Running With a Boost!



It was my first time to run an adidas equipped with the “Magic” Boost Material, and I like it. The adidas Adios Boost is the 3rd modeled adidas shoe that uses the Boost midsole, compared to the traditional EVA form used in most shoes, the Boost Material aims to provide a soft cushioning yet still maintaining a high performance response.

adidas Adios Boost is designed for racing. Equipped with a slimmer Boost Midsole that weighs only 8 oz (Men) and 6.6 oz (Women). So I decided to take this shoe our for a race last Financial Fitness Run in BGC.


What’s immediately noticeable is the superior cushioning support of the Boost, specially around the heel area, you get a bouncy feel but firm enough to give you just enough rebound for the next stride.



This is also the first time I ran with a shoe that used Continental Rubber (one of the world’s leading tire manufacturer) which promises 21% better traction even on wet road conditions. I did notice better traction during my run but I will have to test this out some more.


The adios also features a Clover-shaped Coolever mesh upper for heat and sweat management and increased performance, though honestly since i’m wearing socks I didn’t notice the Cool factor, but it does LOOK pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Something to note about the adios boost it that the upper is designed to have a secure fit in the heel through mid-foot, and with a more relaxed fit in the forefoot, which gives more room for your toes to wiggle, which might explain why I got some blisters on my little toe after the race, ofcourse this could also be due to running with the shoe for the first time :D

The Verdict?


Got a new PR for my 10K and I’m totally happy with the performance of the adidas Adios Boost, definitely a great pair of shoes for racing.


Me with the adidas Adios Boost. Thanks you Kapatid Runner for the Photo. SRP: P7995

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  1. Congrats Sir Jeff. Sub-50 ka na. Target ko din sana yan. I guess I need a speed shoe but still can’t afford an Adidas Boost. Ipon muna.

  2. I am an adidas loyalist but have reservations about the Adios Boost due to the thin impact outsole but thick Styrofoam midsole that is prone to early wear and tear.


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