Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge 2013 – Results Discussion



First and foremost, big thanks the Lord for giving us a window of opportunity to have a great race despite the ongoing typhoon. Second, to all the runners who came out to race today despite the unpredictable weather… many thanks!

Congratulations to everyone who conquered the Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge! Kudos to everyone who made it to the cut! And a big applause to everyone who had the courage to take on the challenge.

Super thanks to Pep Squad Events our race event organizer for mounting the race!

Also thanks to our sponsors, Reebok, Enervon Activ, Enervon HP, SUUNTO, Pocari Sweat. And to all our volunteer Marshals and Photographers! Without you this event wouldn’t be a success!


Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge
September 22, 2013
Bonifacio Global City

Race Results:
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K (Partial and Unofficial) Race Results

Some Race Photos:
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K

Photo Links:
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge Photos by PF (SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3)

Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge by Flat Ironman – (SET 1 | SET 2)
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge by Tara Trip Tayo – (SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3 | SET 4 | SET 5)
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge by I Love to do this – (SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3 | SET 4 | SET 5)
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge by Jessy BaƱas – (SET 1)
Pinoy Fitness SUB-1 10K Challenge by Writing Runner – (SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3)

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  1. kudos to for making this event possible. it was a rainy and refreshing run for me. dumagdag pa ang malakas na hangin to make this course challenging.

  2. I enjoyed this run kahit di ako naka sub-1. Sarap tumakbo sa ulan parang bata lang. Mailap pa din ang sub-1 sa akin. Sana meron ulit ganito. Sub-2 naman? :)

  3. I’m glad i was able to join this and finished with medal. nagdadalawang isip pa nga ko kung pupunta ko kanina kasi maulan tapos kakatapos ko lang ng trangkaso kahapon. pero worthy naman!

  4. Did some of you already experienced some time discrepancies from runningmate? Last run, my girlfriend finish the race around 1:24:00 but in the unofficial and official result it was 59.. my time that time increases for 45secs even though i saw the time when i crossed and based on my watch.. today my time also increased for 29 seconds.. :) even though unofficial pa lang.. baka naman may naka experienced n rin senyo? Pag ibang runs nmn mostly 5 secs difference lang minsan mabilis pa sa results..

  5. One of the best runs I joined. Sarap tumakbo in the rain.

    The only flaws I saw were:

    1) the missing kilometer markers after the 7-km mark. Anxious ka tuloy bigla sa last three kilometers lalo na if malapit na ang 1-hour.

    2) Paubos oras sa pila yung Enervon booth because of their Q&A portion.

    Anyway, nicely organized. Alive palagi yung atmosphere due to the emcee especially during the race and the raffle part of the program.

    • kaya pala matagal before umasad pila..pero unfair enervon booth ksi hndi cla prepared..pagdating kalahati pila(including me :-( 30 mins waiting ) ubos n prizes nila :-( ..pero ok emcee nd program ksi nagannounce agad winners nd raffle agad..hndi n pinagantay ng matagal runners..cna next time ung mga hndi nka sub 1 meron din cla souvenir ksi they did their best nman.. kudos to pinoyfitness :-)

  6. congratulations to all!
    congrats sir jeff hopefully next time meron ulit :-)

    sub 1hr
    sub 55mins
    sub 50mins
    sub 45mins
    sub 40mins

    hanggang duon na lang siguro pag bumaba pa dyan eh kakaibang nilalang na yung mga yun hehe… para yung talagang magpursige sa new challenge… some small tokens na memorable ang prize eh ayos…


  7. Bakit ganun ang laki ng discrepancy? Almost 1 minute in my case. I crossed the finish line readers at 51:25 gun time, since asa likod pa’ko ng crowd sa start line, the chip time should be lower.
    I stopped my GPS watch after passing the final RF readers and it reads 51:13 (I started it even before I passed the start line/readers).

    Anybody else who experienced the same problematic results?

    Anyway, other than that, this was a very good run. Sarap talaga ‘pag umuulan, hindi ka nago-overheat.
    The marshals were going over and above their duties by encouraging the runners as well.
    Although 2x lang ata ako nakainom ng Pocari Sweat. Peyborit ko pa man din yun.

    Good job PF!

    • I also noticed the discrepancy. Malapit na ako sa finish line when the announcer shouted “Last one minute!” I also checked my watch, tama naman yung inannounce. When I checked my time sa runningmate (although unofficial pa), 1hr. and 1min. something ang time ko. Anyway, antayin ko muna yung official results.

      But I definitely enjoyed the race. Kulang lang sa portalets. Hassle para sa mga ladies.

  8. It was a challenging run esp the last 3 km when it started to rain. After 7 km wala ng marker kaya it adds to the anxiety thus more adrenaline to push to the finish. Tapos malakas pa ang hangin which makes it more challenging. I hope next year sub-21 naman. Nice medal.

  9. very nice run @runbot nakita ko yong 8K along STI yong 9K naman sa Middle islang approaching BDO, nag time kasi ako everyK but sad hindi ako umabot sa sub1

  10. Super nag enjoy ako kahit first tym ko tumakbo Sa exciting na matapos yon sub 1..challenging run Lalo ng umulan as a new in field happy ako kz magaling yon ng organize ..

  11. It was a great run! Even though I didn’t finish the race under one hour, it was still worth it. Another motivation for me to do better next year (I hope) :)

    I wish tokens were also given to those who haven’t finished the race in an hour (like me, hehehehe) for the effort to still go on with the race despite the weather. :)

    Good job, Pinoy Fitness and Pep Squad Events!

    • Nope! I’m from Wave 2 and my time is indeed based on the Wave 2 clock. Unless you crossed the Wave 1 clock and your from Wave 3, then they’ll definitely base your time on the Wave 1 clock.

      • sana yung result meron per wave di lang yung pinag isa…namet ko yung target ko pero di ko na beat ang PR ko… practice pa nung unti,, next time sub 45 mins ang pangrap ko.. hehehe

  12. first time ko sumali sa ganitong event nagenjoy talaga ako..worth it ung pgtraining salamat dun sa training program na binigay nyo..nice one pinoy fitness next time ulet:) sub 50 to sub 45 naman para machallenge pa ulet kami

  13. again, times are not right. for those of us that have the green dot signifying sub 1, and GPS and personal timekeeping….what is the plan? But, the drizzle was perfect timing for last 1.5k:)



    Sana next time i recognize nyo naman yung WINNERS 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Male & Female Category. Hindi yung kumuha kayo sa OVERALL. Kahit ELITE RUNNERS na nag 3mins/km PATAKBUHIN mo sa WAVE 3. Hindi parin yan mahahabol. :-)
    Kahit kenyan pa yan. ISIP ISIP Sir!!!

    Para saan pa ang
    WAVE 2 & WAVE 3
    Kung OVERALL lang kukuha
    ng TOP 3 Finishers.

    • They did get the winners based on chip time.
      There were 3 separate clocks for each wave.
      The OVERALL winners were the runners that had the fastest chip time or respective wave gun time.
      That means kahit pa nasa wave 3 ka, pero tinapos mo yung course ng 30mins, malamang panalo ka.

      I was in wave 2 (Enervon Activ Wave) pero I am in the top 50 sa results. Medyo off yung time ko ng 1 minute but that’s irrelevant.
      Point is, I’m sure marami naunang nagcross ng finish line from wave 1 sa’kin, pero since may 5-minute difference kami ng gun time, mas mataas ang place ko sa kanila since sa gun time ko, mas mabilis ko natapos yung 10K.

      I guess the better question is, how the hell were you able to conclude that waves 2 and 3 were pitted against the gun time of wave 1 runners?

      That’s just. Weird.


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