My Asics 2.0 gives FREE adaptive training plans to runners on Andriod and iOS


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Have you upgraded your Apple devices to iOS 7 yet? Then the My Asics 2.0 mobile app can definitely be a great companion for your new mobile OS.

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While most fitness apps monitors and logs your running performance, the My Asics 2.0 provides adaptive training plans depending on your personal running goal, do you want to run a 10K under 1 hour a month from now? Shave of 20min off your half-marathon distance? Let the app know and it’ll create a personalized plan for you!


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* Run tracking with GPS (route, total time, lap times, distance, and average pace)
* Native in-app plan generation with adaptive plan correction
* Adjustable, personalized schedule of phases and upcoming runs
* In-app compass for orientation and location
* In-app Facebook sharing of your runs and achievements
* Gear tracking to monitor mileage on your shoes and other gear

“Our goal at ASICS is to help all runners improve, and achieve their goals. MY ASICS plans are the best way to train because they structure your runs to build up your anaerobic threshold, which leads to improved endurance, faster times and better performance,” said Raphaël Mazoyer, digital marketing manager at ASICS corporation.”

Grab your FREE My Asics 2.0 APP now for both Andriod and iOS and start creating training plans to help you break your PRs!

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