RunRio : Unilab Run United 3 2011 – November 13, 2011


Get ready to take part on the 3 Leg of the RunRio Trilogy, the Unilab Run United 3 will happen this November 13, 2011 with SM Mall of Asia as it’s new Venue. Stay Tuned for more details about this event!

RunRio: Unilab Run United 3 2011
November 13, 2011
SM Mall of Asia
500m for kids/3K/5K/10K/15K/21K/32K

Registration Fees:
CEELIN 500M Dash for Kids – Php250
Unilab Active Health Kit Race Kits (Bib No. & Timing Chip) Finisher’s Kit & Discount Coupon from Tobys, RUNNR & Planet Sports

3K – Php500
Unilab Active Health Kit Race Kits (New Balance Singlet, Bib No. & Timing Chip) Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis & Discount Coupon from Tobys, RUNNR & Planet Sports

5K – Php600
Unilab Active Health Kit Race Kits (New Balance Singlet, Bib No. & Timing Chip) Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis & Discount Coupon from Tobys, RUNNR & Planet Sports


10K – Php600
Unilab Active Health Kit Race Kits (New Balance Singlet, Bib No. & Timing Chip) Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis & Discount Coupon from Tobys, RUNNR & Planet Sports

15K – Php700
Unilab Active Health Kit Race Kits (New Balance Singlet, Bib No. & Timing Chip) Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis & Discount Coupon from Tobys, RUNNR & Planet Sports

21K – Php750
Unilab Active Health Kit Race Kits (New Balance Singlet, Bib No. & Timing Chip) Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis & Discount Coupon from Tobys, RUNNR & Planet Sports 21k Finisher’s Shirt and Medal

32K – Php900
Unilab Active Health Kit Race Kits (New Balance Singlet, Bib No. & Timing Chip) Finisher’s Kit, Race Analysis & Discount Coupon from Tobys, RUNNR & Planet Sports
32k Finisher’s Shirt and Medal

Registration starts October 3, 2011

Registration Venues:

Online registration period is from October 3 to 30, 2011 only. Delivery of race kits will start on October 10, 2011.
Regular In-store registration period is from October 3 to 30, 2011
Late In-store registration period is from October 31 to November 6, 2011

– RUNNR BGC – G/F Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (1pm – 8pm)
– RUNNR Shangri-la Mall– inside Toby’s Sports ARENA, G/F Shangri-la Mall, Shaw Blvd. (1pm–8pm)
– Planet Sports Glorietta – 2F Glorietta 3, Makati City (1pm – 8pm)
– Planet Sports Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City (1pm – 8pm)
– Planet Sports Trinoma – 2nd level, Trinoma cor. North EDSA, Quezon City (1pm – 8pm)
– The Athlete’s Foot Robinsons Galleria – 3F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Pasig City (1pm – 8pm)
– Unilab Head Office

Important Reminders:
– 500M is open to 5-12 years old. Parent / Guardian must be present during registration.
– Registration may end earlier than announced deadline therefore, race kits may run out before November 6, 2011.
– A valid ID must be presented upon registration. For group registration, a photocopy of any valid ID must be presented by the representative.
– Singlet size availability will be on a first come first served basis.
– A timing device will be used by all participants during the race.
– Finisher’s kits will be given upon finishing the race.
– For you concerns, please contact (CALL ONLY) any of the following RunRio hotline numbers (10am – 6pm, Monday to Friday CALL ONLY) :
Globe – 0916 5709220 / 0906 2237330
Smart – 0929 7178164 / 0947 5323737
Landline – (632) 703-1736
RunRio Email Addresses:
Timing and Race Results: [email protected]
Pre-Race Kits: [email protected]
Other concerns and Feedback: [email protected]


  1. @ChrisL

    errr. ang sabi kasi sakin nung babae sa may RUNNR, pede daw. baka hindi kami nagkaintindihan. LOL.

    is there anyway na makakuha ako nung timing card? kasi hindi ako bngyan.

    thanks! :-)

  2. Revised 32k plan + hydration plan

    Pace… >15km: maintain 5:45-5:25min/km pace. HR should not go over 163bpm (or I finish as a different person lol) >16-20km: RECOVER @ 6-5:30km/min. HR 150s >21-30km: listen to body; hit 5:30-5:00min/km… interval/km maybe; desired HR not more than 170 but not less than 160 >last 2km: FLY if you can! HR limit to 175 or you die.

    Hydration… >hydrate every 3km >powerade 500 cc at 9km then at 15km then 21km then 26km then at 30km…balance the water and powerade…feel the body.

    LOL! I hope this works… we’ll see.

    What do you guys think? Hehe!

  3. @run Maldito run
    sorry, hindi npo pwede. final GunStart times npo yan set my RunRio.

    in fairness, most runners prefer very early GS times lalu na pag long para maaga ring matapos.

  4. @Lance A.

    I decided to join Milo instead. Although may cut-off din. Pero based naman sa pace ko sa 16.8 kotr. kaya ko within 2.5.

  5. tatakbo ako sa 21k pero alang training my last run pa nung june(MIZUNO)10k last march nag RU1 ako 21k distance tingin nyo kakayanin ko to ng walang training?? pero alam ko kung papaano iready ang sarili ko?

  6. last december ako nag start nung milo(5k),PSE bull run(10k),run for place(10k),milo(5k),RU1(21k),mizuno(10k) den nagstop ako ng 5months den smali ako naun ng 21k RU3 okay lng ba un?

  7. @Thor/TJ

    80%-90% of maxHR requires utilization of your glycogen stores. this is race pace for most. this is the anaerobically-fueled running zone. lactate acid accumulates faster on this zone which forces you to slow down (or even walk) if your glycogen depletes

    there’s also no direct correlation between heart rate and pace. as we run and get tired, we can maintain the heart rate to whatever desired level but the pace can/will get slow and rarely becomes stable not unless you trained for it and have a high base mileage

    it is difficult to comment your strategy. i can realistically evaluate it if I personally know your blood lactate threshold. your LT will depend on the leg muscles you’ve developed thru proper training

    if you have a good relationship between speed and distance, and using your KOTR result – i predict that you will finish the afroman distance in 3 hours (no more, no less) averaging 5:37 per km

  8. @BayRunner

    if you can keep your hear rate at what you’ve mentioned which is Zone 2 and 3 of maxHR then you should be fine. your leg muscles will not build up too much acidity. also you will be using fat as your fuel source instead of glucose (which is limited)

    this is the same strategy that i will follow this sunday. i have simulated this pace at least 3 times already with the longest distance of 27km. there will be adjustments to stride length but rate shouldn’t vary too much compared to race pace

    as ive said, i will work my way between 7 to 8 mins/km (based on my simulations) with walk breaks for every water station that i encounter. no pressure on time since i will rely on my heart beats to dictate my pace. if i get any slower, it should be fine as long as I am within my target heart zone

    sayang at hindi ka tumuloy sa TBR. batchmates pala dapat tayo. March pa naman ung event so i thought i have enough time to train for it =)

  9. @J_Runner

    based on the time you’ve provided, your predicted time for a half-marathon is 2:37. shaving 7 minutes is doable and easy with proper training and mileage

    i cant say if willpower is enough to keep you going for the remaining distance. last year, i hit the ‘wall’ at 13km and struggled the rest of the way to the finish line and managed a 2:30’ish net time

    we should expose our body to long distances in order to initiate cellular changes on the physical level. if we do not introduce ourselves to a new stress, there’s no way our body can adapt on race day itself not unless you are genetically gifted

    RU3 doesn’t have any cutoff unless you are aiming for the Milo event which gives you a whole month to prepare =)

  10. @jose

    you will definitely cross the finish line even if it means walking the rest of the race course. you mentioned you’ve stopped for 5 months but did not entail if you are currently training and your accumulated mileage since you’ve come back

    this approach isn’t recommended especially if you were out for awhile. safe is to participate a 5k or 10k event while restoring your fitness level a few months back. it is potentially dangerous as well but depends on your overall health

  11. @barefootdaves Thanks for the info! I appreciate that you took the time to write. I hope that I’ll be efficiently utilizing glycocen stores and not get too excited at the start. Thanks again!

  12. @runnr
    goodluck sir/mam sa Milo..I will also attempt that 21K in due time. hehe..will debut na dito sa RU3..continue training until next year.

  13. @ms_mars

    Thank you po sa info kasi 1st 21k ko and am planning to do the run walk style. kasi po regular 10k runner lang ako, di ko pu sure kung kakayanin ko. planning to finish my 21k run in less than 3hrs.

    thanks so much po ulet

  14. hello fellow runners!

    Can you give some advise what to do this coming sunday…i’m afraid i will injure my legs..

    I registered for 21k..this is my first time..never been run/jog/walk this long in my whole life..

    but i usually jog twice or once a week..for two months now..I run 5k in KOTR and i finished it without stopping..

    but yesterday on my running session i felt some pain on the side my left knee..on my scale i think i run only for 7-8k..i stop running and rest..

    im just worried if i continue running, would you think it would injure my legs..?
    how can i avoid this to happen? any medicine or strengthening drug i can use?i want to step on the finish line and get the finisher’s shirt and medal..

    appreciate any advise!!!! :) thanks!!

  15. if you can maintain a slow run for the first 5 to 10 k run… slower than your usual runs… then you can use a run walk technique in the remaining 11k… madalas ganito ang ginagawa ko. even last week when i joined the chevrolet power run (25k) sa BGC….be reminded that kailangan mo yung 1 min recovery in between your runs or pag napagod ka… i usually do it pag may water station… para ma maintain mo yung run mo na mas matagal… drink a lot of water/gatorade is better…. gusto mo magdala ng salt…para sa leg cramps…kain ka ng saging sa water station…kain ka ng breakfast mo mga one hour before the race…carbo load ka two days before the race…drink ka ng water, night before at 30 minutes before the run…hydrate ka lagi during your runs…good luck…

  16. @renegade thanks s advice that will be my strategy..but for carbo 2 days .hmmm im in diet right now e..less calorie intake aq ngun..pero before the run (sunday), wla ako gagawin..wla muna kain ako ng marami..i need to prepare my body for my 21k debut..really appreaciate!!!

    good luck s lhat ng runners!!! have a safe and satisfying run!!!! :)

  17. @barefootdaves
    many thanks again, appreciate your inputs

    @Thor re: your post No. 334
    at this point, stretching exercises (no more weights)…. get enough sleep, proper food intake, hydration….

    kaway kaway and wave wave na lang on the road…run safe….

  18. @argus you ran 5k and now your going to run 21K, that’s 4 times the torture on your knee, even if you do the run walk run i can say it will still hurt but im hoping it not, but i suggest you use a knee support when you run, it better to be safe than to be sorry.

  19. @dencanlas thanks for your concern…actually i hesitated at first to register for 21k..but as you noticed only 21k and 32k have the finisher’s shirt and medal..the reward enticed me to the point that i will try to push myself through my limitation..even though i doubted myself i will complete it..but it’s worth trying for..

    but yes your right, safety will be my top priority..will try also to wear knee support..thanks a lot bro!!!! :)

  20. @argus

    i want be honest about this, the motivation you’ve placed in front of you isn’t the right way to do it. i believe you are pretty much aware of this. i’ve seen so many runners who are lured by finisher’s shirt / medal and simply go the distance. this is wrong, imho

    a half-marathon is no joke. i’ve experienced it first hand and it was no laughing matter. i crossed the finish line groggy & wasted. then i crashed the whole afternoon for my body to recuperate to a new set of stress (bones and muscles)

    if your fast and slow twitch muscles are developed then you’d fairly have any problems. since the event is tomorrow already, i strongly suggest you implement a run+walk method. it is best that you strategize your plan for tomorrow

    and you do it consistently. keep a constant pace. running the first few kms then doing a run/walk with the remaining distance isn’t gonna help. this would only mean that you’ve consumed most of your glycogen stores and barely holding on.

    as coach lit onrubia would put it, you should be able to pull 1-2 more kms even after you’ve crossed the finish line. his advise to us this morning, and perhaps might work for you, is establish an lsd pace tomorrow (race pace + 1 minute)

    finishing a race without stopping/walking isn’t indicative of one’s physical fitness/level. i believe this is a misconception. i’ve seen a lot of runners who were able to set unbelievable PR’s even doing the run+walk method

    i wish you good luck and may you have a safe and injury-free half marathon tomorrow. it is also good to know that it is a RunRio race so we can expect a very good support for the runners both hydration and first aid =)

  21. @barefootdaves

    i strongly agree of what you’ve said..truly that half-marathon is not a joke..that’s why I’m not after winning the first price..yeah, truthfully I was blinded by those rewards..but of course I’m the only person who can tell what’s my body’s capacity….

    I’m sorry bro, but there’s something i want to prove with myself..aside from getting the rewards..I’m a risk taker..though I’m certain that my body is not yet ready for 21k..also, I’m not aware what harm/pain it will inflict on my body..but there’s a saying that ~

    “Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.”

    I believe in myself i can endure the pain..I’ve been doing resistance training for 3 months now and my body will definitely heal afterwards..I also want to know what is my optimum capacity..

    Good luck to me!!! :)
    Thanks for your thoughtful inputs..really appreciate…have a great run tomorrow!!!

  22. @argus

    we all gotta do what we all gotta do. i’ve got nothing against running as long as everyone enjoys a healthy lifestyle. like what they say, whatever floats your boat

    having clarified everything, good luck and have fun tomorrow! hope to see you on the road =)

  23. @barefootdaves

    likewise bro!!!

    ~11 hrs left..too excited to test my full strength..also to Pacquiao vs Marquez fight..hehehe

    I bet 100 petot for 1st KO in 1st round..and 100 petot side betting for end of fight in 7th round…total pot is 2k..

    i think i won’t be able to sleep later..

  24. Bandit muna ako dito bukas. Hayaan ko muna si misis tumakbo. Sasabayan ko na lang siya along the route, para may picture din ako. He He He

  25. Congratulations organizers and runners, well done RunRio!

    suggestion lang, sana next time organizers can came up with a route na hindi gaanong makaka-cause ng major traffic to the motorists and even sa mga runners, i know it is easier said than done but probably coordination with the MMDA and local officials can help.

    anyhow.. it’s a great event and a great run…. congratulations to all!!!

  26. Kasama na ba ung finisher shirt? 32K natapos ko wala sa bag na binigay, sa sobrang pagod d ko nacheck ang laman dun dito na sa bahay ko nacheck pagkapahinga.

  27. i survived 21k..less than 3 hrs…hehehe tolerable pain in my knees..

    need conditional training pra hindi kaagad sumakit ang paa at bumilis..

  28. kulang sa portalet sa mga water stations manlang sana meron,,at sana yung mga nasa water stations hindi nagtatago ng powerade.. this was told by my friend to me when he saw powerades on the drum, where he supposed to soak his foam on the drum but told not to by the person on the water station.. but nung naka soak siya nakita nga niya meron sa drum..tinatago ng mga tao sa water stations… tsaka sana may mga sapat na banana para sa runners.. napurga kame sa tubig grabe.. pero it was fun naman! sana next time magimprove at take our suggestion and comments to improve yung pagorganize your future events pa.. thanks and more power to you! sasali ulet ako next year! first 21k ko pa naman ito.. haha!

  29. hi! I finished a 32k run last 11-13-11 but I wasn’t able to get my finisher’s shirt so where could i possibly claim it?? thanks!

  30. It was a nice run overall. but no portalet along the road, and POWERRADE laging wala na hmmmm why kaya.any race result and pics updates.. Thanks

  31. its my first timer to run, 10k agad but i really enjoyed it.. thanks to all organizers and congrats to all finishers.. see you all in unilab run 2012…

  32. sayang wala na atang picture,sana maraming photographer,maganda kasi may kuha na tuma-takbo,di na kasi ma-uulit yung mga ganung shot.thanks sa organizer,sponsor,see you na lang sa mga su sunod na event,practice na muna kaming mga grupo.


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