Reebok Manila Throwdown Qualifiers – Feb to March 2014


Manila Throwdown Qualifiers Poster 2014

Do you have what it takes to be recognized as Manila’s Fitness Man or Women!? Then sign up for the Reebok Manila Throwdown Qualifiers happening this Feb to March! Time to prove your fitness!

Reebok Manila Throwdown Qualifiers
Feb-March 2014

– Registration is from Feb. 1 – March 2. No extension.
– Qualify for the Manila Throwdown on May 10 – 11, 2014
– Complete 5 online workouts in 5 weeks from Feb 27 – March 27
– Top 40 for Males and Top 24 Female for each category (Big, Med, Small)

Registration Details:
1. Pay fee of Php 300 to BPI Current Account: Headhoncho Inc. 0291.0420.82. (The fee is just for the ONLINE qualifiers. If you qualify and are invited to the Throwdown there is a separate fee)
2. Scan deposit slip
3. Register on website
4. Click on Warrior Fitness Studio.
5. Join the Reebok Manila Throwdown Qualifiers challenge and attach deposit slip.
6. You will receive an email notification to confirm your registry and payment.


(Please read carefully. Very important you follow the SCORING DATE ENTRY):

1. Do the workout posted on site.

2. 5 workouts will be posted on the site on the following days:
First: Feb 28, Friday
Second: Mar 7, Friday
Third: Mar 14,Friday
Fourth: Mar 21, Friday
Fifth: Mar 28, Friday

3. You will post your scores every WEDNESDAY on the COMMUFITTY site. A scoring box will appear ONLY on WEDNESDAYs.
First Scoring Entry: Mar 5, Wednesday
Second Scoring Entry: Mar 12, Wednesday
Third Scoring Entry: Mar 19, Wednesday
Fourth Scoring Entry: Mar 26, Wednesday
Fifth Scoring Entry: April 2, Wednesday

4. IF you workout, outside any registered Crossfit Affiliate (Ang Tibay is exempted from this), you must VIDEO your workout and post on the site wall. Your SCORES will not be VALIDATED if you do not have a video posted.
Posting Video Guidelines:
a) Timer must be visible
b) All movement standards must be seen in the video
c) Upload video on YouTube
d) Post link on the challenge wall in the commufitty site (you will see your wall once you have entered the challenge; it looks and works like your FB wall).

RX Categories (these are just guides; if you’ve won previous throwdowns, you must move to a higher category) NO SANDBAGGING!!!
BIG RX – 135+ C&J, Squat, Snatch, Press
MED RX – 95+ C&J, Squat, Snatch, Press
Baby RX (beginners) – 75+ C&J, Squat, Snatch, Press

BIG RX – 95+ Clean, Squat; 75lbs for anything overhead
MED RX – 75+ Clean, Squat; 55lbs for anything overhead
Baby RX (beginners) – 55+ C&J, Squat, 35lbs for anything overhead

Contact Details:
Questions, Concerns, and Scoring Problems: Please email to [email protected]

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