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In this day and age, I like everything within reach – being able to stream videos and music over the Internet, purchasing new running shoes online, getting updates of my friends’ social networks through my Blackberry, and calling in for food delivery.

I don’t know why I’ve always associated ONLY fast food with food delivery. You know, the greasy stuff. I recently found out about Quick Delivery – a service that offers delivery from upper-class restaurants to locations with Metro Manila. I looked into their list of restaurants and had the sudden craving for an American dish. TGI Friday’s always comes to mind. What is great about Friday’s is that they also have a wide selection in their menu – a lot of them healthy too. I veered away from my usual Chicken Fingers choice in the menu and decided to order something to break away from the greasy stuff.

I called 2121212 at around 11am – timing couldn’t get any better cause the representative on the other line said that Friday’s opens at 11am as well. She was very helpful and patient in answering all my inquiries with the menu. This was my first time having something delivered from them after all. I placed my order, even had last minute changes, and she made sure she repeated my order so as not to have any confusion on their end. While she was processing all of that, I gave her a mini-interview on their service. I found out that Quick Delivery is open 24 hours. However, it depends on your choice of restaurant if they are open to process your order. I also found out that I could opt to pay using my credit card. This is very convenient for people like me who doesn’t like carrying that much cash in my wallet. She also stated that it’s possible for me to cancel my order two minutes after the call. At the end of it all, she confirmed my order, asked if I’ll be needing plastic utensils (two sets please!), and said that I should be expecting the delivery a little after 12 noon.

TGIF Quick Delivery 2010

True enough, a little after 12 noon, our delivery arrived. This healthy meal is nowhere near my idea of food-ordered-through-delivery. My order consisted of a Chicken Club Sandwich, Garlic Chicken Primavera pasta, Soup and their House Caesar Salad. I didn’t really need to re-heat the food but I was thankful that they were already placed in microwavable containers just in case I needed to. The soup was still hot – it was creamy and had some potato chunks in it. It was a good duo with the Caesar salad. The Club Sandwich had grilled chicken breast, greens, tomatoes and some bacon, all on wheat bread. The representative from Quick Delivery also told me earlier on that I could opt to have white bread with it. What I liked best from our order was the pasta – it had strips of garlic chicken breast and sun-dried tomatoes. Now this is my idea of healthy!

TGI Fridays Delivery by QD

I shared lunch with my mom but what we ordered was for three! Those microwavable containers came in handy again since I could pack what we couldn’t finish and re-heat at a later time.

TGIF and Quick Delivery Photo

My first encounter with Quick Delivery was a good one – pleasant and thorough representatives over their phone lines, having payment options, and having quick and healthy food delivered to my doorstep. I heard that I could even order through their website. Maybe I’ll try that out for my next delivery not very long from now.
Calling in for food delivery is in the list of things I love that is within reach, but calling in for a healthy food delivery is an even better add-on!

Editors Note: This post was contributed by Liane Ng. Lee lives an active lifestyle, she loves to run, surf or to just simply hang out with her friends, her constant quest is to enjoy life and create that perfect balance of being active and healthy.


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