Your Favorite Running Shoe Brands 2013 – Poll Result



Last week we asked the question, “What’s your favorite shoe brand?”. We collected and tallied all of your reply and here is the result!

Nike -21%
adidas – 15%
Asics – 15%

New Balance- 14%
Mizuno -7%
Newton -5%
Saucony -5%
Brooks -4%
Reebok -2%
Merrell -2%
Puma -2%
Salomon -1%
Skechers -1%
Zoot -1%
K-Swiss -1%
Others -3%

Based on the result, your TOP 3 Shoe Brand of Choice are Nike, adidas and Asics! Share your thoughts below!

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  1. brooks, asics and nike. IMO, nike is on top because of it’s brand familiarity but it is a subpar running shoes compared to asics, mizuno, etc.

  2. I don’t want to sound rude but you should have not used a pie chart for this. There are just too many variables.

  3. Mizuno Ronin is the best running shoes ever.
    I once had Nike Free Run but as others have noted, Nike running is not the best option. I have a Saucony Hattori for sprints, and occasionally for long runs as well, but you really have to make sure you are running on clean freckless terrain, or a single pebble could really hurt. Wala sa choices, pero I have a PHP1300 Fila shoes for my regular daily runs, very comfortable.

      • True that. Last December, I set aside part of my Christmas bonus for a really good pair, Kinvara or Minimus or the black Adipure 360 na matagal ko nang kina-crush sa MOA. I ended up buying 3 pairs of Fila. The best decision I made. My next scheduled buy would be anywhere between 2020 and 2030 HAHAHAHA

    • gusto ko sana try barefoot kaso hindi kb napapako o nabububog or nakakatapak ng ebs while running? O kakapal na lang over time tapos magkakakalyo ka para tumibay paa mo?

      • Ganyan ba kadumi sa lugar nio? Anong lugar ba yan? Squatter area? Wag lang basta takbo ng takbo, tingin-tingin din sa daan pag may time.

  4. I have tried most running shoe brands and decided to remain loyal to the best – adidas.

    Disclaimer: This comment was posted to state a personal opinion and not a solicitation of an offer to promote the said brand.

  5. Asics and Brooks for me. I grew up wearing Asics and it has always given me that much needed balance and stability. Kaso ang mahal nang Asics, haha! I use Brooks Adrenaline for short runs and Brooks Ghost 4 for long runs.

  6. Nike sucks, since the foam self-destructs after a year or so, and the air-cushioning technology means the air tubes get hard with heat after 10Km or so (Boyle’s Law). The foam technology of Addidas and Mizuno are fair, but I really preferred Brookes in terms of cushioning: at least these brands don’t self-destruct after a year. BUT the best pair I have used are ASICS Gel Kayano 17, because gel gets softer with temperature, so one feels a softer ride after 15Km. Since I have fallen arches, the stability given by the ASICS Gel Kayano gives the sensation of wearing boxing gloves on one’s feet (I also box so I know how this feels). I just got a pair of ASICS Gel Kayano 19 for the upcoming Run United 2 (32K). I’m 60yrs old, and any old foggies there who need superior stability shoes can try gel technology. A design in its 19th version cannot be but excellent!

  7. ….ran and will be running more with ASICS Nimbus 14!

    Can’t wait to try their 15.

    Try nyo po to test and compare what it is like running in a “sedan shoe”

  8. I love my Merrell Vibram shoes. I used that for my trekking and it really helps me even if I am running. I also have the Skechers SSR. It is very comfortable. I dont have any regrets buying it.

  9. First time I participate in running 2years ago, I dont have any Idea what shoes would I used. Basketball lang kc alam q..hehehe I try first brooks T7 racer for my first ever 3k run at Ateneo. It was good for me but I didnt used it for long runs due to its design just for sprint and short distances. Until now, I only used Brooks shoes due to its scientific study not just for the type of your arc also it’s cushioning, quality and life span. Nike is consider as one of the most worst shoes ( it’s only my opinion) I’ve know due to it’s easy breakage. Looks can be decieving.:)


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