Let’s all Welcome Pinoy Fitness 2013


Hi Guys! You might have noticed by now that over the long weekend we have upgraded the look and feel of the Pinoy Fitness Website.

We chose to maintain a light colored theme for easy reading and you’ll notice is that the Fitness Calendar has been moved to the upper left portion of the website allowing you to have easier access to all upcoming fitness events at a glance.

We hope all of you liked the new layout and we would really love to hear what you think about it! If there are things missing or broken, let us know as well! Just leave a comment below, or if you prefer to make your comment private, use the FORM.

As always, Pinoy Fitness would like to thank everyone for the love and support that everyone has shown through the years. Let’s all stay fit and happy for years to come!


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  1. sorry but im a little bit iffy on the new look of PF. also, advertisements are everywhere and not really pleasing in the eye. just saying..

  2. ang hirap iview sa fone ngaun ng PF site.. sa pc ok lang naman pero hindi ok sa fone.. eh sa fone ako madalas mgview updates regarding events..


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