Philippine Star RUN for MOM 2011 – Race Result Discussions

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Congratulations to those who participated and joined the Philippine Star RUN for MOM 2011 that happened on May 8, 2011 at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, race results will be posted here once the organizers released them.

Download Race Results Here:
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For now please feel free to share your feedback and comments about this event here


  1. i think i made my 2.5k run to 15min 59sec as what my husband documented in the video. he might have made it to 11 or 12min. so excited to see the official result. this is our 1st hilly run. thanks to the organizers of this event. the weather was a bonus.

    i just hope there will be a run exclusive for moms only.

  2. Congratulations to the Philippine Star for such a great run. I was there to take photos and observed the following:

    Good Points:
    1. There were a lot of families joining the event since it was focused on Mother’s Day celebration.
    2. Save for Milo Marathon and Condura Run, this event attracted many Varsity athletes since the top 25 finishers were given cash prize unlike other runs where only the top three were awarded.
    3. A lot of give aways for mothers.

    Not so good points.
    1. Since the 5K course conisted of 2.5K loop run twice, there were many runners who opted to run only one loop and went directly to the finish line. It is unfair especially to the elite runners who were vying for the top 25 placing. The third and fourth fastest ladies were surprised that at the finish line there were already a dozen of ladies in the finishers lane. Though they reminded the other ladies that they should run the loop twice, these UNFINISHERS refuse to give way and insisted in their place in the finishers lane.
    2. Many runners opted to make short cuts. It is disappointing that we hate cheaters in election but we ourselves cheat in simple ways. One runner shouted to his companion “wag ka ng pumunta sa dulo, mag short cut ka na lang.”

    I do not blame the Phil Star or the organizer but the runners who proudly say that they finish the race but deep inside they know they did not.

    I just hope that the top 25 winners were not edged out by these “SHORT CUT CHEATERS”

    More power to Philippine Star and all honest runners!!

  3. hmm. . tama ka logi. . sa forum nag open akong thread but didnt mention any negative feedback. .

    If they are planning another run next year they should give attention on this cheaters by:

    1. use timing chip (pitsugin man yan o pang bigtime makakatulong un to know who really do loops by recorded time)

    2. no timing chip at least use loop cord with 4 different color.

    (these two are organizer’s duties or responsibility)

    i saw a lot of cheaters just to be on top 25? integrity versus 2,500(money)? pinoy nga naman. .above all Congratulation sa Phil Star and I want to extend it to ALL who run fairly. .

    sana makaabot ito sa organizers.

  4. The organizers should have used colored strings per U-turn. This should have avoided cheaters. I think this is a basic process in a fun run like this. Anyhow thanks to the event, my wife got a Havana slippers… he he he.. and a good mother’s day to all….. More power to Philippine Star…

  5. @Kulas: I agree with you …. a lot of cheaters… especially those in uniforms… hahahah… i got a havaianas too.

  6. Ung ibang runners kapag nalamangan ng ibang runners sobra nang yabang parang habang buhay palagi silang mananalo, kawawa naman ung iba na dapat nanalo din kasi hinaharang yung mga dapat manalo sa konting halaga bad attitude na sila..masyado nang bilib sa sarili na hindi na sila puede matalo…wish ko lang alam naman ni Lord kung ano ang ginagawa mo sa kapwa mo..good luck to them..

  7. my husband was amazed when he saw the results .. he run as fast as he could and he is quite sure that he should be on the top 25 runners but surprise when he saw bunch of runners on the finish line… hay … 2,500.00.. and the result is not accurate … i saw a prominent person run behind me.. kaloka papunta pa lang sia pauwi na ako .. naunahan pa nia ako eh d ko naman cia nakitang dumaan sa harap ko.. harhardeharhar…. kalurkey!

  8. //the results were NOT accurate. at the finish line, they just collected the barcodes…so you wouldn’t know your exact running time.and the ranking, i don’t have the idea how they did that..perhaps, they just randomly ranked the runners based the succession of the barcodes collected…

    //and yeah, there were too many cheaters who didn’t run the full route..instead, there were others who jumped through the center island…just to get ahead of the others…aaawtz…some runners made themselves known for the price of Php2,500.00..too bad..!

    //on the good side, i did the phil star run for mom — as a tribute to my own mother, all the mothers i know, and to all of my friends’ was also a bonding time for me and my friends..and the best of all, meeting my pinoyfitness forum friend,and a fabulous mom — @Bingski, and her son Aidan..

    //HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all MOMS…!the run was for y’all..!

  9. @Suplado
    very keen observation. hope the Organizers have taken note of all these.
    we also had issues with the event i was in — Run as One held at Global City.
    concerns like marshalls, run distance, water stations – the very basics.
    but acdg to CCIP, this is their 1st run event, so a few lessons to be learned
    here. in fairness, i met and made new friends with 2 of the Secretariat staff –
    Melissa and Cindy.

    im sure that youre mom and all the other moms felt proud and honored to what
    youve done, along with the others who dedicated it to the special woman of our
    lives! ^__^

  10. As i said tama ako at di lang ako ang nakasaksi sa mga nangyari :)
    sana makinig ang organizer ng event na ito. . at para doon sa mga nagbabalak mag-organize know the basic needs. .

  11. I just want to back up my observation during the run.

    I was beside the 25th placer for the 5K run and he was surprised that he was 25th, however, there was something in his smile. I tried to research and his result in the NATGEO run was:

    291 8496 Jansen Esguerra 0:23:56 3K Male

    If he ran 23 minutes in the 5K category of the NATGEO, his improvement was so fast that he ran the 5K in the Run For Mom in 20 min.

    The 3rd and 4th fastest lady were surprised to see they were overtaken by many female slow runners.

    Here is the official time of the lady she was complaining in the Condura run

    Norminda Sarmiento 5K 00:51:51 (Gun Time) 00:48:39 (Chip Time)

    But in the Run for Mom:
    Norminda Sarmiento 0:22:31 5K F

    I am not sure whether the names I got from the internet are one and the same person. But I pity those who ran so hard and fast only to be cheated.

    The most logical explanation is that the example above run the 2.5K loop only once, hence, there time coincide with a 2.5K not 5K.

    I hope the organizers will take note of this.

    But for all honest runners, I salute you

  12. ***corrections above***
    he ran 23 minutes in the 3K category of the NATGEO but ran the 5K in the Star run for mom in 20 min.

    He runs faster in a 5K than in a 3K????

  13. kakadisappoint ung mga nandaya para lang sa 2,500k nwei, may napancin din aq sa 2.5k nung nag start na may ibang runners na nasa gilid na nagstart after ng uphill na starting ung mga nag jump bgo pa mag loop. shame on you guys. nwei, conscience niu nlang un hehehehe. sna next year maulit pa to and ill run 4 my mom again…^^,

  14. McKinley Hill is such a big place. The organizers should have extended the race course for the 5K and not making the 5K a double loop of 2.5K coz, as cited already above, it causes more problems especially for cheaters and it overlaps with 2.5K and it is boring to run a race course twice.


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