Pinoy Fitness Calorie Facts


Just before you head out to decide what you’re going to eat right after an hour of workout, checkout the estimated fitness calorie chart above and make sure you just eat what you burned or less of course.

*Note: Values are estimations only. If you want a full comprehensive list -> Click Here

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  1. Depende pa rin sa intensity. Run like a Kenyan, and most probably you’ll burn a lot more in a short span of time hehe. Yun e kung makakatagal sa speed ng Kenyan

  2. Well intensity and duration have their own benefits so mas okay na merong balance ng low to moderate workouts na matagal at ng high intensity short workouts. Pero para sa mga hindi sanay sa exercise na gustong bawasan ang timbang, mas advisable ang long yet low to moderate intensity workouts para sustainable at para hindi discouraging.

  3. IMO, if you want to burn more calories, go for cycling. You can spin for more than 2 hours. I can barely finish 2 hours in running.
    So cycling works at least for me if i want to burn more calories..

  4. @Red tama!! prone pa sa injury ang running d katulad ng biking malayo pa mapupuntahan ang mapupuntahan mo! sabayan mo nalang ng kaunting walking para my dagdag pa. hehehe


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