Fitbit Force Fitness Tracking Watch



Fitbit just recently introduced its Fitness Tracking Watch, the Fitbit Force. The unique feature of the watch is that Force gives you instant access to up-to-the-minute stats through the OLED display.

Force goes beyond your classic pedometer, it tracks your steps taken, tell you the time, distance traveled, active minutes, stairs climbed, calories burned and even how long you slept and the quality of your sleep. It gives you a summary of how active you are in a day and reminds you to always take the healthier route.

The Fitbit Force can also integrate to your iPhone by sending call notifications directly to your Fitbit, as long as you are running iOS7 on an iPhone 4S or newer. You can also sync all Fitbit Force data to your iPhone and Samsung phones via Bluetooth and even challenge your friends using the app.



Check out the video about the Fitbit Force Below!

The Fitbit Force retails for $129.95 roughly around P5,600 pesos. Tempted to grab one online for a more detailed review.

What do you think about this new piece of tech? It’s similar to the Nike+ Fuelband but I really like the sleep monitoring feature of the Fitbit Force.

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  1. We bought fitbit ones via amazon/johnny air cargo. It’s good for daily tracking of steps esp if you walk a lot or if you want to be active. It can be synced via computer. There are only a few cellphone models that sync with it tapos if ur from Phi, kailangan pa ng workaround to download the app via US apple or android store. I hardly use it for running. It died sa pawis nung nag nat geo run ako (may warrantly naman). It doesnt use gps but it only estimates distance via stride length. You also have to manually record activities like say sleeping or starting an activity like gym.

    Comparable sya sa nike fuelband but definitely can’t replace the garmins or the tomtoms.


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