5 Swim Tips I got from Coach Angelo Lozada



Here are a few tips I was able to pick-up from training together with Coach Angelo Lozada, hope it helps!

1. Form before Power. Normally, we are quick to punch in the horsepower to speed up our 100m swim, but if you notice, you’ll be huffing and puffing even before the set ends. Proper swim form allows you to efficiently move more freely on water allowing you to achieve more speed with less power.

2. Kick. Kick and Kick. In races, especially in triathlon, we normally reserve our legs for the bike and run part, that’s fine, but during training, use them! Your legs allow you to roll and glide more.



3. Distance per stroke. With proper form, glide as far as you can, focus on distance per stroke. Doing faster strokes does not necessarily mean you’re going farther, more often it’s the reverse. I have seen swimmers do 14 to 16 strokes on a 25m pool finish faster than those who do more. On an average, target around 18-22.

4. Do the Drills. It’s boring, I know, but drills are important for form correction. Dedicate a part of your training time for drills. My favorites are catch-up and brush-up.


5. Get a Swim Coach. Unlike running and biking, It is harder to monitor yourself when swimming. It is important that someone is watching your every stroke and correcting you before you form new habits. Bad habits will surely result to poor swim time.

It is such a privilege to be under the supervision of one of the top swimming coaches in the country.

Enjoy Swimming guys! Share your thoughts below!

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