World Kettlebell Club Trainer Course! – August 18, 2012


For the first time , World Kettlebell Club is going to the Philippines to certify you!

The most legitimate Kettlebell Federation will try to spread the word of TRUE Kettlebell training here at the Philippines.

No need to travel, only one time registration fee. No need to renew.

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World Kettlebell Club Trainer Course!
August 18, 2012 @ 10AM
L3F Kettlebell Gym
Organizer: World Kettlebell Club Philippines


Registration Fees:
USD $597.00 – One Time Registration

1. WKC Fitness Trainer Certificate – This is only a one time fee not like most if not all that make certifications as a business that will force you to renew every 2-3 years. WKC is after QUALITY KETTLEBELL lifting and that’s it.

2. Learn from the best – Master of Sport and Master Trainer Catherine Imes will be conducting the certification course. She will be coming all the way from the United States because she sees GREAT potential in Philippine Kettlebell Lifting

3. Be a Member of the WKC Forum – This is an exclusive forum that only paid members can get. As a WKC trainer, you will be getting this FOR FREE …forever.

4. Be an automatic member by the growing Philippine Kettlebell Sport Organization – Not only will you be trained and certified in an international level but you will get continuous support from WKC Philippines and Philippine Kettlebell Sport. If you got questions, do not hesitate to ask us. Again, we are after QUALITY KETTLEBELL lifting!

4. Get the Fedorenko Method Manual – This is one of the most valuable references that you will get as a trainer. This is not one of those manuals that after you read it and that’s it…you will be reading it more than once. Personally I have read it 10 times and I am still learning.
5. Be a member of the growing WKC community – Why is it growing? Because it is legitimate, coaches worldwide are beginning to see. A LOT of Kettlebell coaches from the other factions are making the shift

6. DRAMATIC improvements on your personal lifting – It has been a year and a half already since my certification and I cannot believe the amount of improvements that I got. Information is really something.

Be a WKC Trainer now by registering here: (click on Manila on the lower left part of the screen)

Registration Venues:
L3F Kettlebell Gym

How to go:

Contact Details:
Cell: +63-999-9988533
Email:[email protected]

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