise – in fact, the earphones are designed to let noise in so you can hear a passing car while jogging. It’s also equipped with a noise cancelling dual-microphone system that blocks the wind and other noise while chatting on the go.


Battery Life
The Yurbuds Inspire Wireless can load upto 5 hours of music and talk time, which is enough for a week, or depending on how you use it. Been trying it out for a week, so far we only have to charge it once, good thing iPhone can also tell you if it’s time for a charge.

Overall, the Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless is a great piece of device to add to your workout gears, try it our yourself! Go to Power Mac Center, RUNNR, Planet Sports and R.O.X. and test it out. The Inpire comes with a lifetime warranty and retails at P7,500.

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